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Resolution R-509-08 Resolution R-509-08
Awarding Bid No. 3075
Resolution R-508-08 Resolution R-508-08
Authorizing Wachovia LOC amendment
Resolution R-507-08 Resolution R-507-08
Awarding Bid No. 3076
Resolution R-506-08 Resolution R-506-08
Reappointing Directors to the Commercial Development Authority
Resolution R-505-08 Resolution R-505-08
Prince Metal amended tax abatement application
Resolution R-504-08 Resolution R-504-08
Authorizing grant application
Resolution R-503-08 Resolution R-503-08
Resolution R-502-08 Resolution R-502-08
Abate 1111 S. 10th Street
Resolution R-501-08 Resolution R-501-08
Authorizing license agreement - Crossroads Boxing
Resolution R-500-08 Resolution R-500-08
Satisfaction of Nuisance at 1542 Rose Street
Resolution R-499-08 Resolution R-499-08
Authorizing Teague settlement
Resolution R-498-08 Resolution R-498-08
Authorizing Tech Prep Building agreement
Resolution R-497-08 Resolution R-497-08
Authorizing Transit agreement
Resolution R-496-08 Resolution R-496-08
Authorizing ALDOT agreement
Resolution R-495-08 Resolution R-495-08
Authorizing ASI agreement
Resolution R-494-08 Resolution R-494-08
Amending agreement with P. Chandler and G. Hall
Resolution R-493-08 Resolution R-493-08
Awarding Bid No. 3072
Resolution R-492-08 Resolution R-492-08
Authorizing Annulment of Right-of-Way
Resolution R-491-08 Resolution R-491-08
Assess 1546 Rose Street
Resolution R-490-08 Resolution R-490-08
Qore Agreement
Resolution R-489-08 Resolution R-489-08
Awarding Bid No. 3066
Resolution R-488-08 Resolution R-488-08
Authorizing acceptance of easement
Resolution R-487-08 Resolution R-487-08
Awarding Bid No. 3071
Resolution R-486-08 Resolution R-486-08
Assess 3419 Madison Avenue
Resolution R-485-08 Resolution R-485-08
Abate 412 Riley Street
Resolution R-484-08 Resolution R-484-08
Authorizing Acceptance of Right-of-Way
Resolution R-483-08 Resolution R-483-08
Authorizing Dedication of Right-of-Way
Resolution R-482-08 Resolution R-482-08
Authorizing grant application
Resolution R-481-08 Resolution R-481-08
Junior Golf Agreement
Resolution R-480-08 Resolution R-480-08
Rejecting Bid No. 3040
Resolution R-479-08 Resolution R-479-08
Abate 13161 Kentucky Avenue
Resolution R-478-08 Resolution R-478-08
Abate 910 N. 10th Street
Resolution R-477-08 Resolution R-477-08
Abate 1105 Bonton Street
Resolution R-476-08 Resolution R-476-08
Authorizing acquisition of property
Resolution R-475-08 Resolution R-475-08
Awarding Bid No. 3065
Resolution R-474-08 Resolution R-474-08
Authorizing Goodyear-EMA agreement
Resolution R-473-08 Resolution R-473-08
Authorizing Goodyear-EMA agreement
Resolution R-472-08 Resolution R-472-08
Authorizing Snellgrove agreement
Resolution R-471-08 Resolution R-471-08
Authorizing Family Success Center agreement
Resolution R-470-08 Resolution R-470-08
Authorizing Community Services Program agreement
Resolution R-469-08 Resolution R-469-08
Authorizing Commercial Development Authority agreement
Resolution R-468-08 Resolution R-468-08
Authorizing agreement with Alatax
Resolution R-467-08 Resolution R-467-08
Authorizing Job Corps agreement
Resolution R-466-08 Resolution R-466-08
Approving ABC License
Resolution R-465-08 Resolution R-465-08
Awarding Bid No. 3069
Resolution R-464-08 Resolution R-464-08
Reject Bid No. 3062
Resolution R-463-08 Resolution R-463-08
Abate 18 W. Wilkinson Ave.
Resolution R-462-08 Resolution R-462-08
Abate 1405 Tuscaloosa Avenue
Resolution R-461-08 Resolution R-461-08
Abate 560 Tyler Street
Resolution R-460-08 Resolution R-460-08
Abate 104 Coosa Street
Resolution R-459-08 Resolution R-459-08
Assess 2822 Forrest Avenue
Resolution R-458-08 Resolution R-458-08
JBWT agreement
Resolution R-457-08 Resolution R-457-08
KPS agreement
Resolution R-456-08 Resolution R-456-08
Appoint member to Harralson Architectural Review Board
Resolution R-455-08 Resolution R-455-08
Assess 14 Lakefront Avenue
Resolution R-454-08 Resolution R-454-08
Assess 1006 Agricola Avenue
Resolution R-453-08 Resolution R-453-08
Assess 25 E. Wilkinson Street
Resolution R-452-08 Resolution R-452-08
Abate 1506 Malone Street
Resolution R-451-08 Resolution R-451-08
Abate 2102 Cansler Avenue
Resolution R-450-08 Resolution R-450-08
Modification No. 2 to CSX bridge grant agreement
Resolution R-449-08 Resolution R-449-08
Awarding Bid No. 3068
Resolution R-448-08 Resolution R-448-08
Awarding Bid No. 3061
Resolution R-447-08 Resolution R-447-08
Accepting conveyance of 1308 Perry Street
Resolution R-446-08 Resolution R-446-08
Authorizing grant acceptance
Resolution R-445-08 Resolution R-445-08
Satisfy Nuisance Lien at 2009 Marshall Street
Resolution R-444-08 Resolution R-444-08
Satisfy nusiance lien at 808 Spruce Street
Resolution R-443-08 Resolution R-443-08
Equipment grant for Fire Department
Resolution R-442-08 Resolution R-442-08
Acquire property at 267 College Street
Resolution R-441-08 Resolution R-441-08
Change Order #1 Qore Agreement
Resolution R-440-08 Resolution R-440-08
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-439-08 Resolution R-439-08
Red Flag Identity Theft
Resolution R-438-08 Resolution R-438-08
Repeal Resolution R-252-08
Resolution R-437-08 Resolution R-437-08
Awarding Bid No. 3052
Resolution R-436-08 Resolution R-436-08
Assess 2325 Chestnut Street
Resolution R-435-08 Resolution R-435-08
Assess 1109 Foster Avenue
Resolution R-434-08 Resolution R-434-08
Assess 1412 Hill Avenue
Resolution R-433-08 Resolution R-433-08
Assess 1001 Hermosa Street
Resolution R-432-08 Resolution R-432-08
Assess 1546 Rose Street
Resolution R-431-08 Resolution R-431-08
Abate 6001 Lafayette Street
Resolution R-430-08 Resolution R-430-08
Awarding Bid No. 3049
Resolution R-429-08 Resolution R-429-08
Travel advance
Resolution R-428-08 Resolution R-428-08
Kiwanis donation
Resolution R-427-08 Resolution R-427-08
Cable rates
Resolution R-426-08 Resolution R-426-08
Approving issuance of ABC license
Resolution R-425-08 Resolution R-425-08
Assess 1516 Malone Street
Resolution R-424-08 Resolution R-424-08
Amend R-363-08
Resolution R-423-08 Resolution R-423-08
Awarding Bid No. 3060
Resolution R-422-08 Resolution R-422-08
Reject Bid No. 3059
Resolution R-421-08 Resolution R-421-08
Reject Bid No. 3058
Resolution R-420-08 Resolution R-420-08
Awarding Bid No. 3057
Resolution R-419-08 Resolution R-419-08
Awarding Bid No. 3056
Resolution R-418-08 Resolution R-418-08
Awarding Bid No. 3055
Resolution R-417-08 Resolution R-417-08
Goodwill lease
Resolution R-416-08 Resolution R-416-08
WWSB Agreement
Resolution R-415-08 Resolution R-415-08
Assess 1016 Valley Jo Avenue
Resolution R-414-08 Resolution R-414-08
Assess 1108 Brookside Drive
Resolution R-413-08 Resolution R-413-08
Assess 1105 Brookside Drive
Resolution R-412-08 Resolution R-412-08
Assess 904 Agricola Avenue
Resolution R-411-08 Resolution R-411-08
Assess 1526 Talmadge Street
Resolution R-410-08 Resolution R-410-08
Abate 1540 Malone Street
Resolution R-409-08 Resolution R-409-08
Abate 630 Hillier Street
Resolution R-408-08 Resolution R-408-08
Abate 1100 Glen Iris Drive
Resolution R-407-08 Resolution R-407-08
Abate 808 N. 8th Street
Resolution R-406-08 Resolution R-406-08
Abate 2315 Cansler Avenue
Resolution R-405-08 Resolution R-405-08
Abate 217 S. 4th Street
Resolution R-404-08 Resolution R-404-08
Rebid Bid No. 3048 detective cars
Resolution R-403-08 Resolution R-403-08
Satisfy nusiance
Resolution R-402-08 Resolution R-402-08
Satisfy nuisance
Resolution R-401-08 Resolution R-401-08
Awarding Bid No. 3048
Resolution R-400-08 Resolution R-400-08
Annulment of alley
Resolution R-399-08 Resolution R-399-08
Assess 2120 W. Tuscaloosa Avenue
Resolution R-398-08 Resolution R-398-08
Assess 310 Miller Street
Resolution R-397-08 Resolution R-397-08
Assess 305 Keiser Street
Resolution R-396-08 Resolution R-396-08
Assess 303 Keiser Street
Resolution R-395-08 Resolution R-395-08
Assess Keiser Street 301
Resolution R-394-08 Resolution R-394-08
Assess Line Street 535
Resolution R-393-08 Resolution R-393-08
Assess Abercrombie Street 702
Resolution R-392-08 Resolution R-392-08
Abate Avenue F 919
Resolution R-391-08 Resolution R-391-08
Rental rates
Resolution R-390-08 Resolution R-390-08
Hyfield Construction agreement
Resolution R-389-08 Resolution R-389-08
Change order #4 Bid 2992
Resolution R-388-08 Resolution R-388-08
Reject Bid 3050
Resolution R-387-08 Resolution R-387-08
Assess Ave G 1000
Resolution R-386-08 Resolution R-386-08
Assess Alabama Street 1326
Resolution R-385-08 Resolution R-385-08
Assess N 11th Street 425
Resolution R-384-08 Resolution R-384-08
Assess Kansas Street 1724
Resolution R-383-08 Resolution R-383-08
ABC license Mystic Food Mart
Resolution R-382-08 Resolution R-382-08
grant application
Resolution R-381-08 Resolution R-381-08
Bid 3037
Resolution R-380-08 Resolution R-380-08
Environmental inspector
Resolution R-379-08 Resolution R-379-08
Assess Hermosa Avenue 1015
Resolution R-378-08 Resolution R-378-08
Abate Dublin Street 2530
Resolution R-377-08 Resolution R-377-08
Abate Washington Ave 117
Resolution R-376-08 Resolution R-376-08
Rename tennis complex
Resolution R-375-08 Resolution R-375-08
ABC license Holiday Host
Resolution R-374-08 Resolution R-374-08
Disability Settlement agreement
Resolution R-373-08 Resolution R-373-08
Satisfy Nuisance 104 Paden
Resolution R-372-08 Resolution R-372-08
Keystone construction easement
Resolution R-371-08 Resolution R-371-08
Law Enf Tech grant
Resolution R-370-08 Resolution R-370-08
Reject Bid 3046
Resolution R-369-08 Resolution R-369-08
United Way
Resolution R-368-08 Resolution R-368-08
Assess Helton Street 2426
Resolution R-367-08 Resolution R-367-08
Assess Cansler Ave 2201
Resolution R-366-08 Resolution R-366-08
Assess Chestnut St 1307
Resolution R-365-08 Resolution R-365-08
Assess Herzberg Circle 402
Resolution R-364-08 Resolution R-364-08
Assess Cansler Ave 1331
Resolution R-363-08 Resolution R-363-08
Police Fire Retiree Raise
Resolution R-362-08 Resolution R-362-08
Retiree Raise
Resolution R-361-08 Resolution R-361-08
Bid 3051
Resolution R-360-08 Resolution R-360-08
Retain Rhea Firm
Resolution R-359-08 Resolution R-359-08
Bid 3047
Resolution R-358-08 Resolution R-358-08
Abate West Lake Dr 307
Resolution R-357-08 Resolution R-357-08
Abate West Lake Dr 303
Resolution R-356-08 Resolution R-356-08
Reject Bid 3045
Resolution R-355-08 Resolution R-355-08
FTA Grant Application
Resolution R-354-08 Resolution R-354-08
Award Quote
Resolution R-353-08 Resolution R-353-08
Abate Norris Ave 2214
Resolution R-352-08 Resolution R-352-08
Jackson Ave 1301
Resolution R-351-08 Resolution R-351-08
Abate S 13th St 209
Resolution R-350-08 Resolution R-350-08
Abate S 13th St 207
Resolution R-349-08 Resolution R-349-08
Agreement Bid 3036
Resolution R-348-08 Resolution R-348-08
Extend Lease
Resolution R-347-08 Resolution R-347-08
Policing Agreement
Resolution R-346-08 Resolution R-346-08
Tax Abatement
Resolution R-345-08 Resolution R-345-08
Resolution R-344-08 Resolution R-344-08
Bid 3044
Resolution R-343-08 Resolution R-343-08
Assess Williams Ave 3602
Resolution R-342-08 Resolution R-342-08
Assess Van Courtland 505
Resolution R-341-08 Resolution R-341-08
Assess Lakefront Ave 17
Resolution R-340-08 Resolution R-340-08
Assess Ralls Ave 200
Resolution R-339-08 Resolution R-339-08
Assess Tarrant Ct 702
Resolution R-338-08 Resolution R-338-08
Abate Dozier St 2309
Resolution R-337-08 Resolution R-337-08
Abate Dozier St 2308
Resolution R-336-08 Resolution R-336-08
Abate Fairview Alley 1005
Resolution R-335-08 Resolution R-335-08
Abate S 11th St 1018
Resolution R-334-08 Resolution R-334-08
Abate Cansler Ave 1338
Resolution R-333-08 Resolution R-333-08
Abate Madison Ave 3404
Resolution R-332-08 Resolution R-332-08
Retain Rhea Firm
Resolution R-331-08 Resolution R-331-08
Bid 3036
Resolution R-330-08 Resolution R-330-08
Lease T-24 Air Depot
Resolution R-329-08 Resolution R-329-08
Bid 3043
Resolution R-328-08 Resolution R-328-08
Abate Wilson St 512
Resolution R-327-08 Resolution R-327-08
Abate S 11th St 3709
Resolution R-326-08 Resolution R-326-08
Abate Southline Dr 913
Resolution R-325-08 Resolution R-325-08
Abate Hoke St 417
Resolution R-324-08 Resolution R-324-08
Energen Amendment
Resolution R-323-08 Resolution R-323-08
Chg Ord 3 Bid 2997
Resolution R-322-08 Resolution R-322-08
Chg Ord 2 Bid 2997
Resolution R-321-08 Resolution R-321-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-320-08 Resolution R-320-08
Reject Bid 3040
Resolution R-319-08 Resolution R-319-08
Assess N 37th St 823
Resolution R-318-08 Resolution R-318-08
Assess Sansom Ave 2903
Resolution R-317-08 Resolution R-317-08
Assess 7th Ave 1010
Resolution R-316-08 Resolution R-316-08
Assess Pinealice St 113
Resolution R-315-08 Resolution R-315-08
Assess Avenue G 901
Resolution R-314-08 Resolution R-314-08
Tax Abatement
Resolution R-313-08 Resolution R-313-08
Chg Ord 1 Bid 3022
Resolution R-312-08 Resolution R-312-08
Bid 3041
Resolution R-311-08 Resolution R-311-08
Abate Garfield Ave 1504
Resolution R-310-08 Resolution R-310-08
Airport Road Funding
Resolution R-309-08 Resolution R-309-08
Bid 3042
Resolution R-308-08 Resolution R-308-08
Gadsden Times
Resolution R-307-08 Resolution R-307-08
Abate W Wilkerson Ave 22
Resolution R-306-08 Resolution R-306-08
Abate Tuscaloosa Ave 2312
Resolution R-305-08 Resolution R-305-08
Abate Robinson Ave 1419
Resolution R-304-08 Resolution R-304-08
Tax Abatement
Resolution R-303-08 Resolution R-303-08
Beautification Appt
Resolution R-302-08 Resolution R-302-08
Abate Madison Ave 3419
Resolution R-301-08 Resolution R-301-08
Abate Madison Ave 3415
Resolution R-300-08 Resolution R-300-08
Abate Keiser St 304
Resolution R-299-08 Resolution R-299-08
Abate Hill Ave 1524
Resolution R-298-08 Resolution R-298-08
Abate Dozier St 2211
Resolution R-297-08 Resolution R-297-08
Abate Tuscaloosa Ave 1177
Resolution R-296-08 Resolution R-296-08
Lease T-8-A
Resolution R-295-08 Resolution R-295-08
Keystone Foods Interim Lease
Resolution R-294-08 Resolution R-294-08
Driver Safety Agreements
Resolution R-293-08 Resolution R-293-08
TOG Ritz Lease
Resolution R-292-08 Resolution R-292-08
Thirteenth Place Agr
Resolution R-291-08 Resolution R-291-08
Rose Haven Agr
Resolution R-290-08 Resolution R-290-08
Manna Agr
Resolution R-289-08 Resolution R-289-08
Mental Retardation Bd Agr
Resolution R-288-08 Resolution R-288-08
Resolution R-287-08 Resolution R-287-08
Council on Aging
Resolution R-286-08 Resolution R-286-08
CDP 2000
Resolution R-285-08 Resolution R-285-08
Boys Girls Club Agr
Resolution R-284-08 Resolution R-284-08
Barrie Center Agr
Resolution R-283-08 Resolution R-283-08
Beer License CVS
Resolution R-282-08 Resolution R-282-08
Satisfy Nuisance Liens
Resolution R-281-08 Resolution R-281-08
Acquire Property Nuisance
Resolution R-280-08 Resolution R-280-08
Bid 3034
Resolution R-279-08 Resolution R-279-08
Bid 3033
Resolution R-278-08 Resolution R-278-08
Assess Dozier St 2208
Resolution R-277-08 Resolution R-277-08
Assess Vandell Blvd 419
Resolution R-276-08 Resolution R-276-08
Assess Ralls Ave 205
Resolution R-275-08 Resolution R-275-08
Assess Cansler Ave 1327
Resolution R-274-08 Resolution R-274-08
Assess Cansler Ave 1321
Resolution R-273-08 Resolution R-273-08
Assess Eastview Ave 1317
Resolution R-272-08 Resolution R-272-08
Assess High St 1119
Resolution R-271-08 Resolution R-271-08
Assess N 10th St 812
Resolution R-270-08 Resolution R-270-08
Abate Henderson St 306
Resolution R-269-08 Resolution R-269-08
Abate E Walnut St 216
Resolution R-268-08 Resolution R-268-08
Abate Litchfield Ave 1150
Resolution R-267-08 Resolution R-267-08
Tax Abatement
Resolution R-266-08 Resolution R-266-08
Resolution R-265-08 Resolution R-265-08
Resolution R-264-08 Resolution R-264-08
EOC Grant
Resolution R-263-08 Resolution R-263-08
Bid 3039
Resolution R-262-08 Resolution R-262-08
Bid 3038
Resolution R-261-08 Resolution R-261-08
Bid 3032
Resolution R-260-08 Resolution R-260-08
Bid 3027
Resolution R-259-08 Resolution R-259-08
Permit Transfer Agreement
Resolution R-258-08 Resolution R-258-08
ABC License A&M Fuel
Resolution R-257-08 Resolution R-257-08
Abate Foster Ave 1109
Resolution R-256-08 Resolution R-256-08
Abate Hill Ave 1412
Resolution R-255-08 Resolution R-255-08
Abate Rose St 1546
Resolution R-254-08 Resolution R-254-08
Abate Rose St 1542
Resolution R-253-08 Resolution R-253-08
Carver Reunion
Resolution R-252-08 Resolution R-252-08
Satisfy Nuisance Abatements
Resolution R-251-08 Resolution R-251-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-250-08 Resolution R-250-08
Amend R-191-08 Cemetery Fee
Resolution R-249-08 Resolution R-249-08
Appt EMA Executive Committee
Resolution R-248-08 Resolution R-248-08
Reject Bid 3031
Resolution R-247-08 Resolution R-247-08
Assess Belle St 1212
Resolution R-246-08 Resolution R-246-08
Assess Walnut St 1428
Resolution R-245-08 Resolution R-245-08
Assess Country Club Dr 312
Resolution R-244-08 Resolution R-244-08
Assess Spring St 808
Resolution R-243-08 Resolution R-243-08
Assess Harpham St 405
Resolution R-242-08 Resolution R-242-08
Assess Litchfield Ave 1116
Resolution R-241-08 Resolution R-241-08
Abate Madison Ave 3318
Resolution R-240-08 Resolution R-240-08
Abate N 15th St 314
Resolution R-239-08 Resolution R-239-08
First Friday Sponsorship
Resolution R-238-08 Resolution R-238-08
Qore Agr
Resolution R-237-08 Resolution R-237-08
Resolution R-236-08 Resolution R-236-08
Bid 3029
Resolution R-235-08 Resolution R-235-08
Bid 3028
Resolution R-234-08 Resolution R-234-08
Bid 2992
Resolution R-233-08 Resolution R-233-08
Vacate Alley
Resolution R-232-08 Resolution R-232-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-231-08 Resolution R-231-08
Satisfy Nuisance Liens
Resolution R-230-08 Resolution R-230-08
Appoint Design Rev Bd
Resolution R-229-08 Resolution R-229-08
Assess Lookout Ave 2517
Resolution R-228-08 Resolution R-228-08
Assess Belle St 1204
Resolution R-227-08 Resolution R-227-08
Assess Spruce St 808
Resolution R-226-08 Resolution R-226-08
Assess Wells Ave 1127
Resolution R-225-08 Resolution R-225-08
Assess Wells Ave 1123
Resolution R-224-08 Resolution R-224-08
Abate Maitre St 107
Resolution R-223-08 Resolution R-223-08
Abate Forrest Ave 3319
Resolution R-222-08 Resolution R-222-08
Abate Hermosa Ave 1005
Resolution R-221-08 Resolution R-221-08
Liquor License
Resolution R-220-08 Resolution R-220-08
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-219-08 Resolution R-219-08
Ala Power Easement
Resolution R-218-08 Resolution R-218-08
Acquire Nuisance Property
Resolution R-217-08 Resolution R-217-08
ABC License
Resolution R-216-08 Resolution R-216-08
Assess Chestnut St 1102
Resolution R-215-08 Resolution R-215-08
Assess Spring St 802
Resolution R-214-08 Resolution R-214-08
Assess Springfield Ave 1103
Resolution R-213-08 Resolution R-213-08
Assess 7th St N 107
Resolution R-212-08 Resolution R-212-08
Abate Hill Ave 2411
Resolution R-211-08 Resolution R-211-08
Abate Hermosa Ave 1015
Resolution R-210-08 Resolution R-210-08
Abate Hermosa St 1001
Resolution R-209-08 Resolution R-209-08
Abate Avenue E 815
Resolution R-208-08 Resolution R-208-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-207-08 Resolution R-207-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-206-08 Resolution R-206-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-205-08 Resolution R-205-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-204-08 Resolution R-204-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-203-08 Resolution R-203-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-202-08 Resolution R-202-08
Mutual Aid Agreement
Resolution R-201-08 Resolution R-201-08
Apply Aderholt Grant
Resolution R-200-08 Resolution R-200-08
Gallet Agreement
Resolution R-199-08 Resolution R-199-08
Resolution R-198-08 Resolution R-198-08
Reject Bid 3023 Rebid
Resolution R-197-08 Resolution R-197-08
Assess Goldenrod Ave 203
Resolution R-196-08 Resolution R-196-08
Assess Paden Rd 104
Resolution R-195-08 Resolution R-195-08
Prince Metal Tax Abatement
Resolution R-194-08 Resolution R-194-08
Five Star Tax Abatement
Resolution R-193-08 Resolution R-193-08
Chg Ord 4 Bid 2965
Resolution R-192-08 Resolution R-192-08
Appoint Auditor
Resolution R-191-08 Resolution R-191-08
Ala City Cemetery Rates
Resolution R-190-08 Resolution R-190-08
Apply Library Grant
Resolution R-188-08 Resolution R-188-08
Special Event Liquor License
Resolution R-188-08 Resolution R-188-08
Special Event Liquor License
Resolution R-187-08 Resolution R-187-08
PM Environmental Agr
Resolution R-186-08 Resolution R-186-08
Bid 3025
Resolution R-185-08 Resolution R-185-08
Bid 3024
Resolution R-184-08 Resolution R-184-08
Assess S 16th St 311
Resolution R-183-08 Resolution R-183-08
Assess Tennessee Ave 1403
Resolution R-182-08 Resolution R-182-08
Assess Tennessee Ave 1401
Resolution R-181-08 Resolution R-181-08
Assess Spring St 702
Resolution R-180-08 Resolution R-180-08
Assess Wahl St 931
Resolution R-179-08 Resolution R-179-08
Assess Slusser 1011
Resolution R-178-08 Resolution R-178-08
Assess 7th St S 316
Resolution R-177-08 Resolution R-177-08
Assess Kentucky Ave 1214
Resolution R-176-08 Resolution R-176-08
Assess Malone St 1410
Resolution R-175-08 Resolution R-175-08
Abate Litchfield Ave 1101
Resolution R-174-08 Resolution R-174-08
YMCA Pool Agr
Resolution R-173-08 Resolution R-173-08
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-172-08 Resolution R-172-08
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-171-08 Resolution R-171-08
Chg Ord Bid 2997
Resolution R-170-08 Resolution R-170-08
ChuckECheese Stock
Resolution R-169-08 Resolution R-169-08
Transfer Beer License
Resolution R-168-08 Resolution R-168-08
Beer License
Resolution R-167-08 Resolution R-167-08
Health Care Authority Appt
Resolution R-166-08 Resolution R-166-08
Assess 104 Nan St
Resolution R-165-08 Resolution R-165-08
Assess 411 N 33rd St
Resolution R-164-08 Resolution R-164-08
Assess Shahan Ave 3213
Resolution R-163-08 Resolution R-163-08
Assess Sansom Ave 2501
Resolution R-162-08 Resolution R-162-08
Assess Slack St 700
Resolution R-161-08 Resolution R-161-08
Assess Peachtree St 929
Resolution R-160-08 Resolution R-160-08
Assess Robinson Ave 1412
Resolution R-159-08 Resolution R-159-08
Assess Pioneer St 502
Resolution R-158-08 Resolution R-158-08
Assess Glen Iris Dr 1101
Resolution R-157-08 Resolution R-157-08
Assess Ave H 1006
Resolution R-156-08 Resolution R-156-08
Abate Van Buren Ave 1503
Resolution R-155-08 Resolution R-155-08
Abate Southline Ave 913
Resolution R-154-08 Resolution R-154-08
Wachovia Credit Line
Resolution R-154-08 Resolution R-154-08
Wachovia Credit
Resolution R-153-08 Resolution R-153-08
Chg Order Bid 3021
Resolution R-152-08 Resolution R-152-08
Neighborhood Appropriation
Resolution R-151-08 Resolution R-151-08
Accept Grant
Resolution R-150-08 Resolution R-150-08
Trailer Life Advertising
Resolution R-149-08 Resolution R-149-08
Abate Rosewood Lane 902
Resolution R-148-08 Resolution R-148-08
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-147-08 Resolution R-147-08
Fish Market Special Event Liquor License
Resolution R-146-08 Resolution R-146-08
Accept Grant
Resolution R-145-08 Resolution R-145-08
School Referendum Results
Resolution R-144-08 Resolution R-144-08
Assess Perkins St 602
Resolution R-143-08 Resolution R-143-08
Assess Pearl St 408
Resolution R-142-08 Resolution R-142-08
Assess Norris Ave 2204
Resolution R-141-08 Resolution R-141-08
Assess Pierce Ave 1416
Resolution R-140-08 Resolution R-140-08
Assess Penny St 1002
Resolution R-139-08 Resolution R-139-08
Assess Hillyer St 716
Resolution R-138-08 Resolution R-138-08
Assess Hillyer St 535
Resolution R-137-08 Resolution R-137-08
Assess Roslyn Dr 311
Resolution R-136-08 Resolution R-136-08
Assess Rosewood Lane 823
Resolution R-135-08 Resolution R-135-08
Assess Hill Ave 2312
Resolution R-134-08 Resolution R-134-08
Assess Sizemore St 604
Resolution R-133-08 Resolution R-133-08
Abate Hinson Ave 17
Resolution R-132-08 Resolution R-132-08
Abate Chestnut St 2325
Resolution R-131-08 Resolution R-131-08
AG Opinion Wimbish
Resolution R-130-08 Resolution R-130-08
Reject Bid 3019
Resolution R-129-08 Resolution R-129-08
Apply Grant
Resolution R-128-08 Resolution R-128-08
Bid 3021
Resolution R-127-08 Resolution R-127-08
License Agreement
Resolution R-126-08 Resolution R-126-08
Chg Ord 3 Bid 2965
Resolution R-125-08 Resolution R-125-08
Accept Fred's Donation
Resolution R-124-08 Resolution R-124-08
Ala Power Easement
Resolution R-123-08 Resolution R-123-08
Satisfy Nuisance Liens
Resolution R-122-08 Resolution R-122-08
Library Education Grant
Resolution R-121-08 Resolution R-121-08
Bid 3018
Resolution R-120-08 Resolution R-120-08
Bid 3017
Resolution R-119-08 Resolution R-119-08
Bid 3016
Resolution R-118-08 Resolution R-118-08
Abate Alabama St 1326
Resolution R-117-08 Resolution R-117-08
Abate Alabama St 1323
Resolution R-116-08 Resolution R-116-08
Abate N 11th St 425
Resolution R-115-08 Resolution R-115-08
Loved One To Doctor
Resolution R-114-08 Resolution R-114-08
Civil Service
Resolution R-113-08 Resolution R-113-08
Bid 3022
Resolution R-112-08 Resolution R-112-08
EMA Airport Lease
Resolution R-111-08 Resolution R-111-08
Shelter Grant Application
Resolution R-110-08 Resolution R-110-08
Woodall Advertise
Resolution R-109-08 Resolution R-109-08
Election Officers
Resolution R-108-08 Resolution R-108-08
Bid 3015
Resolution R-107-08 Resolution R-107-08
Assess Lookout Ave 2703
Resolution R-106-08 Resolution R-106-08
Abate Malone St 1516
Resolution R-105-08 Resolution R-105-08
Railroad Bridge License
Resolution R-104-08 Resolution R-104-08
CVS Easements
Resolution R-103-08 Resolution R-103-08
Summer Food
Resolution R-102-08 Resolution R-102-08
Apply Fire Grant
Resolution R-101-08 Resolution R-101-08
Accept Property
Resolution R-100-08 Resolution R-100-08
Accept Property
Resolution R-99-08 Resolution R-99-08
Resolution R-98-08 Resolution R-98-08
Bid 3020
Resolution R-97-08 Resolution R-97-08
Bid 3014
Resolution R-96-08 Resolution R-96-08
Bid 3013 Defibrillator
Resolution R-95-08 Resolution R-95-08
Assess Christopher Ave 1125
Resolution R-94-08 Resolution R-94-08
Assess Nuckolls Ct 1008
Resolution R-93-08 Resolution R-93-08
Abate N 7th St 107
Resolution R-92-08 Resolution R-92-08
Abate Springfield Ave 1111
Resolution R-91-08 Resolution R-91-08
Abate Kansas St 1724
Resolution R-90-08 Resolution R-90-08
Bid 3012
Resolution R-89-08 Resolution R-89-08
Crappie Masters
Resolution R-88-08 Resolution R-88-08
Apply Lib Grants
Resolution R-87-08 Resolution R-87-08
Cannon Agr
Resolution R-86-08 Resolution R-86-08
ABC License
Resolution R-85-08 Resolution R-85-08
Assess Airport Blvd 1721
Resolution R-84-08 Resolution R-84-08
Assess Cansler Ave 1529
Resolution R-83-08 Resolution R-83-08
Assess Cansler Ave 1338
Resolution R-82-08 Resolution R-82-08
Assess Roslyn Dr 421
Resolution R-81-08 Resolution R-81-08
Abate Newton St 621
Resolution R-80-08 Resolution R-80-08
Abate Avenue G 901
Resolution R-79-08 Resolution R-79-08
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-78-08 Resolution R-78-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-77-08 Resolution R-77-08
Grant Application
Resolution R-76-08 Resolution R-76-08
Civitan Donation
Resolution R-75-08 Resolution R-75-08
Chr Ord 1 Bid 2994
Resolution R-74-08 Resolution R-74-08
Amend R-51-08
Resolution R-73-08 Resolution R-73-08
Bid 3011
Resolution R-72-08 Resolution R-72-08
Bid 3010
Resolution R-71-08 Resolution R-71-08
Abate Wawonah St 609
Resolution R-70-08 Resolution R-70-08
Abate Avenue A 926
Resolution R-69-08 Resolution R-69-08
Abate Stillman Ave 1403
Resolution R-68-08 Resolution R-68-08
Deny ABC License
Resolution R-67-08 Resolution R-67-08
Casper Golf 24 Mo
Resolution R-66-08 Resolution R-66-08
Art Museum Alarm System
Resolution R-65-08 Resolution R-65-08
Travel Advance
Resolution R-64-08 Resolution R-64-08
Amend R-475-07
Resolution R-63-08 Resolution R-63-08
Resolution R-62-08 Resolution R-62-08
Assess Chestnut St 2309
Resolution R-61-08 Resolution R-61-08
Assess Morningview Ct 102
Resolution R-60-08 Resolution R-60-08
Milliman Agr GASB45
Resolution R-59-08 Resolution R-59-08
Award Bid 3009
Resolution R-58-08 Resolution R-58-08
Reject Bid 3009 Negotiate
Resolution R-57-08 Resolution R-57-08
Unique Mgmt Library
Resolution R-56-08 Resolution R-56-08
Acquire Property Cansler Ave
Resolution R-55-08 Resolution R-55-08
Acquire Property
Resolution R-54-08 Resolution R-54-08
Abate N 10th St 812
Resolution R-53-08 Resolution R-53-08
Abate Holly St 1005-1007
Resolution R-52-08 Resolution R-52-08
Abate Pinealice St 110
Resolution R-51-08 Resolution R-51-08
Bid 3008
Resolution R-50-08 Resolution R-50-08
J2F Agreement
Resolution R-49-08 Resolution R-49-08
School Election Dates
Resolution R-48-08 Resolution R-48-08
Abate High St 1119
Resolution R-47-08 Resolution R-47-08
Abate N 37th St 823
Resolution R-46-08 Resolution R-46-08
Abate S 9th St 238
Resolution R-45-08 Resolution R-45-08
Abate Kentucky Ave 1214
Resolution R-44-08 Resolution R-44-08
Appt Com Dev Commission
Resolution R-43-08 Resolution R-43-08
Omniflight Lease
Resolution R-42-08 Resolution R-42-08
Resolution R-41-08 Resolution R-41-08
Resolution R-40-08 Resolution R-40-08
Sain Assoc Agr
Resolution R-39-08 Resolution R-39-08
Sewell Grass Cut Airport
Resolution R-38-08 Resolution R-38-08
Bid 3007
Resolution R-37-08 Resolution R-37-08
Annulment Small Street
Resolution R-36-08 Resolution R-36-08
Assess Harrison Ave 1409
Resolution R-35-08 Resolution R-35-08
Abate Lookout Ave 2427
Resolution R-34-08 Resolution R-34-08
Abate Forrest Ave 3321
Resolution R-33-08 Resolution R-33-08
Abate S 7th St 316
Resolution R-32-08 Resolution R-32-08
Lease T-2-D
Resolution R-31-08 Resolution R-31-08
Assess N 9th St 325
Resolution R-30-08 Resolution R-30-08
Assess Hill Ave 2422
Resolution R-29-08 Resolution R-29-08
Assess Central Ave 1405
Resolution R-28-08 Resolution R-28-08
Assess Bryan St 313
Resolution R-27-08 Resolution R-27-08
Assess Walnut St 1119
Resolution R-26-08 Resolution R-26-08
Assess Sizemore St 602
Resolution R-25-08 Resolution R-25-08
Abate Glen Iris Dr 1101
Resolution R-24-08 Resolution R-24-08
Bid 2997
Resolution R-23-08 Resolution R-23-08
Accept ALDOT Grant
Resolution R-22-08 Resolution R-22-08
Resolution R-21-08 Resolution R-21-08
School Special Election
Resolution R-20-08 Resolution R-20-08
Assign Lease
Resolution R-19-08 Resolution R-19-08
CDA Agreement
Resolution R-18-08 Resolution R-18-08
Resolution R-17-08 Resolution R-17-08
EMA Bylaws Amendment
Resolution R-16-08 Resolution R-16-08
Reject Bid 3005
Resolution R-15-08 Resolution R-15-08
Bid 3004
Resolution R-14-08 Resolution R-14-08
Bid 3003
Resolution R-13-08 Resolution R-13-08
Abate Malone St 1410
Resolution R-12-08 Resolution R-12-08
Bd of Ed Appointee
Resolution R-11-08 Resolution R-11-08
Senior Nutrition
Resolution R-10-08 Resolution R-10-08
Apply Lib Grant
Resolution R-09-08 Resolution R-09-08
Riverfest Event Sponsorship
Resolution R-08-08 Resolution R-08-08
Assess Lakefront Ave 8
Resolution R-07-08 Resolution R-07-08
Assess Forrest Ave 3321
Resolution R-06-08 Resolution R-06-08
Assess Harpham St 409
Resolution R-05-08 Resolution R-05-08
Assess Elmwood Ave 710
Resolution R-04-08 Resolution R-04-08
Assess Doyle St 512
Resolution R-03-08 Resolution R-03-08
Assess Davis St 206
Resolution R-02-08 Resolution R-02-08
Assess Davis St 203
Resolution R-01-08 Resolution R-01-08
Abate Avenue H 1006