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Resolution R-437-18 Resolution R-437-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property Located at 100 Lauren Drive (D7)
Resolution R-530-18 Resolution R-530-18
Authorizing Agreement with Barnett Jones and Wilson, LLC
Resolution R-531-18 Resolution R-531-18
Authorizing Funding Agreement with Gadsden Land Bank Authority
Resolution R-532-18 Resolution R-532-18
Authorizing Warehouse Lease Agreement with Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
Resolution R-533-18 Resolution R-533-18
Authorizing Agreement with Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless
Resolution R-529-18 Resolution R-529-18
water board appt
Resolution R-528-18 Resolution R-528-18
Authorizing Section 108 HUD Public Offering
Resolution R-527-18 Resolution R-527-18
easement AL Power Municipal Offices
Resolution R-526-18 Resolution R-526-18
Authorizing Change Order Hudak Construction
Resolution R-525-18 Resolution R-525-18
abate 1008 SLUSSER AVE
Resolution R-524-18 Resolution R-524-18
Resolution R-523-18 Resolution R-523-18
extension of Special Use Permit -Sprint
Resolution R-522-18 Resolution R-522-18
retail beer and wine on off premises Kati Thai
Resolution R-521-18 Resolution R-521-18
ABC Blu Restaurant Retail Liquor
Resolution R-520-18 Resolution R-520-18
ABC Hot Head Burrito restaurant liquor license
Resolution R-519-18 Resolution R-519-18
assess Hartford St. 2911
Resolution R-518-18 Resolution R-518-18
appoint Water and Sewer Board
Resolution R-517-18 Resolution R-517-18
appoint Water and Sewer Board
Resolution R-516-18 Resolution R-516-18
agreement JBWT handicap ramps
Resolution R-515-18 Resolution R-515-18
abate 2311 SANSOM AVE
Resolution R-514-18 Resolution R-514-18
abate Madison Cir. 402
Resolution R-513-18 Resolution R-513-18
abate 1520 MALONE ST
Resolution R-512-18 Resolution R-512-18
Agreement Brian Clowdus Experiences
Resolution R-511-18 Resolution R-511-18
appoint Water and Sewer Board
Resolution R-510-18 Resolution R-510-18
Accepting 1811 Adams St
Resolution R-509-18 Resolution R-509-18
convey surplus pumper Glencoe
Resolution R-508-18 Resolution R-508-18
dart vehicles
Resolution R-507-18 Resolution R-507-18
council committees
Resolution R-506-18 Resolution R-506-18
NEAPA bid 3393 traffic striping and pavement markers
Resolution R-505-18 Resolution R-505-18
abate Tyler St. 560
Resolution R-504-18 Resolution R-504-18
abate 503 N 10TH ST
Resolution R-503-18 Resolution R-503-18
abate Sewell St. 518
Resolution R-502-18 Resolution R-502-18
authorize road block American Red Cross
Resolution R-501-18 Rules of Procedure Resolution R-501-18 Rules of Procedure
Rules of Procedure
Resolution R-501-18 Resolution R-501-18
council rules
Resolution R-500-18 Resolution R-500-18
Resolution R-499-18 Resolution R-499-18
retain employees
Resolution R-498-18 Resolution R-498-18
elect clerk
Resolution R-497-18 Resolution R-497-18
elect pres pro tem
Resolution R-496-18 Resolution R-496-18
elect council pres.1
Resolution R-495-18 Resolution R-495-18
change order 1 Watts and Sons
Resolution R-494-18 Resolution R-494-18
agreement Motorola FY19
Resolution R-493-18 Resolution R-493-18
agreement Campbell Development LLC
Resolution R-492-18 Resolution R-492-18
agreement Barnett Jones and Wilson
Resolution R-491-18 Resolution R-491-18
agreement EE Group
Resolution R-490-18 Resolution R-490-18
amend rental rates for Kiwanis
Resolution R-489-18 Resolution R-489-18
fishing american bass anglers inc
Resolution R-488-18 Resolution R-488-18
fishing tournament American Bass Anglers 2c Inc.
Resolution R-487-18 Resolution R-487-18
fishing tournament American Bass Anglers Inc.
Resolution R-486-18 Resolution R-486-18
fishing alabama bass federation
Resolution R-485-18 Resolution R-485-18
Award Bid No 3392 Hare Wrecker
Resolution R-484-18 Resolution R-484-18
Bid No 3391 Construction Specialty
Resolution R-483-18 Resolution R-483-18
Special Events Brews On Broad
Resolution R-482-18 Resolution R-482-18
Restaurant Retail Liquor Thai One On
Resolution R-481-18 Resolution R-481-18
Restaurant Retail Liquor C and Js Crab Shack and Bar
Resolution R-480-18 Resolution R-480-18
Ground Lease Wingin It
Resolution R-479-18 Resolution R-479-18
agreement Cyprus Partners LLC
Resolution R-478-18 Resolution R-478-18
bid Bedwell and Whorton
Resolution R-477-18 Resolution R-477-18
grass lien 1213 MAYFLOWER STREET
Resolution R-476-18 Resolution R-476-18
grass lien 1001 MARYLAND AVE
Resolution R-475-18 Resolution R-475-18
grass lien 309 LAKE STREET
Resolution R-474-18 Resolution R-474-18
Referendum Election
Resolution R-473-18 Resolution R-473-18
LSTA Grant for STEM kits
Resolution R-472-18 Resolution R-472-18
LSTA Grant
Resolution R-471-18 Resolution R-471-18
second addendum Permit Coosa Riverfront Park AL Power
Resolution R-470-18 Resolution R-470-18
Change Order 2 Bob Smith Construction
Resolution R-469-18 Resolution R-469-18
appoint Brackett BOE
Resolution R-468-18 Resolution R-468-18
canvassing municipal runoff results
Resolution R-467-18 Resolution R-467-18
grass lien 404 MILLER STREET
Resolution R-466-18 Resolution R-466-18
grass lien 323 HARALSON AVE
Resolution R-465-18 Resolution R-465-18
grass lien 540 LINE ST
Resolution R-464-18 Resolution R-464-18
grass lien 525 LINE ST.
Resolution R-463-18 Resolution R-463-18
grass lien 1625 KYLE AVE.
Resolution R-462-18 Resolution R-462-18
grass lien 452 KEELING ALLEY
Resolution R-460-18 Resolution R-460-18
grass lien 1207 MAYFLOWER STREET
Resolution R-459-18 Resolution R-459-18
grass lien 1133 LITCHFIELD AVE
Resolution R-458-18 Resolution R-458-18
grass lien 1420 MEADOWBROOK AVE.
Resolution R-457-18 Resolution R-457-18
disapproving beer and wine off premises Short Cut Food Mart
Resolution R-456-18 Resolution R-456-18
United Way Incentives
Resolution R-455-18 Resolution R-455-18
satisfaction of lien 1104 Hurst
Resolution R-454-18 Resolution R-454-18
greater etowah 310 appointments
Resolution R-453-18 Resolution R-453-18
grass lien 3328 MADISON AVENUE
Resolution R-452-18 Resolution R-452-18
grass lien 513 HENDERSON STREET
Resolution R-451-18 Resolution R-451-18
grass lien 3517 GEORGIA AVE.
Resolution R-450-18 Resolution R-450-18
grass lien 522 HARALSON AVE
Resolution R-449-18 Resolution R-449-18
grass lien 1108 HURST STREET
Resolution R-448-18 Resolution R-448-18
grass lien 1007 HERMOSA AVENUE
Resolution R-447-18 Resolution R-447-18
grass lien 1104 GLEN IRIS DRIVE
Resolution R-446-18 Resolution R-446-18
abate Mitchell St. 4
Resolution R-445-18 Resolution R-445-18
abate Madison Ave. 3331
Resolution R-444-18 Resolution R-444-18
abate 4th Ave. 1411
Resolution R-443-18 Resolution R-443-18
abate Joseph T Robinson St. 516
Resolution R-442-18 Resolution R-442-18
abate 21st St. N. 112
Resolution R-441-18 Resolution R-441-18
abate James St. 2409
Resolution R-440-18 Resolution R-440-18
satisfaction of lien 1603 and 1605 McKinley
Resolution R-439-18 Resolution R-439-18
agreement Sain Assoc
Resolution R-438-18 Resolution R-438-18
agreement RAPHA House
Resolution R-436-18 Resolution R-436-18
assess grass 3108 W. MEIGHAN BLVD.
Resolution R-435-18 Resolution R-435-18
grass lien 3515 GEORGIA AVE.
Resolution R-434-18 Resolution R-434-18
assess grass 1807 MT. ZION
Resolution R-433-18 Resolution R-433-18
grass lien 1117 JUPITER STREET
Resolution R-432-18 Resolution R-432-18
grass lien 313 HENRY STREET
Resolution R-431-18 Resolution R-431-18
abate Wilson St. 407
Resolution R-430-18 Resolution R-430-18
abate Vinson Ave. 1002
Resolution R-429-18 Resolution R-429-18
Abate 1423 Paradise Ave.
Resolution R-428-18 Resolution R-428-18
agreement CDG Engineers Buffalo Wild Wings
Resolution R-427-18 Resolution R-427-18
agreement Artist Museum
Resolution R-426-18 Resolution R-426-18
bid 3388 alabama guardrail
Resolution R-425-18 Resolution R-425-18
assess grass lien NORRIS AVE 2116
Resolution R-424-18 Resolution R-424-18
assess grass 2811 CAMBRON STREET
Resolution R-423-18 Resolution R-423-18
assess grass lien ODELL AVE. 919
Resolution R-422-18 Resolution R-422-18
assess grass lien PENNY ST 1004
Resolution R-421-18 Resolution R-421-18
assess grass lien NUNNALLY AVE. 411
Resolution R-420-18 Resolution R-420-18
assess grass 1506 MEADOWBROOK AVE.
Resolution R-419-18 Resolution R-419-18
abate 26th St N 108
Resolution R-418-18 Resolution R-418-18
abate 608 Wawonah St.
Resolution R-417-18 Resolution R-417-18
CDBG 2018 Subrecipients
Resolution R-416-18 Resolution R-416-18
Construction Agreement ALDOT
Resolution R-415-18 Resolution R-415-18
agreement EE Group
Resolution R-414-18 Resolution R-414-18
satisfaction of lien 808 Rogers Street
Resolution R-413-18 Resolution R-413-18
agreement EE Group
Resolution R-412-18 Resolution R-412-18
agreement etowah county BOE
Resolution R-411-18 Resolution R-411-18
agreement EE Group
Resolution R-410-18 Resolution R-410-18
Agreement Gadsden Times Advertising
Resolution R-409-18 Resolution R-409-18
Authorizing Change Order Hudak Construction
Resolution R-408-18 Resolution R-408-18
assess grass lien NOCCALULA ROAD 2400
Resolution R-407-18 Resolution R-407-18
assess grass lien NOCCALULA DRIVE 309
Resolution R-406-18 Resolution R-406-18
grass lien 1007 HERMOSA AVENUE
Resolution R-405-18 Resolution R-405-18
grass lien 1104 GLEN IRIS DRIVE
Resolution R-403-18 Resolution R-403-18
grass lien NUCKOLLS STREET 712
Resolution R-402-18 Resolution R-402-18
assess grass lien NEW YORK AVENUE 207
Resolution R-401-18 Resolution R-401-18
assess grass lien NEW YORK AVENUE 205
Resolution R-400-18 Resolution R-400-18
ASSESS Etowah Ave. 1310
Resolution R-399-18 Resolution R-399-18
assess Braid Ave. 1164
Resolution R-398-18 Resolution R-398-18
abate Slussser Ave. 1010
Resolution R-397-18 Resolution R-397-18
ABATE 1309 Vinson Ave.
Resolution R-396-18 Resolution R-396-18
abate New York Ave. 205
Resolution R-395-18 Resolution R-395-18
assess grass 2405 HILL AVENUE
Resolution R-394-18 Resolution R-394-18
assess grass 13 COMNOCK AVE.
Resolution R-393-18 Resolution R-393-18
assess grass 2311 CHESTNUT STREET
Resolution R-392-18 Resolution R-392-18
assess grass 539 TYLER ST
Resolution R-391-18 Resolution R-391-18
assess grass 1131 BRETWOOD DRIVE
Resolution R-390-18 Resolution R-390-18
assess grass 1001 AVENUE G
Resolution R-389-18 Resolution R-389-18
special event Farm to Table - Coosa Landing
Resolution R-388-18 Resolution R-388-18
GGHA Policing Contract
Resolution R-387-18 Resolution R-387-18
fishing alabama bass trail
Resolution R-386-18 Resolution R-386-18
assess grass lien MARSTON AVE 27
Resolution R-385-18 Resolution R-385-18
assess grass lienWILSON STREET 401
Resolution R-384-18 Resolution R-384-18
assess grass lien MARSTON AVE 9
Resolution R-383-18 Resolution R-383-18
assess grass lien GEORGIA AVE. 3421
Resolution R-382-18 Resolution R-382-18
assess grass lien GARFIELD AVE 1401
Resolution R-381-18 Resolution R-381-18
assess grass lien MAPLE STREET 810
Resolution R-380-18 Resolution R-380-18
assess grass lien RIVER STREET 1307
Resolution R-379-18 Resolution R-379-18
assess grass lien RICHARDSON ST 313
Resolution R-378-18 Resolution R-378-18
assess Elsmore Blvd. 130
Resolution R-377-18 Resolution R-377-18
assess 24th St. N. 413
Resolution R-376-18 Resolution R-376-18
assess Lakefront Ave. 12
Resolution R-375-18 Resolution R-375-18
assess Cabot Ave. 9
Resolution R-374-18 Resolution R-374-18
assess BELLEVUE ST. 707
Resolution R-373-18 Resolution R-373-18
Certifying Election Results
Resolution R-372-18 Resolution R-372-18
ABC License Books A Million Store 395 Rainbow City
Resolution R-371-18 Resolution R-371-18
senior nutrition program and grant - east al planning
Resolution R-370-18 Resolution R-370-18
NEAPA Bid 3389 Crushed Stone
Resolution R-369-18 Resolution R-369-18
ABC License restaurant retail liquor Tee Time Golf and Grill
Resolution R-368-18 Resolution R-368-18
ABC Licence restaurant retail liquor Longhorn Steakhouse
Resolution R-367-18 Resolution R-367-18
ABC License BAR AT VENUE Special Retail
Resolution R-366-18 Resolution R-366-18
assess grass lien SPRING ST. 627
Resolution R-365-18 Resolution R-365-18
assess grass lien HILLYER ST. 535
Resolution R-364-18 Resolution R-364-18
assess grass lien 1579 Litchfield Avenue
Resolution R-363-18 Resolution R-363-18
assess 2215 East Tuscaloosa Ave.
Resolution R-362-18 Resolution R-362-18
abate 1807 Mt Zion Ave.
Resolution R-361-18 Resolution R-361-18
abate 1601 Roberts St.
Resolution R-360-18 Resolution R-360-18
abate 129 E. Walnut St.
Resolution R-359-18 Resolution R-359-18
Agreement Etowah County Sheriff%27s Department JAG Grant
Resolution R-358-18 Resolution R-358-18
grant JAG
Resolution R-357-18 Resolution R-357-18
agreement Sain Assoc
Resolution R-356-18 Resolution R-356-18
authorize amendment to contract BOE
Resolution R-355-18 Resolution R-355-18
assess grass lien HILL AVENUE 2409
Resolution R-354-18 Resolution R-354-18
assess grass lien HENDERSON ST 418
Resolution R-353-18 Resolution R-353-18
assess grass lien WASHINGTON ST. 602
Resolution R-352-18 Resolution R-352-18
assess grass lien GRAVES STREET 307
Resolution R-351-18 Resolution R-351-18
Resolution R-350-18 Resolution R-350-18
assess 2206 Noccalula Rd.
Resolution R-349-18 Resolution R-349-18
2211 Dozier St. or Ave.
Resolution R-348-18 Resolution R-348-18
assess 1113 3rd Ave.
Resolution R-347-18 Resolution R-347-18
assess 725 1st Ave.
Resolution R-346-18 Resolution R-346-18
election equipment
Resolution R-345-18 Resolution R-345-18
tax abatement KOCH FOOD August 2018
Resolution R-344-18 Resolution R-344-18
accepting Gadsden Commons
Resolution R-343-18 Resolution R-343-18
assess grass lien ETOWAH AVE. 1220
Resolution R-342-18 Resolution R-342-18
assess grass lien AVENUE E 920
Resolution R-341-18 Resolution R-341-18
assess grass lien AVALON LANE 408
Resolution R-340-18 Resolution R-340-18
abate 708 Brookside Dr.
Resolution R-339-18 Resolution R-339-18
abate 101 Springdale Ct.
Resolution R-338-18 Resolution R-338-18
assess grass lien ALABAMA AVENUE 1516
Resolution R-337-18 Resolution R-337-18
assess grass lien 4TH ST N. 208
Resolution R-336-18 Resolution R-336-18
acknowledgement waver and release AL Power
Resolution R-335-18 Resolution R-335-18
accept Rosser Property
Resolution R-334-18 Resolution R-334-18
appointing poll workers
Resolution R-333-18 Resolution R-333-18
NEAPA bid Ira Phillips Oil
Resolution R-332-18 Resolution R-332-18
assess grass lien DWIGHT AVENUE 8
Resolution R-331-18 Resolution R-331-18
assess grass lien CHESTER ST 314
Resolution R-330-18 Resolution R-330-18
assess grass lien CAMBRON STREET 2839
Resolution R-329-18 Resolution R-329-18
assess grass lien AVENUE F 818
Resolution R-328-18 Resolution R-328-18
assess grass lien BARKSDALE ST 1325
Resolution R-327-18 Resolution R-327-18
assess 7th St. S. 204
Resolution R-326-18 Resolution R-326-18
assess Alabama Ave. 1222
Resolution R-325-18 Resolution R-325-18
Resolution R-324-18 Resolution R-324-18
award bid 3371 - Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls - James E. Watts and Sons
Resolution R-323-18 Resolution R-323-18
ABC License - Ashland 1 Enterprise, LLC - Wooden Indian Tobacco Outlet Suite B - off premises
Resolution R-322-18 Resolution R-322-18
ABC License - Ashland 1 Enterprise, LLC - Wooden Indian Tobacco Outlet - Suite A
Resolution R-321-18 Resolution R-321-18
assess grass lien TUSCALOOSA AVE. W. 47
Resolution R-320-18 Resolution R-320-18
assess grass lien PARKWAY PL 228
Resolution R-319-18 Resolution R-319-18
assess grass lien SANSOM AVE. 2311
Resolution R-318-18 Resolution R-318-18
assess grass lien SANDUSKY LANE 12
Resolution R-317-18 Resolution R-317-18
assess grass lien MCKINLEY AVE. 1514
Resolution R-316-18 Resolution R-316-18
assess grass lien VINSON AVE. 1011
Resolution R-315-18 Resolution R-315-18
assess grass lien PRINCETON AVE. 302
Resolution R-314-18 Resolution R-314-18
grass lien PADENREICH AVE 224
Resolution R-313-18 Resolution R-313-18
grass lien PADENREICH AVE. 816
Resolution R-312-18 Resolution R-312-18
assess 1921 Ewing Ave
Resolution R-311-18 Resolution R-311-18
assess 1505 Springfield Ave.
Resolution R-310-18 Resolution R-310-18
abate Hooks Lake Rd. 1704
Resolution R-309-18 Resolution R-309-18
acquisition of property south 12th
Resolution R-308-18 Resolution R-308-18
acquisition of property south 12th
Resolution R-307-18 Resolution R-307-18
easement AL Power for Venue
Resolution R-306-18 Resolution R-306-18
IDB Appointment
Resolution R-305-18 Resolution R-305-18
Special Use Permit - Gadsden AL Verizon 278 Hillview Road MOD
Resolution R-304-18 Resolution R-304-18
satisfaction of lien 307 Bryan Street
Resolution R-303-18 Resolution R-303-18
assess grass lien BROADWAY 2005
Resolution R-302-18 Resolution R-302-18
assess grass lien BROOKSIDE DR. 1114
Resolution R-301-18 Resolution R-301-18
assess grass lien E. BROAD ST. 1412
Resolution R-300-18 Resolution R-300-18
assess grass lien BROWN ST. 218
Resolution R-299-18 Resolution R-299-18
assess grass lien BROWN STREET 208
Resolution R-298-18 Resolution R-298-18
abate Slussser Ave. 1010
Resolution R-297-18 Resolution R-297-18
assess grass lien BROOKWOOD DR 169
Resolution R-296-18 Resolution R-296-18
assess grass lien BROOKWOOD DR. 144
Resolution R-295-18 Resolution R-295-18
assess grass lien BROAD ST E 3103
Resolution R-294-18 Resolution R-294-18
assess grass lien BROAD ST E 1431
Resolution R-293-18 Resolution R-293-18
assess 200 Carolyn Ln.
Resolution R-292-18 Resolution R-292-18
abate 312 Bryan St.
Resolution R-291-18 Resolution R-291-18
abate 316 Albany Ave
Resolution R-290-18 Resolution R-290-18
assess grass lien CAMBRON STREET 2839
Resolution R-289-18* Resolution R-289-18*
School Board Referendum
Resolution R-289-18 Resolution R-289-18
Notice of Election
Resolution R-288-18 Resolution R-288-18
appointing IDB Members
Resolution R-287-18 Resolution R-287-18
assess grass lien ALABAMA STREET 1325
Resolution R-286-18 Resolution R-286-18
assess grass lien 10TH ST N 716
Resolution R-285-18 Resolution R-285-18
assess Brandon St. 315
Resolution R-284-18 Resolution R-284-18
assess Boyd Dr. 116
Resolution R-283-18 Resolution R-283-18
assess Boyd Dr. 108
Resolution R-282-18 Resolution R-282-18
assess grass lien 9TH ST N. 429
Resolution R-205-18 Resolution R-205-18
grass lien WATERFORD LANE 104
Resolution R-281-18 Resolution R-281-18
assess grass lien AIRPORT BLVD 1719
Resolution R-280-18 Resolution R-280-18
assess grass lien 11TH ST N. 606
Resolution R-279-18 Resolution R-279-18
grass lien ABERCROMBIE ST. 515
Resolution R-278-18 Resolution R-278-18
assess grass lien AGRICOLA AVE. 912
Resolution R-277-18 Resolution R-277-18
assess grass lien 13TH ST S. 507
Resolution R-276-18 Resolution R-276-18
assess grass lien ALLEN ST. 414
Resolution R-275-18 Resolution R-275-18
assess 1317 4th Avenue
Resolution R-274-18 Resolution R-274-18
assess Marston Ave. 9
Resolution R-273-18 Resolution R-273-18
assess Walnut St. E. 122
Resolution R-272-18 Resolution R-272-18
assess 4th St N. 101
Resolution R-271-18 Resolution R-271-18
assess Stroud Ave. 1210
Resolution R-270-18 Resolution R-270-18
assess Pioneer St. 510
Resolution R-269-18 Resolution R-269-18
abate JUPITER ST 1215
Resolution R-268-18 Resolution R-268-18
Easement AL Power
Resolution R-267-18 Resolution R-267-18
bid 3384 Bedwell-Whorton.corrected
Resolution R-266-18 Resolution R-266-18
bid 3372 Reroofing Project
Resolution R-265-18 Resolution R-265-18
Special Use Permit - Gadsden AL Sprint 748 Forrest Avenue MOD
Resolution R-264-18 Resolution R-264-18
Conveyance of Surplus Fire Equipment
Resolution R-263-18 Resolution R-263-18
assess Rosewood Ln. 825
Resolution R-262-18 Resolution R-262-18
assess Princeton Ave. 418
Resolution R-261-18 Resolution R-261-18
assess Morningview Dr. 209
Resolution R-260-18 Resolution R-260-18
abate New York Ave. 207
Resolution R-259-18 Resolution R-259-18
third amended Tax Abatement Prince Metal
Resolution R-258-18 Resolution R-258-18
reappoint Gadsden City BOE
Resolution R-257-18 Resolution R-257-18
assess Keeling Rd. 322
Resolution R-256-18 Resolution R-256-18
assess Erwin Ave. 3317
Resolution R-255-18 Resolution R-255-18
assess Chandler St. 1408
Resolution R-254-18 Resolution R-254-18
abate Holly St. 923
Resolution R-253-18 Resolution R-253-18
abate Oakleigh Dr. 212
Resolution R-252-18 Resolution R-252-18
Authorizing Change Order James E Watts & Son
Resolution R-251-18 Resolution R-251-18
Authorizing Agreement with Bar @ the Venue
Resolution R-250-18 Resolution R-250-18
reappoint WWSB
Resolution R-249-18 Resolution R-249-18
Neapa Bid 3383 Small Tools and Equipment
Resolution R-248-18 Resolution R-248-18
retail beer and wine kwik stop
Resolution R-247-18 Resolution R-247-18
assess grass lien 936 S 11th Street
Resolution R-246-18 Resolution R-246-18
assess grass lien ADAMS ST. 1811
Resolution R-245-18 Resolution R-245-18
assess grass lien 503 N 10th St
Resolution R-244-18 Resolution R-244-18
assess grass lien 10TH ST N. 502
Resolution R-243-18 Resolution R-243-18
assess grass lien ALABAMA ST. 1327
Resolution R-242-18 Resolution R-242-18
grass lien ABERCROMBIE ST. 702
Resolution R-241-18 Resolution R-241-18
ASSESS 700 Randall St.
Resolution R-240-18 Resolution R-240-18
assess Summit Dr. 1427
Resolution R-239-18 Resolution R-239-18
assess Roslyn Dr. 405
Resolution R-238-18 Resolution R-238-18
assess Roslyn Dr. 405
Resolution R-237-18 Resolution R-237-18
assess Albany Ave. 319
Resolution R-236-18 Resolution R-236-18
bid 3382 Mid-Western Commercial Roofer
Resolution R-235-18 Resolution R-235-18
agreement Gadsden City Automotive Program
Resolution R-234-18 Resolution R-234-18
permanent drainage easement
Resolution R-233-18 Resolution R-233-18
bid 3381 Alabama Waste Disposal Solutions
Resolution R-232-18 Resolution R-232-18
satisfaction of lien 2323 Cansler Avenue
Resolution R-231-18 Resolution R-231-18
amend Resolution Bureau of Justice Grant
Resolution R-231-18 Resolution R-231-18
Resolution R-230-18 Resolution R-230-18
agreement Transportation South%2c Inc.
Resolution R-229-18 Resolution R-229-18
Special Use Permit - Gadsden AL Sprint 1044 Scenic Drive MOD2
Resolution R-228-18 Resolution R-228-18
Special Use Permit - Gadsden AL Verizon 504 Clayton Blvd. MOD
Resolution R-227-18 Resolution R-227-18
amend substance abuse policy
Resolution R-226-18 Resolution R-226-18
assess grass lien 9TH ST N. 427
Resolution R-225-18 Resolution R-225-18
acquisition property.landfill expansion
Resolution R-224-18 Resolution R-224-18
Agreement with Thomas M. McElrath
Resolution R-223-18 Resolution R-223-18
replace board members zoning
Resolution R-222-18 Resolution R-222-18
abate 411-A N. 33RD ST.
Resolution R-221-18 Resolution R-221-18
Resolution R-220-18 Resolution R-220-18
abate Allen St. 408
Resolution R-219-18 Resolution R-219-18
assess HILLYER ST 820
Resolution R-218-18 Resolution R-218-18
tax abatement Calcean Minerals and Materials
Resolution R-217-18 Resolution R-217-18
special event Barbarian Challenge
Resolution R-216-18 Resolution R-216-18
special event Barbarian Challenge
Resolution R-215-18 Resolution R-215-18
ABATE 11th St. S. 203
Resolution R-214-18 Resolution R-214-18
abate Hillyer St. 606
Resolution R-213-18 Resolution R-213-18
abate Alabama Ave. 1423
Resolution R-212-18 Resolution R-212-18
abate Chandler St. 1316
Resolution R-211-18 Resolution R-211-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 120
Resolution R-210-18 Resolution R-210-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 114
Resolution R-209-18 Resolution R-209-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 112
Resolution R-208-18 Resolution R-208-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 110
Resolution R-207-18 Resolution R-207-18
retail beer and wine kwik stop
Resolution R-206-18 Resolution R-206-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 106
Resolution R-204-18 Resolution R-204-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD LANE 102
Resolution R-203-18 Resolution R-203-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD PLACE 106
Resolution R-202-18 Resolution R-202-18
assess grass lien WATERFORD PLACE 104
Resolution R-201-18 Resolution R-201-18
assess grass lien Waterford Place 100
Resolution R-200-18 Resolution R-200-18
Resolution R-199-18 Resolution R-199-18
CO Black Creek Pedestrian Bridge Project
Resolution R-198-18 Resolution R-198-18
temporary construction easement
Resolution R-197-18 Resolution R-197-18
bid 3356 change order 1
Resolution R-196-18 Resolution R-196-18
Barbarian Challenge Race Krewe Timing
Resolution R-195-18 Resolution R-195-18
supplemental agreement ALDOT
Resolution R-194-18 Resolution R-194-18
Assess grass lien 12TH STREET S 1016
Resolution R-193-18 Resolution R-193-18
Assess grass lien 11TH STREET SOUTH 401
Resolution R-192-18 Resolution R-192-18
Bid 3380 Community Center Phase 2 Hudak Construction
Resolution R-191-18 Resolution R-191-18
Acquisition of Property Woodland Drive
Resolution R-190-18 Resolution R-190-18
Acquisition of Property Woodland Drive
Resolution R-189-18 Resolution R-189-18
grant Bureau of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership
Resolution R-188-18 Resolution R-188-18
Bid No 3379 Sherwin Williams Paint and Supplies
Resolution R-187-18 Resolution R-187-18
Bid 3373 PEG TV system
Resolution R-186-18 Resolution R-186-18
Assess N. 8TH ST 908
Resolution R-185-18 Resolution R-185-18
Assess 200 Lawler Cir.
Resolution R-184-18 Resolution R-184-18
Resolution R-183-18 Resolution R-183-18
Sponsor Gadsden Jr. Golf Association
Resolution R-182-18 Resolution R-182-18
ABC License special event Farm to Table
Resolution R-181-18 Resolution R-181-18
ABC License Rock and Roll Sushi
Resolution R-180-18 Resolution R-180-18
Abate 33RD ST N 409
Resolution R-179-18 Resolution R-179-18
Abate 1316 Robinson Ave
Resolution R-178-18 Resolution R-178-18
Abate KEELING RD 214
Resolution R-177-18 Resolution R-177-18
ROW Easement and Temporary Construction Easement
Resolution R-176-18 Resolution R-176-18
Amendment to agreement CDG South 11th
Resolution R-175-18 Resolution R-175-18
Resolution R-174-18 Resolution R-174-18
Bid 3378 Soccer Field Lighting
Resolution R-173-18 Resolution R-173-18
Assess grass lien 9TH STREET NORTH 422
Resolution R-172-18 Resolution R-172-18
Assess grass lien 9TH STREET NORTH 420
Resolution R-171-18 Resolution R-171-18
Assess 6TH STREET S 807
Resolution R-170-18 Resolution R-170-18
Resolution R-169-18 Resolution R-169-18
Assess 1ST AVENUE 935
Resolution R-168-18 Resolution R-168-18
Assess grass lien 10TH STREET NORTH 340
Resolution R-167-18 Resolution R-167-18
Assess 1106 Hurst St.
Resolution R-166-18 Resolution R-166-18
Assess 1104 Hurst St.
Resolution R-165-18 Resolution R-165-18
Abate GEORGIA AVE 3515
Resolution R-164-18 Resolution R-164-18
Abate 15TH STREET S 911
Resolution R-163-18 Resolution R-163-18
Abate PENNY ST 1000
Resolution R-162-18 Resolution R-162-18
Authorizing Change Order Hudak Construction
Resolution R-161-18 Resolution R-161-18
Assess 7TH AVENUE 1010
Resolution R-160-18 Resolution R-160-18
Assess 1136 3rd Avenue
Resolution R-159-18 Resolution R-159-18
Assess grass lien 538 South 6th Street
Resolution R-158-18 Resolution R-158-18
Assess 710 North 9th Street
Resolution R-157-18 Resolution R-157-18
Assess 510 North 9th Street
Resolution R-156-18 Resolution R-156-18
Assess 712 North 8th Street
Resolution R-155-18 Resolution R-155-18
Resolution R-154-18 Resolution R-154-18
Assess 1000 S. 10TH STREET
Resolution R-153-18 Resolution R-153-18
Assess 705 Harvey Street
Resolution R-152-18 Resolution R-152-18
Assess 703 Harvey St.
Resolution R-151-18 Resolution R-151-18
Assess 926 AVENUE A
Resolution R-150-18 Resolution R-150-18
Abate 4TH AVE 1423
Resolution R-149-18 Resolution R-149-18
Fishing tournament L & L Marine
Resolution R-148-18 Resolution R-148-18
Special Event Alcohol Beverage License - Downtown Music Festival
Resolution R-147-18 Resolution R-147-18
Assess grass lien 11th Street North 439
Resolution R-146-18 Resolution R-146-18
Assess grass lien 8th Street North 1008
Resolution R-145-18 Resolution R-145-18
Assess grass lien 611 North 8th Street
Resolution R-144-18 Resolution R-144-18
Assess grass lien 8th Street North 611
Resolution R-143-18 Resolution R-143-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1419
Resolution R-142-18 Resolution R-142-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1417
Resolution R-141-18 Resolution R-141-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1413
Resolution R-140-18 Resolution R-140-18
Assess grass lien 7th Street North 200
Resolution R-139-18 Resolution R-139-18
Assess grass lien 6th Avenue 106
Resolution R-138-18 Resolution R-138-18
Assess 1027 Pine Street
Resolution R-137-18 Resolution R-137-18
Assess 1015 S. 11TH ST
Resolution R-136-18 Resolution R-136-18
Assess 822 AVENUE B
Resolution R-135-18 Resolution R-135-18
Assess 712 North 8th Street
Resolution R-134-18 Resolution R-134-18
Resolution R-133-18 Resolution R-133-18
Awarding Bid No 3377 Boatner Construction (Moragne Park)
Resolution R-132-18 Resolution R-132-18
Amending Rental Rates adding The Venue
Resolution R-131-18 Resolution R-131-18
Appointing Members to the Library Board
Resolution R-130-18 Resolution R-130-18
Awarding Bid No 3370 Model Tees
Resolution R-129-18 Resolution R-129-18
Assess grass lien 927 South 6th Street
Resolution R-128-18 Resolution R-128-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1411
Resolution R-127-18 Resolution R-127-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1317
Resolution R-126-18 Resolution R-126-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1203
Resolution R-125-18 Resolution R-125-18
Assess grass lien 4th Ave 1026
Resolution R-124-18 Resolution R-124-18
Assess grass lien 4th Avenue 1001
Resolution R-123-18 Resolution R-123-18
Assess grass lien 3rd Avenue 1115
Resolution R-122-18 Resolution R-122-18
Assess PENNY ST 1001
Resolution R-121-18 Resolution R-121-18
Assess KYLE ST. 603
Resolution R-120-18 Resolution R-120-18
Assess MCCOY ST 2413
Resolution R-119-18 Resolution R-119-18
Abate MADISON AVE 3328
Resolution R-118-18 Resolution R-118-18
Abate 630 Turrentine Street
Resolution R-117-18 Resolution R-117-18
Authorizing Agreement with Plexamedia
Resolution R-116-18 Resolution R-116-18
Authorizing Agreement for Supplemental Fee With Khafra Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Resolution R-115-18 Resolution R-115-18
Authorizing Agreement with Kompan, Inc.
Resolution R-114-18 Resolution R-114-18
Granting Easement to Alabama Power (Venue at Coosa Landing)
Resolution R-113-18 Resolution R-113-18
Abate 1402 South 11th Street
Resolution R-112-18 Resolution R-112-18
Awarding Bid No 3369 Hastings Park Area Drainage Outfall Project
Resolution R-111-18 Resolution R-111-18
Accept property Etowah Gadsden Health Care
Resolution R-110-18 Resolution R-110-18
Reclassify Job Classification - Therapeutic Specialist
Resolution R-109-18 Resolution R-109-18
CME Summer Concert Series July 6
Resolution R-108-18 Resolution R-108-18
Assess 915 South 15th Street
Resolution R-107-18 Resolution R-107-18
Assess 555 Line Street
Resolution R-106-18 Resolution R-106-18
Assess 1341 Alabama Street
Resolution R-105-18 Resolution R-105-18
Abate 38 Lakefront Avenue
Resolution R-104-18 Resolution R-104-18
Abate 617 Turrentine Street
Resolution R-103-18 Resolution R-103-18
Approving Issuance of ABC License Snack N Fuel retail beer and wine (off premises)
Resolution R-102-18 Resolution R-102-18
Economic Development Agreement LongHorn Steakhouse
Resolution R-101-18 Resolution R-101-18
Awarding Bid No. 3375 Venue at Coosa Landing Furniture Project
Resolution R-100-18 Resolution R-100-18
Amendment to agreement ESO Solutions, Inc.
Resolution R-101-18 Resolution R-101-18
Awarding Bid No. 3375 Venue at Coosa Landing Furniture Project
Resolution R-100-18 Resolution R-100-18
Amendment to agreement ESO Solutions, Inc.
Resolution R-99-18 Resolution R-99-18
Authorizing Public Hearing LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant
Resolution R-98-18 Resolution R-98-18
Award bid 3376 EMS Innovations, Inc.
Resolution R-97-18 Resolution R-97-18
Agreement Gadsden Runners Club
Resolution R-96-18 Resolution R-96-18
Fishing Alabama BASS Federation Nation
Resolution R-95-18 Resolution R-95-18
Fishing Alabama BASS Nation-High School State Championship
Resolution R-94-18 Resolution R-94-18
Summer concert series CME-Chicago September 2018
Resolution R-93-18 Resolution R-93-18
Summer concert series CME-Motown August 2018
Resolution R-92-18 Resolution R-92-18
Agreement addendum Local Government Services, LLC - Cable One, Inc.
Resolution R-91-18 Resolution R-91-18
Agreement with Forrest Cemetery Foundation, Inc.
Resolution R-90-18 Resolution R-90-18
Accept conveyance of property 1513 Terrace Drive
Resolution R-89-18 Resolution R-89-18
Abate 401 South 11th Street
Resolution R-88-18 Resolution R-88-18
Abate 1705 Pierce Avenue
Resolution R-87-18 Resolution R-87-18
Abate 833 Country Club Drive
Resolution R-86-18 Resolution R-86-18
Abate1325 Barksdale Street
Resolution R-85-18 Resolution R-85-18
Authorizing Change Order 1 A & S Electrical
Resolution R-84-18 Resolution R-84-18
Authorizing Lease Agreement - Gadsden City Baseball Club
Resolution R-83-18 Resolution R-83-18
Authorizing Agreement with Academy
Resolution R-82-18 Resolution R-82-18
NEAPA Bid 3374 Recycle Trailer
Resolution R-81-18 Resolution R-81-18
Assess 507 South 13th Street
Resolution R-80-18 Resolution R-80-18
Assess 1203 4th Avenue
Resolution R-79-18 Resolution R-79-18
Assess 1026 4th Avenue
Resolution R-78-18 Resolution R-78-18
Abate 511 Crocheron Alley
Resolution R-77-18 Resolution R-77-18
Abate 316 North Hood Avenue
Resolution R-76-18 Resolution R-76-18
Approving Issuance of Special Event Alcoholic Beverage License United Way Girlfriend Gala
Resolution R-75-18 Resolution R-75-18
Frios Lease Agreement
Resolution R-74-18 Resolution R-74-18
Agreement with EE Group Inc.
Resolution R-73-18 Resolution R-73-18
Appointing members to Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation, Inc.
Resolution R-72-18 Resolution R-72-18
Abate 2509 Sansom Avenue
Resolution R-71-18 Resolution R-71-18
Abate 2507 Sansom Avenue
Resolution R-70-18 Resolution R-70-18
Abate 2501 Sansom Avenue
Resolution R-69-18 Resolution R-69-18
Abate 408 N. 33rd Street
Resolution R-68-18 Resolution R-68-18
Abate 104 N. 24th Street
Resolution R-67-18 Resolution R-67-18
Abate 316 Howell Circle
Resolution R-66-18 Resolution R-66-18
Abate 3217 Forrest Avenue
Resolution R-65-18 Resolution R-65-18
Appointing municipal judges (Granger and Tinker)
Resolution R-64-18 Resolution R-64-18
Awarding Bid No 3366 Construction and Demolition Landfill
Resolution R-63-18 Resolution R-63-18
Awarding Bid No 3372 Family Success Center Re-Roofing Project
Resolution R-62-18 Resolution R-62-18
Approving Issuance of Special Event Alcohol License for Nation Wild Turkey Federation, Inc.
Resolution R-61-18 Resolution R-61-18
Assess 1138 3rd Avenue
Resolution R-60-18 Resolution R-60-18
Assess 1419 Cansler Avenue
Resolution R-59-18 Resolution R-59-18
Abate 3201 Forrest Avenue
Resolution R-58-18 Resolution R-58-18
Abate 604 Blythe Street
Resolution R-57-18 Resolution R-57-18
Abate 212 Keeling Road
Resolution R-56-18 Resolution R-56-18
Abate 1533 Terrace Drive
Resolution R-55-18 Resolution R-55-18
Agreement Global Traffic Technologies (Gadsden Fire Department)
Resolution R-54-18 Resolution R-54-18
Authorizing Ground Lease - Gadsden Rugby Club
Resolution R-53-18 Resolution R-53-18
Agreement Fishing Tournament FLW, LLC
Resolution R-52-18 Resolution R-52-18
Fishing Tournament Coosa River Trail Team
Resolution R-51-18 Resolution R-51-18
Approving ABC License - NE AL Kidney Assoc
Resolution R-50-18 Resolution R-50-18
Appoint CED Mental Health Board (Dr. Shehi)
Resolution R-49-18 Resolution R-49-18
Assess 3604 Williams Avenue
Resolution R-48-18 Resolution R-48-18
Assess 1117 Peachtree Street
Resolution R-47-18 Resolution R-47-18
Assess 1430 Alabama Street
Resolution R-46-18 Resolution R-46-18
Abate 3305 Western Avenue
Resolution R-45-18 Resolution R-45-18
Abate 2907 Ashley Street
Resolution R-44-18 Resolution R-44-18
Abate 211 S. 14th Street
Resolution R-43-18 Resolution R-43-18
Abate 205 S. 14th Street
Resolution R-42-18 Resolution R-42-18
Abate 607 Polk Street
Resolution R-41-18 Resolution R-41-18
Abate 1608 Meadowbrook Avenue
Resolution R-40-18 Resolution R-40-18
Abate 1608 Meadowbrook Avenue
Resolution R-39-18 Resolution R-39-18
Authorizing acquisition of Woodland Drive Lots 17-20
Resolution R-38-18 Resolution R-38-18
Authorizing agreement ESO Solutions, Inc.
Resolution R-37-18 Resolution R-37-18
Authorizing Ground Lease Big Fish Kayak
Resolution R-36-18 Resolution R-36-18
Assess 1612 Peachtree Street
Resolution R-35-18 Resolution R-35-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1413 4th Avenue
Resolution R-34-18 Resolution R-34-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1516 Hill Avenue
Resolution R-33-18 Resolution R-33-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1402 Alabama Street
Resolution R-32-18 Resolution R-32-18
Abate 3603 W. Meighan Boulevard
Resolution R-31-18 Resolution R-31-18
Abate 1010 Fairview Alley
Resolution R-30-18 Resolution R-30-18
Abate 1605 Fillmore Avenue
Resolution R-29-18 Resolution R-29-18
Approving Permit for A MED Ambulance Service as Ambulance Operator
Resolution R-28-18 Resolution R-28-18
Resolution Opposing Proposed Bill Regarding Election of Gadsden City Board of Education
Resolution R-27-18 Resolution R-27-18
Appointing and Reappointing Members to Gadsden Commercial Development Authority
Resolution R-26-18 Resolution R-26-18
Appointing Members to Gadsden Airport Authority
Resolution R-25-18 Resolution R-25-18
Approving Issuance of ABC License (Lindeen and Associates, LLC, d/b/a Sugar Moon)
Resolution R-24-18 Resolution R-24-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1507 Garfield Avenue
Resolution R-23-18 Resolution R-23-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1339 Forrest Avenue
Resolution R-22-18 Resolution R-22-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1327 Alabama Street
Resolution R-21-18 Resolution R-21-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1325 Alabama Street
Resolution R-20-18 Resolution R-20-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 305 S. 14th Street
Resolution R-19-18 Resolution R-19-18
Abate 1302 Carolina Avenue
Resolution R-18-18 Resolution R-18-18
Resolution Approving Financing Terms (Purchase of Firetrucks)
Resolution R-17-18 Resolution R-17-18
Approving Issuance of Special Event Alcoholic Beverage License (The Chamber Gadsden and Etowah County, a/k/a Chairman’s Gala and Annual Meeting)
Resolution R-16-18 Resolution R-16-18
Resolution in Support of Legislation Related to Child Day Care & Pre-School Facilities
Resolution R-15-18 Resolution R-15-18
Authourizing A Special Use Permit to TMobile
Resolution R-14-18 Resolution R-14-18
Assess 1206 Fairview Avenue
Resolution R-13-18 Resolution R-13-18
Assess 1503 Roosevelt Avenue
Resolution R-12-18 Resolution R-12-18
Assess 1501 Roosevelt Avenue
Resolution R-11-18 Resolution R-11-18
Assess 1317 4th Avenue
Resolution R-10-18 Resolution R-10-18
Abate 1408 Chandler Street
Resolution R-09-18 Resolution R-09-18
Abate 418 Henderson Street
Resolution R-08-18 Resolution R-08-18
Abate 1419 Harrison Avenue
Resolution R-07-18 Resolution R-07-18
Awarding Bid No. 3367
Resolution R-06-18 Resolution R-06-18
Authorizing Agreements With Fiscal Year 2017 Community Development Block Grant Subrecipients
Resolution R-05-18 Resolution R-05-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 913 N. 36th Street
Resolution R-04-18 Resolution R-04-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 906 N. 33rd Street
Resolution R-03-18 Resolution R-03-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 915 Crenshaw Avenue
Resolution R-02-18 Resolution R-02-18
Assessing Nuisance Abatement Lien Against Property at 1348 Forrest Avenue
Resolution R-01-18 Resolution R-01-18
Abate 1554 Terrace Drive