Ordinances 2015 All Archives

Ordinance O-33-15 Ordinance O-33-15
Amending Fiscal Years 2011, 2013, and 2014 Community Development Block Grant Budgets for Fiscal Year 2015 Street Improvements
Ordinance O-32-15 Ordinance O-32-15
Establishing Cell Tower Guidelines
Ordinance O-31-15 Ordinance O-31-15
Amending City Code Chapter 10 Regarding Time Period Dogs or Cats May Be Held At The Humane Society And Managed Care Of Feral Cats
Ordinance O-30-15 Ordinance O-30-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2016 Budget (To reflect receipt of CERT mini-grant)
Ordinance O-29-15 Ordinance O-29-15
Rezoning Properties Located on Ewing Avenue (From B-1, Neighborhood Business District, to B-2, General Business District)
Ordinance O-28-15 Ordinance O-28-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2016 General Fund Budget (To reflect receipt of ADEM grant)
Ordinance O-27-15 Ordinance O-27-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2016 General Fund Budget (Bullet-proof vests)
Ordinance O-26-15 Ordinance O-26-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2016 General Fund Budget (2015 JAG Grant for Protective Gear and a server array)
Ordinance O-25-15 Ordinance O-25-15
Assenting to Annexation of Property to the City of Gadsden, Alabama
Ordinance O-24-15 Ordinance O-24-15
Adopting Fiscal Year 2016 Budgets
Ordinance O-23-15 Ordinance O-23-15
Rezoning Property Located at 4122 Old Pump Station Road
Ordinance O-22-15 Ordinance O-22-15
Authorizing Conveyance of Property (2332 Hill Avenue)
Ordinance O-21-15 Ordinance O-21-15
Amending the Zoning Ordinance to Permit Bed and Breakfast Facilities
Ordinance O-20-15 Ordinance O-20-15
Amending the Zoning Ordinance to Add Bed and Breakfast Facilities
Ordinance O-19-15 Ordinance O-19-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (Etowah County Community Development Committee grant)
Ordinance O-18-15 Ordinance O-18-15
Amending City Code Flood Control Regulations (Adopting FEMA preliminary Flood Insurance Study)
Ordinance O-17-15 Ordinance O-17-15
Amending Zoning Ordinance Chart of Permitted Uses Regarding Automobile Storage
Ordinance O-16-15 Ordinance O-16-15
Rezoning Properties Located Along Lake Street (From R-1, One-Family Residence District, and R-2, Multiple-Family Residence District, to B-2, General Business District - Along Lake Street on the south side of E. Meighan Boulevard)
Ordinance O-15-15 Ordinance O-15-15
Rezoning Properties Located at 4401 Airport Road (From I-1, Light Industry District, to B-2, General Business District)
Ordinance O-14-15 Ordinance O-14-15
Rezoning Properties Located at 113 Hoke Street
Ordinance O-13-15 Ordinance O-13-15
Rezoning Properties Located on Harvard Avenue
Ordinance O-12-15 Ordinance O-12-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (Additional Emergency Solutions Grant funds)
Ordinance O-11-15 Ordinance O-11-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2015 General Fund Budget (EMA County-wide Siren Maintenance)
Ordinance O-10-15 Ordinance O-10-15
Authorizing TIF Funds for Acquisition of Property (East Broad/East Chestnut)
Ordinance O-09-15 Ordinance O-09-15
Authorizing Lease Agreement with Armory Commission
Ordinance O-08-15 Ordinance O-08-15
Amending City Code Section 118-353(b) Regarding Wrecker Rates
Ordinance O-07-15 Ordinance O-07-15
Rezoning Property Located Off of East Broad Street
Ordinance O-06-15 Ordinance O-06-15
Adopting Community Development Block Grant Program FY2015-FY2019 Consolidated Plan, FY2015 Action Plan, and FY2015 Budget.
Ordinance O-05-15 Ordinance O-05-15
Authorizing Conveyance of Property (1302 Walnut Street)
Ordinance O-04-15 Ordinance O-04-15
Amending Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (For purchase of garbage trucks)
Ordinance O-03-15 Ordinance O-03-15
Amending City Code Sections 108-3(3)(c) and 108-5(1)(a) Pertaining to Land Disturbance Permits and Stormwater Design and Management Standards
Ordinance O-02-15 Ordinance O-02-15
Establishing Effective Date of Smoke-Free Air Ordinance No. O-19-14
Ordinance O-01-15 Ordinance O-01-15
Amending City Code regarding Sales Tax Holiday (Severe Weather Preparedness)