Ordinances 2018 All Archives

Ordinance O-34-18 Ordinance O-34-18
Amending City Code Section 34-33 Regarding Voting Places
Ordinance O-33-18 Ordinance O-33-18
Rezoning Property on Anita Lane
Ordinance O-32-18 Ordinance O-32-18
Amending City Code Section 118-92 to Make Bradford Circle, from the southern entrance of Hillside Trail to the intersection of Nola Trail, a One-Way Street
Ordinance O-31-18 Ordinance O-31-18
Amending FY2019 General Fund Budget
Ordinance O-30-18 Ordinance O-30-18
Amending FY2019 General Fund Budget
Ordinance O-29-18 Ordinance O-29-18
Amending FY2019 General Fund Budget
Ordinance O-28-18 Ordinance O-28-18
Authorizing conveyance of property (424 N. 24th Street)
Ordinance O-27-18 Ordinance O-27-18
Adopting FY2019 Budgets
Ordinance O-26-18 Ordinance O-26-18
Authorizing conveyance of property to Koch Foods of Gadsden, Inc.
Ordinance O-25-18 Ordinance O-25-18
Amending Fiscal Year 2018 General Fund Budget to include the 2017 ADECA Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)
Ordinance O-24-18 Ordinance O-24-18
Rezoning 3763 S. 11th Street
Ordinance O-23-18 Ordinance O-23-18
Amending FY2018 Budget to reflect receipt of grant from Judicial Administration of Etowah County
Ordinance O-22-18 Ordinance O-22-18
Adopting Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Action Plan, and Fiscal Year 2018 CDBG Budget
Ordinance O-21-18 Ordinance O-21-18
Amending Zoning Ordinance to adopt Revised Chart of Permitted Uses
Ordinance O-20-18 Ordinance O-20-18
Amending FY2018 Budget to reflect receipt of bulletproof vest grant
Ordinance O-19-18 Ordinance O-19-18
Amending Plumbing Ordinance
Ordinance O-18-18 Ordinance O-18-18
Amending City Code to add License Classification Number
Ordinance O-17-18 Ordinance O-17-18
Amending City Code regarding Electrical Affairs Committee Meetings
Ordinance O-16-18 Ordinance O-16-18
Amend Article III adding Section 106-89
Ordinance O-15-18 Ordinance O-15-18
Convey 1321 East Broad Street
Ordinance O-14-18 Ordinance O-14-18
Rescinding O-11-17
Ordinance O-12-18 Ordinance O-12-18
Ordinance Execution ROW Agreement (Cable One)
Ordinance O-11-18 Ordinance O-11-18
Amend FY18 Budget
Ordinance O-10-18 Ordinance O-10-18
Ordinance to amend 2017 CDBG budget for street improvements
Ordinance O-09-18 Ordinance O-09-18
Convey Property Michael Keener
Ordinance O-08-18 Ordinance O-08-18
Amend FY18 Budget for Moragne Park and Riverfront
Ordinance O-07-18 Ordinance O-07-18
Amending City Code Section 102-6(a) Pertaining To “Classified Service Vacancy”
Ordinance O-06-18 Ordinance O-06-18
Rezoning 750 First Avenue
Ordinance O-05-18 Ordinance O-05-18
Amending Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
Ordinance O-04-18 Ordinance O-04-18
Authorizing conveyance of 1824 Eisenhower Street
Ordinance O-03-18 Ordinance O-03-18
Authorizing Conveyance of 1820 Eisenhower Street
Ordinance O-02-18 Ordinance O-02-18
Amending Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
Ordinance O-01-18 Ordinance O-01-18
Amending Fiscal Year 2017 Community Development Block Grant Budget And Action Plan, And Authorizing Fiscal Year 2017 Community Development Block Grant Subrecipient Allocations And Agreements