Ordinances 2019 All Archives

Ordinance O-39-19 Ordinance O-39-19
Ordinance Establishing the Crimes of Theft Intervention Program for the City of Gadsden
Ordinance O-38-19 Ordinance O-38-19
Amending Section 82.7 (b)
Ordinance O-37-19 Ordinance O-37-19
Amending Fiscal Year 2020 Budget
Ordinance O-36-19 Ordinance O-36-19
Authorizing Conveyance of Certain Property
Ordinance O-35-19 Ordinance O-35-19
Authorizing Conveyance of Certain Property
Ordinance O-34-19 Ordinance O-34-19
Amending Fiscal Year 2020 General Fund Budget
Ordinance O-33-19 Ordinance O-33-19
Authorizing Conveyance of Certain Property
Ordinance O-32-19 Ordinance O-32-19
Ordinance Amending Section 2-5, Council Member Travel Expenditures in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Gadsden
Ordinance O-31-19 Ordinance O-31-19
Authorizing Conveyance of Certain Property
Ordinance O-30-19 Ordinance O-30-19
Rezoning 205 3rd Street North
Ordinance O-29-19 Ordinance O-29-19
Adopting Fiscal Year 2020 Budgetsn
Ordinance O-28-19 Ordinance O-28-19
Rezoning properties on Valley Street and Reservoir Street
Ordinance O-27-19 Ordinance O-27-19
Amending Section 130-493 and Section 130-497, Article XIII – Mobile Food Vehicles
Ordinance O-26-19 Ordinance O-26-19
Rezoning 404, 408, & 410 North 24th Street
Ordinance O-25-19 Ordinance O-25-19
Amending Ordinance Creating Entertainment District
Ordinance O-24-19 Ordinance O-24-19
Rezoning Property on Highway 77
Ordinance O-23-19 Ordinance O-23-19
Amending City Code regarding garbage fee exemptions
Ordinance O-22-19 Ordinance O-22-19
Adopting Fiscal Year 2019 CDBG Annual Action Plan and Budget
Ordinance O-21-19 Ordinance O-21-19
Amending Fiscal Year 2019 Budget (Transferring funds for purchase of landfill dozer, two loader trucks and dump truck)
Ordinance O-11-19 Ordinance O-11-19
Adopting 2018 International Building Code
Ordinance O-12-19 Ordinance O-12-19
Adopting 2018 International Building Code
Ordinance O-13-19 Ordinance O-13-19
Adopting 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
Ordinance O-14-19 Ordinance O-14-19
Adopting 2018 International Mechanical Code
Ordinance O-15-19 Ordinance O-15-19
Adopting 2018 International Plumbing Code
Ordinance O-16-19 Ordinance O-16-19
Adopting 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
Ordinance O-17-19 Ordinance O-17-19
Adopting 2018 International Residential Code
Ordinance O-18-19 Ordinance O-18-19
Adopting 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
Ordinance O-19-19 Ordinance O-19-19
Amending Zoning Ordinance regarding Mobile Food Vehicles
Ordinance O-20-19 Ordinance O-20-19
Authorizing conveyance of 111 Pinehurst Street
Ordinance O-10-19 Ordinance O-10-19
Amend FY2019 General Fund Budget (S. 11th Street reconstruction)
Ordinance O-09-19 Ordinance O-09-19
Authorizing conveyance of property (911 Vinson Avenue)
Ordinance O-08-19 Ordinance O-08-19
Amending FY2019 budget to appropriate additional funds for incarceration of city prisoners
Ordinance O-07-19 Ordinance O-07-19
Adopting 2017 Edition of National Electric Code
Ordinance O-06-19 Ordinance O-06-19
Amending city code regarding qualifying fees for candidates
Ordinance O-05-19 Ordinance O-05-19
Amending city code regarding wrecker storage fees
Ordinance O-04-19 Ordinance O-04-19
Amending city code regarding trash collection and disposal
Ordinance O-03-19 Ordinance O-03-19
Amending FY2019 Budget to reflect receipt of aid from Alabama Public Library Service
Ordinance O-02-19 Ordinance O-02-19
Amending FY2019 Budget to reflect donation from Gadsden/Rainbow City Coin Club
Ordinance O-01-19 Ordinance O-01-19
Amending City Code regarding cost assessment of nuisance abatement