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Resolution R-466-09 Resolution R-466-09
Motorola Chg Order 1
Resolution R-465-09 Resolution R-465-09
Annulment Shahan
Resolution R-464-09 Resolution R-464-09
Assess 708 S 6th St
Resolution R-463-09 Resolution R-463-09
Assess 1302 Alabama St
Resolution R-462-09 Resolution R-462-09
Assess 103 N 8th St
Resolution R-461-09 Resolution R-461-09
Assess 1408 E Broad St
Resolution R-460-09 Resolution R-460-09
Elderly Grant
Resolution R-459-09 Resolution R-459-09
Industrial Dev Bd
Resolution R-458-09 Resolution R-458-09
Resolution R-457-09 Resolution R-457-09
Amer Bass Anglers
Resolution R-456-09 Resolution R-456-09
Chg Order 2 Banks Park
Resolution R-455-09 Resolution R-455-09
Chg Order #1 Banks Park
Resolution R-454-09 Resolution R-454-09
Resolution R-453-09 Resolution R-453-09
NE AL MR/DD Authority
Resolution R-452-09 Resolution R-452-09
Assess Shahan Ave 2910
Resolution R-451-09 Resolution R-451-09
Assess Harrison Ave 1507
Resolution R-450-09 Resolution R-450-09
Assess 4th Ave 1419
Resolution R-449-09 Resolution R-449-09
Abate Sansom Ave 2022
Resolution R-448-09 Resolution R-448-09
Resolution R-447-09 Resolution R-447-09
EDA Keystone Amendment
Resolution R-446-09 Resolution R-446-09
Design Review Bd
Resolution R-445-09 Resolution R-445-09
Beautification Bd
Resolution R-444-09 Resolution R-444-09
Bid 3123 Reject
Resolution R-443-09 Resolution R-443-09
Assess Padenreich Ave 318
Resolution R-442-09 Resolution R-442-09
Assess Alabama Ave 1411
Resolution R-441-09 Resolution R-441-09
Assess Martin Ave 1012
Resolution R-440-09 Resolution R-440-09
Assess Duncan Ave 2696
Resolution R-439-09 Resolution R-439-09
Tuscaloosa Ave Celebrations
Resolution R-438-09 Resolution R-438-09
Resolution R-437-09 Resolution R-437-09
Verizon Cell Cards
Resolution R-436-09 Resolution R-436-09
Wal-Mart Grant Child Seats
Resolution R-435-09 Resolution R-435-09
Cable Rates
Resolution R-434-09 Resolution R-434-09
Assess Norris Ave 2303
Resolution R-433-09 Resolution R-433-09
Assess Cansler Ave 2323
Resolution R-432-09 Resolution R-432-09
Abate Roosevelt Ave 1507
Resolution R-431-09 Resolution R-431-09
Abate S 13th St 204
Resolution R-430-09 Resolution R-430-09
ABC Bama Kwik
Resolution R-429-09 Resolution R-429-09
ABC Blackstone Pub
Resolution R-428-09 Resolution R-428-09
Municipal Judges
Resolution R-427-09 Resolution R-427-09
Interpreter Agmt
Resolution R-426-09 Resolution R-426-09
Terminate Keystone Easement
Resolution R-425-09 Resolution R-425-09
Safe School Routes
Resolution R-424-09 Resolution R-424-09
Award Bid 3120
Resolution R-423-09 Resolution R-423-09
Justex Capt Exam
Resolution R-422-09 Resolution R-422-09
Assess Norris Ave 2303
Resolution R-421-09 Resolution R-421-09
Assess Bryan St 320
Resolution R-420-09 Resolution R-420-09
Assess Harrison Ave 1401
Resolution R-419-09 Resolution R-419-09
Assess Alabama St 1214
Resolution R-418-09 Resolution R-418-09
Assess McClain Circle 107
Resolution R-417-09 Resolution R-417-09
Assess 9th St N 325
Resolution R-416-09 Resolution R-416-09
Abate Roslyn Dr 321
Resolution R-415-09 Resolution R-415-09
Abate Elmwood Ave 213
Resolution R-414-09 Resolution R-414-09
Abate Elmwood 211
Resolution R-413-09 Resolution R-413-09
Abate Elmwood Ave 209
Resolution R-412-09 Resolution R-412-09
Abate E Chestnut St 109
Resolution R-411-09 Resolution R-411-09
ABC License Los Arcos
Resolution R-410-09 Resolution R-410-09
Beautification Bd
Resolution R-409-09 Resolution R-409-09
VFW ABC License
Resolution R-408-09 Resolution R-408-09
E911 MOU
Resolution R-407-09 Resolution R-407-09
Tourism Board Lease
Resolution R-406-09 Resolution R-406-09
Coosa Trail
Resolution R-405-09 Resolution R-405-09
Assess Warren St 3709
Resolution R-404-09 Resolution R-404-09
Abate Coolidge Cir 05
Resolution R-403-09 Resolution R-403-09
Airport Authority
Resolution R-402-09 Resolution R-402-09
Travel Exp
Resolution R-401-09 Resolution R-401-09
Way of the Cross Agree
Resolution R-400-09 Resolution R-400-09
Thirteenth Place Agree
Resolution R-399-09 Resolution R-399-09
Assess Shahan Ave 2917
Resolution R-398-09 Resolution R-398-09
Assess Springdale Rd 220
Resolution R-397-09 Resolution R-397-09
Assess Avalon Lane 411
Resolution R-396-09 Resolution R-396-09
Assess Stroud Ave 1413
Resolution R-395-09 Resolution R-395-09
Assess Kansas St 1724
Resolution R-394-09 Resolution R-394-09
Resolution R-393-09 Resolution R-393-09
Bullet Proof Vests Grant
Resolution R-392-09 Resolution R-392-09
Art Museum Grant
Resolution R-391-09 Resolution R-391-09
Annul Ashland Ave Row
Resolution R-390-09 Resolution R-390-09
Assess Kentucky Ave 1316
Resolution R-389-09 Resolution R-389-09
Assess Ave A 938
Resolution R-388-09 Resolution R-388-09
Assess Washington St 125
Resolution R-387-09 Resolution R-387-09
Assess Stephens St 705
Resolution R-386-09 Resolution R-386-09
Abate Shahan Ave 2916
Resolution R-385-09 Resolution R-385-09
Abate Hill Ave 2405
Resolution R-384-09 Resolution R-384-09
Abate Polk St 610
Resolution R-383-09 Resolution R-383-09
Abate Ewing Ave 2001
Resolution R-382-09 Resolution R-382-09
Dept Energy Grant
Resolution R-381-09 Resolution R-381-09
Bid 3118
Resolution R-380-09 Resolution R-380-09
Grant Application
Resolution R-379-09 Resolution R-379-09
Technology Grant
Resolution R-378-09 Resolution R-378-09
JAG Grant
Resolution R-377-09 Resolution R-377-09
ECCDB Cemetery Grant
Resolution R-376-09 Resolution R-376-09
ABC Productions
Resolution R-375-09 Resolution R-375-09
Plumber Bd
Resolution R-374-09 Resolution R-374-09
Northeast AL MRDD Auth
Resolution R-373-09 Resolution R-373-09
Library Bd
Resolution R-372-09 Resolution R-372-09
Industrial Dev Bd
Resolution R-371-09 Resolution R-371-09
Greater ETO Mental Retardation
Resolution R-370-09 Resolution R-370-09
Forrest Cemetery Foundation
Resolution R-369-09 Resolution R-369-09
Forrest Cemetery
Resolution R-368-09 Resolution R-368-09
Electrical Affairs
Resolution R-367-09 Resolution R-367-09
Comm Dev Commission
Resolution R-366-09 Resolution R-366-09
Bldg Code Bd of Adj
Resolution R-365-09 Resolution R-365-09
Argyle Circle Review Bd
Resolution R-364-09 Resolution R-364-09
Assess Wilson Dr 1107
Resolution R-363-09 Resolution R-363-09
Abate Shahan Ave 2911
Resolution R-362-09 Resolution R-362-09
Abate Shahan Ave 2909
Resolution R-361-09 Resolution R-361-09
JBWT Agreement
Resolution R-360-09 Resolution R-360-09
Red Barn Farm Agmt EMA
Resolution R-359-09 Resolution R-359-09
Assess Henderson St 306
Resolution R-358-09 Resolution R-358-09
Assess 7th Ave 1010
Resolution R-357-09 Resolution R-357-09
Assess 4th Ave 1510
Resolution R-356-09 Resolution R-356-09
Assess S 5th St 955
Resolution R-355-09 Resolution R-355-09
Assess Alabama Ave 1309
Resolution R-354-09 Resolution R-354-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-353-09 Resolution R-353-09
Chestnut Station
Resolution R-352-09 Resolution R-352-09
Resolution R-351-09 Resolution R-351-09
Fishing Tour
Resolution R-350-09 Resolution R-350-09
Resolution R-349-09 Resolution R-349-09
PBA Appointment
Resolution R-348-09 Resolution R-348-09
Gadsden Times
Resolution R-347-09 Resolution R-347-09
BOE Strings
Resolution R-346-09 Resolution R-346-09
Chg Ord 1 Bid 3110
Resolution R-345-09 Resolution R-345-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-344-09 Resolution R-344-09
Approve Liquor License
Resolution R-343-09 Resolution R-343-09
Assess Lakefront Ave 16
Resolution R-342-09 Resolution R-342-09
Assess 4th Ave 1021
Resolution R-341-09 Resolution R-341-09
Assess Henry St 313
Resolution R-340-09 Resolution R-340-09
Pitman Design
Resolution R-339-09 Resolution R-339-09
Zoning Bd of Adj
Resolution R-338-09 Resolution R-338-09
BId 3119 Komatsu Truck
Resolution R-337-09 Resolution R-337-09
United Way
Resolution R-336-09 Resolution R-336-09
Qore Landfill Expansion
Resolution R-335-09 Resolution R-335-09
Abate Spruce St 813 1.5
Resolution R-334-09 Resolution R-334-09
Abate Spruce St 813
Resolution R-333-09 Resolution R-333-09
Abate Odelle Ave 908
Resolution R-332-09 Resolution R-332-09
Abate S 12th St 817
Resolution R-331-09 Resolution R-331-09
Resolution R-330-09 Resolution R-330-09
Resolution R-329-09 Resolution R-329-09
Fords Valley Pets Agr
Resolution R-328-09 Resolution R-328-09
Fair Grounds Agr
Resolution R-327-09 Resolution R-327-09
Bid 3115
Resolution R-326-09 Resolution R-326-09
Veterans Parade
Resolution R-325-09 Resolution R-325-09
Lease T-8-D
Resolution R-324-09 Resolution R-324-09
Lease T-8-C
Resolution R-323-09 Resolution R-323-09
Reject Bid 3111
Resolution R-322-09 Resolution R-322-09
Appoint CED Mental Health
Resolution R-321-09 Resolution R-321-09
FMLA Handbook
Resolution R-320-09 Resolution R-320-09
Assess Elwyn Ave 1830
Resolution R-319-09 Resolution R-319-09
Assess 6th Ave 1001
Resolution R-318-09 Resolution R-318-09
Assess Kyle St 515
Resolution R-317-09 Resolution R-317-09
Assess Agricola Ave 912
Resolution R-316-09 Resolution R-316-09
Abate Penny St 1002
Resolution R-315-09 Resolution R-315-09
Abate Crest Ave 825
Resolution R-314-09 Resolution R-314-09
Abate N 9th St 509
Resolution R-313-09 Resolution R-313-09
Reject Bid 3116
Resolution R-312-09 Resolution R-312-09
Resolution R-311-09 Resolution R-311-09
JBWT Agreement
Resolution R-310-09 Resolution R-310-09
Fam Success Agr
Resolution R-309-09 Resolution R-309-09
CD 2000 Agr
Resolution R-308-09 Resolution R-308-09
Snellgrove Agr
Resolution R-307-09 Resolution R-307-09
Community Services Agr
Resolution R-306-09 Resolution R-306-09
Comm Dev Auth Agr
Resolution R-305-09 Resolution R-305-09
Resolution R-304-09 Resolution R-304-09
Manna Agr
Resolution R-303-09 Resolution R-303-09
Barrie Center Agr
Resolution R-302-09 Resolution R-302-09
Bid 3117
Resolution R-301-09 Resolution R-301-09
Bid 3114
Resolution R-300-09 Resolution R-300-09
Abate Duncan St 2696
Resolution R-299-09 Resolution R-299-09
Abate E Broad St 2105
Resolution R-298-09 Resolution R-298-09
Bldg Dept Wachovia Credit Card
Resolution R-297-09 Resolution R-297-09
Resolution R-296-09 Resolution R-296-09
Amend Grant
Resolution R-295-09 Resolution R-295-09
Grant Application
Resolution R-294-09 Resolution R-294-09
Resolution R-293-09 Resolution R-293-09
Bid 3112
Resolution R-292-09 Resolution R-292-09
Approve Liquor License
Resolution R-291-09 Resolution R-291-09
Abate Hartford St 2911
Resolution R-290-09 Resolution R-290-09
Abate Roosevelt Ave 1505
Resolution R-289-09 Resolution R-289-09
Abate Malone St 1508
Resolution R-288-09 Resolution R-288-09
Rental Rates PR
Resolution R-287-09 Resolution R-287-09
GGHA Police Agmt
Resolution R-286-09 Resolution R-286-09
Resolution R-285-09 Resolution R-285-09
Appoint WWSB
Resolution R-284-09 Resolution R-284-09
PBA Reappointments
Resolution R-283-09 Resolution R-283-09
Reappoint BOE
Resolution R-282-09 Resolution R-282-09
Abate N 33rd St 407
Resolution R-281-09 Resolution R-281-09
Abate Forrest Ave 1131
Resolution R-280-09 Resolution R-280-09
Chg Ord 1 Bid 3094
Resolution R-279-09 Resolution R-279-09
HazMat Grant
Resolution R-278-09 Resolution R-278-09
City Program
Resolution R-277-09 Resolution R-277-09
Boys Girls Club
Resolution R-276-09 Resolution R-276-09
Abate Van Courtland 411
Resolution R-275-09 Resolution R-275-09
Abate Shahan Ave 2910
Resolution R-274-09 Resolution R-274-09
Fish Market Special Event License
Resolution R-273-09 Resolution R-273-09
Grant Application
Resolution R-272-09 Resolution R-272-09
ALDOT Black Creek Trail
Resolution R-271-09 Resolution R-271-09
Resolution R-270-09 Resolution R-270-09
Bid 3113
Resolution R-269-09 Resolution R-269-09
Vandalism Reward
Resolution R-268-09 Resolution R-268-09
Marine Couples Agr
Resolution R-267-09 Resolution R-267-09
Crappie USA Agreement
Resolution R-266-09 Resolution R-266-09
Assess Fairview Alley 1005
Resolution R-265-09 Resolution R-265-09
Assess N 7th St 200
Resolution R-264-09 Resolution R-264-09
Assess Robinson Ave 1419
Resolution R-263-09 Resolution R-263-09
Chg Ord 5 Bid 2965
Resolution R-262-09 Resolution R-262-09
Event Sponsorship
Resolution R-261-09 Resolution R-261-09
Assess Topeka St 2915
Resolution R-260-09 Resolution R-260-09
Assess Pinealice St 113
Resolution R-259-09 Resolution R-259-09
Assess Raley St 1208
Resolution R-258-09 Resolution R-258-09
Assess Davis St 203
Resolution R-257-09 Resolution R-257-09
Bid 3110
Resolution R-256-09 Resolution R-256-09
Resolution R-255-09 Resolution R-255-09
Resolution R-254-09 Resolution R-254-09
Tuscaloosa Ave Closing
Resolution R-253-09 Resolution R-253-09
Acquire Nuisance Property
Resolution R-252-09 Resolution R-252-09
Appoint Electrical Affairs
Resolution R-251-09 Resolution R-251-09
Appoint CDA
Resolution R-250-09 Resolution R-250-09
Resolution R-249-09 Resolution R-249-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-248-09 Resolution R-248-09
Abate Padenreich Ave 318
Resolution R-247-09 Resolution R-247-09
Abate Alabama Ave 1411
Resolution R-246-09 Resolution R-246-09
Abate Martin Ave 1012
Resolution R-245-09 Resolution R-245-09
Satisfy Nuisance Springfield 1111
Resolution R-244-09 Resolution R-244-09
Frequency Reconfiguration Agmt
Resolution R-243-09 Resolution R-243-09
Acquire Nuisance Property 102 Morningview Ct
Resolution R-242-09 Resolution R-242-09
Acquire Nuisance Property
Resolution R-241-09 Resolution R-241-09
Abate S 12th St 130
Resolution R-240-09 Resolution R-240-09
Bid 3109
Resolution R-239-09 Resolution R-239-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-238-09 Resolution R-238-09
EMA Mass Care Agmt
Resolution R-237-09 Resolution R-237-09
EMA-Town Country Agmt
Resolution R-236-09 Resolution R-236-09
Humane Society Agmt
Resolution R-235-09 Resolution R-235-09
Farmtown Agmt
Resolution R-234-09 Resolution R-234-09
Abate Ave G 1006
Resolution R-233-09 Resolution R-233-09
Abate Ave A 938
Resolution R-232-09 Resolution R-232-09
Abate N 9th St 510
Resolution R-231-09 Resolution R-231-09
Cannon Agr
Resolution R-230-09 Resolution R-230-09
Cannon Amendment
Resolution R-229-09 Resolution R-229-09
Resolution R-228-09 Resolution R-228-09
Resolution R-227-09 Resolution R-227-09
BId 3107
Resolution R-226-09 Resolution R-226-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-225-09 Resolution R-225-09
Bid 3108
Resolution R-224-09 Resolution R-224-09
Assess Ave F 919
Resolution R-223-09 Resolution R-223-09
Assess S 4th St 217
Resolution R-222-09 Resolution R-222-09
Assess E Broad St 1420
Resolution R-221-09 Resolution R-221-09
Abate 4th Ave 1419
Resolution R-220-09 Resolution R-220-09
Abate Robinson Ave 1406
Resolution R-219-09 Resolution R-219-09
Satisfy Nuisance Liens
Resolution R-218-09 Resolution R-218-09
KPS Agreement
Resolution R-217-09 Resolution R-217-09
Lease T-4-B
Resolution R-216-09 Resolution R-216-09
Lease T-4-A
Resolution R-215-09 Resolution R-215-09
Lease T-4-D
Resolution R-214-09 Resolution R-214-09
Fire Station Grant
Resolution R-213-09 Resolution R-213-09
Accept Grant
Resolution R-212-09 Resolution R-212-09
Appt Bd of Education
Resolution R-211-09 Resolution R-211-09
Assess Sansom Ave 2314
Resolution R-210-09 Resolution R-210-09
Assess 7th St S 316
Resolution R-209-09 Resolution R-209-09
Assess Ansley St 501
Resolution R-208-09 Resolution R-208-09
Assess Meadowbrook Ave 1506
Resolution R-207-09 Resolution R-207-09
Abate Stroud Ave 1413
Resolution R-206-09 Resolution R-206-09
COPS Grant
Resolution R-205-09 Resolution R-205-09
Bid 3105
Resolution R-204-09 Resolution R-204-09
Qore Agreement
Resolution R-203-09 Resolution R-203-09
Banking Agreement
Resolution R-202-09 Resolution R-202-09
Energy Grant
Resolution R-201-09 Resolution R-201-09
COP-GGHA Housing Lease
Resolution R-200-09 Resolution R-200-09
Abate Springdale Rd 220
Resolution R-199-09 Resolution R-199-09
Abate Avalon Lane 411
Resolution R-198-09 Resolution R-198-09
Reject Bid 2957
Resolution R-197-09 Resolution R-197-09
July 4 Sponsorship
Resolution R-196-09 Resolution R-196-09
Communication Attorney
Resolution R-195-09 Resolution R-195-09
Accept JAG Grant
Resolution R-194-09 Resolution R-194-09
Fire Station Grant
Resolution R-193-09 Resolution R-193-09
Porter Testing Agreement
Resolution R-192-09 Resolution R-192-09
JSU Agreement
Resolution R-191-09 Resolution R-191-09
EGC Agreement
Resolution R-190-09 Resolution R-190-09
Assess E Walnut St 312
Resolution R-189-09 Resolution R-189-09
Assess Tidmore Bend Rd 813
Resolution R-188-09 Resolution R-188-09
Assess Raley St 1105
Resolution R-187-09 Resolution R-187-09
Assess Harpham St 405
Resolution R-186-09 Resolution R-186-09
Assess Davis St 206
Resolution R-185-09 Resolution R-185-09
Assess Forrest Ave 3321
Resolution R-184-09 Resolution R-184-09
Assess N 8th St 808
Resolution R-183-09 Resolution R-183-09
Abate Warren St 3709
Resolution R-182-09 Resolution R-182-09
Abate Shahan Ave 2917
Resolution R-181-09 Resolution R-181-09
Abate Washington St 125
Resolution R-180-09 Resolution R-180-09
Grant Accept
Resolution R-179-09 Resolution R-179-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-178-09 Resolution R-178-09
Bid 3104
Resolution R-177-09 Resolution R-177-09
Assess Lafayette St 600
Resolution R-176-09 Resolution R-176-09
Special Events License Chilis
Resolution R-175-09 Resolution R-175-09
YMCA Pool Agr
Resolution R-174-09 Resolution R-174-09
Travel Expense
Resolution R-173-09 Resolution R-173-09
Assess W Wilkinson Ave 18
Resolution R-172-09 Resolution R-172-09
Assess Bryan St 304
Resolution R-171-09 Resolution R-171-09
Assess N 10th St 910
Resolution R-170-09 Resolution R-170-09
Assess Bonton St 1105
Resolution R-169-09 Resolution R-169-09
Fish Market Approve
Resolution R-168-09 Resolution R-168-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-167-09 Resolution R-167-09
Bid 3101
Resolution R-166-09 Resolution R-166-09
Liquor License Transfer
Resolution R-165-09 Resolution R-165-09
Assess Sandusky Ln 33
Resolution R-164-09 Resolution R-164-09
Assess 5th St S 701
Resolution R-163-09 Resolution R-163-09
Assess Paden Dr 113
Resolution R-162-09 Resolution R-162-09
Assess Jackson Ave 1301
Resolution R-161-09 Resolution R-161-09
Assess Malone St 1506
Resolution R-160-09 Resolution R-160-09
Assess West Lake Dr 303
Resolution R-159-09 Resolution R-159-09
Agreement EMA
Resolution R-158-09 Resolution R-158-09
Bid 3102
Resolution R-157-09 Resolution R-157-09
Bid 3103
Resolution R-156-09 Resolution R-156-09
Library Emergency
Resolution R-155-09 Resolution R-155-09
Trailer Life Advertising
Resolution R-154-09 Resolution R-154-09
Woodall Advertise
Resolution R-153-09 Resolution R-153-09
EMA Bus Conversion Kit Agmt
Resolution R-152-09 Resolution R-152-09
Substance Abuse Policy
Resolution R-151-09 Resolution R-151-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-150-09 Resolution R-150-09
ABC Squeaky Dee
Resolution R-149-09 Resolution R-149-09
Abate Hill Ave 1406
Resolution R-148-09 Resolution R-148-09
EMA Siren Grant
Resolution R-147-09 Resolution R-147-09
EMA Arthur Green Room
Resolution R-146-09 Resolution R-146-09
Bid 3100
Resolution R-145-09 Resolution R-145-09
Bid 3099
Resolution R-144-09 Resolution R-144-09
Bid 3098
Resolution R-143-09 Resolution R-143-09
Assess Airport Blvd 1721
Resolution R-142-09 Resolution R-142-09
Assess Main St 1500
Resolution R-141-09 Resolution R-141-09
Abate Norris Ave 2303
Resolution R-140-09 Resolution R-140-09
Abate Cansler Ave 2323
Resolution R-139-09 Resolution R-139-09
Abate S 15th St 919
Resolution R-138-09 Resolution R-138-09
Smoke on Falls ABC
Resolution R-137-09 Resolution R-137-09
CDG Engineers
Resolution R-136-09 Resolution R-136-09
Mitigation Credits
Resolution R-135-09 Resolution R-135-09
Chg Ord 2 Qore Agr
Resolution R-134-09 Resolution R-134-09
Resolution R-133-09 Resolution R-133-09
Assess Madison Ave 3520
Resolution R-132-09 Resolution R-132-09
Assess 3rd Ave 1020
Resolution R-131-09 Resolution R-131-09
Bid 3097
Resolution R-130-09 Resolution R-130-09
Satisfy Nuisance Lien
Resolution R-129-09 Resolution R-129-09
Bus Shelter License
Resolution R-128-09 Resolution R-128-09
Lease T-8-B
Resolution R-127-09 Resolution R-127-09
Satisfy Nuisance Lien
Resolution R-126-09 Resolution R-126-09
Grant Application
Resolution R-125-09 Resolution R-125-09
Grant Application
Resolution R-124-09 Resolution R-124-09
Abate Harrison Ave 1507
Resolution R-123-09 Resolution R-123-09
Abate Harrison Ave 1505
Resolution R-122-09 Resolution R-122-09
Abate N 7th St 200
Resolution R-121-09 Resolution R-121-09
Abate Stephens St 705
Resolution R-95-09 Resolution R-95-09
Arson Task Force
Resolution R-120-09 Resolution R-120-09
Reject Bid 3095
Resolution R-119-09 Resolution R-119-09
Bid 3094
Resolution R-118-09 Resolution R-118-09
Bid 3093
Resolution R-117-09 Resolution R-117-09
Summer Food
Resolution R-116-09 Resolution R-116-09
Bid 3096
Resolution R-115-09 Resolution R-115-09
JBWT Agreement
Resolution R-114-09 Resolution R-114-09
Fish Market Special Event License
Resolution R-113-09 Resolution R-113-09
Assess Keiser St 306
Resolution R-112-09 Resolution R-112-09
Assess N 9th St 409
Resolution R-111-09 Resolution R-111-09
Assess Agricola Ave 907
Resolution R-110-09 Resolution R-110-09
Assess Agricola Ave 900
Resolution R-109-09 Resolution R-109-09
Assess Allen St 502
Resolution R-108-09 Resolution R-108-09
Assess Tuscaloosa Ave 1405
Resolution R-107-09 Resolution R-107-09
Assess Norris Ave 2214
Resolution R-106-09 Resolution R-106-09
Assess S 10th St 1111
Resolution R-105-09 Resolution R-105-09
Abate Mt Zion Ave 1829
Resolution R-104-09 Resolution R-104-09
Abate S 9th St 238
Resolution R-103-09 Resolution R-103-09
Abate Windsor St 601
Resolution R-102-09 Resolution R-102-09
Abate Bomar St 1221
Resolution R-101-09 Resolution R-101-09
Sell Vehicle
Resolution R-100-09 Resolution R-100-09
PBA-DHR Lease1
Resolution R-99-09 Resolution R-99-09
EMA Agmt Southside High
Resolution R-98-09 Resolution R-98-09
Chg Ord#1 Bid 3066
Resolution R-97-09 Resolution R-97-09
Grass Cut Airport
Resolution R-96-09 Resolution R-96-09
Shelter Grant Application
Resolution R-94-09 Resolution R-94-09
PBA Member
Resolution R-93-09 Resolution R-93-09
VanScoyoc Lobbyist
Resolution R-92-09 Resolution R-92-09
QORE Airport Road
Resolution R-91-09 Resolution R-91-09
Mobile Mortuary Grant
Resolution R-90-09 Resolution R-90-09
Motorola Lease Rebanding
Resolution R-89-09 Resolution R-89-09
Air Guard Lease Termination
Resolution R-88-09 Resolution R-88-09
Tourism Board Lease
Resolution R-87-09 Resolution R-87-09
Abate 4th Ave 1411
Resolution R-86-09 Resolution R-86-09
Abate Stillman Ave 1107
Resolution R-85-09 Resolution R-85-09
Abate Litchfield Ave 1148
Resolution R-84-09 Resolution R-84-09
Resolution R-83-09 Resolution R-83-09
Renewal Grants
Resolution R-82-09 Resolution R-82-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-81-09 Resolution R-81-09
MDA Jail Bail
Resolution R-80-09 Resolution R-80-09
Bid 3092
Resolution R-79-09 Resolution R-79-09
Assess W Wilkerson Ave 22
Resolution R-78-09 Resolution R-78-09
Assess Hinson Ave 17
Resolution R-77-09 Resolution R-77-09
Assess Dozier St 2309
Resolution R-76-09 Resolution R-76-09
Assess Garfield Ave 1504
Resolution R-75-09 Resolution R-75-09
Assess Hill Ave 1524
Resolution R-74-09 Resolution R-74-09
Assess Cansler Ave 1338
Resolution R-73-09 Resolution R-73-09
Abate Hutchins Ave 823
Resolution R-72-09 Resolution R-72-09
Abate Braid Ave 1164
Resolution R-71-09 Resolution R-71-09
Patriots Assoc Lease
Resolution R-70-09 Resolution R-70-09
Frank Gates Co
Resolution R-69-09 Resolution R-69-09
Souvenir Shop Lease
Resolution R-68-09 Resolution R-68-09
Amend R-440-08
Resolution R-67-09 Resolution R-67-09
Travel Advance
Resolution R-66-09 Resolution R-66-09
Abate Gray St 1219
Resolution R-65-09 Resolution R-65-09
Bid 3077
Resolution R-64-09 Resolution R-64-09
Bid 3090
Resolution R-63-09 Resolution R-63-09
Bid 3089
Resolution R-62-09 Resolution R-62-09
Bid 3087
Resolution R-61-09 Resolution R-61-09
Bid 3086
Resolution R-60-09 Resolution R-60-09
Bid 3080
Resolution R-59-09 Resolution R-59-09
Residential Development
Resolution R-58-09 Resolution R-58-09
Amend Agreements
Resolution R-57-09 Resolution R-57-09
Resolution R-56-09 Resolution R-56-09
Abate Wilson Dr 1107
Resolution R-55-09 Resolution R-55-09
Abate Barron Ave 1011
Resolution R-54-09 Resolution R-54-09
Abate Georgia Ave 3417
Resolution R-53-09 Resolution R-53-09
Bid 3083
Resolution R-52-09 Resolution R-52-09
Bid 3082
Resolution R-51-09 Resolution R-51-09
Bid 3081
Resolution R-50-09 Resolution R-50-09
EMA Agreements
Resolution R-49-09 Resolution R-49-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-48-09 Resolution R-48-09
Bid 3074
Resolution R-47-09 Resolution R-47-09
Abate Odessa St 1420
Resolution R-46-09 Resolution R-46-09
Red Mtn Bank Equipment Lease
Resolution R-45-09 Resolution R-45-09
Bid 3079
Resolution R-44-09 Resolution R-44-09
Bid 3073
Resolution R-43-09 Resolution R-43-09
Accept Nuisance Property
Resolution R-42-09 Resolution R-42-09
Satisfy Nuisance Lien
Resolution R-41-09 Resolution R-41-09
Abate E Wilkinson Ave 3
Resolution R-40-09 Resolution R-40-09
Appt Regional 310 Authority
Resolution R-39-09 Resolution R-39-09
Bid 3078
Resolution R-38-09 Resolution R-38-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-37-09 Resolution R-37-09
Liquor License
Resolution R-36-09 Resolution R-36-09
Abate Bryan St 304
Resolution R-35-09 Resolution R-35-09
Abate Meadowbrook Ave 1506
Resolution R-34-09 Resolution R-34-09
Resolution R-33-09 Resolution R-33-09
Grant Freds
Resolution R-32-09 Resolution R-32-09
Resolution R-31-09 Resolution R-31-09
Assign Nuisance Liens
Resolution R-30-09 Resolution R-30-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-29-09 Resolution R-29-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-28-09 Resolution R-28-09
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-27-09 Resolution R-27-09
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-26-09 Resolution R-26-09
MetLife Release
Resolution R-25-09 Resolution R-25-09
Assess Forrest Ave 3319
Resolution R-24-09 Resolution R-24-09
Assess S 11th St 1018
Resolution R-23-09 Resolution R-23-09
Assess Tuscaloosa Ave 1177
Resolution R-22-09 Resolution R-22-09
Assess Southline Ave 913
Resolution R-21-09 Resolution R-21-09
Assess Litchfield Ave 1150
Resolution R-20-09 Resolution R-20-09
Ritz Theatre
Resolution R-19-09 Resolution R-19-09
EDA Grant
Resolution R-18-09 Resolution R-18-09
Reject Bid 3070
Resolution R-17-09 Resolution R-17-09
Dedication of Right of Way
Resolution R-16-09 Resolution R-16-09
Resolution R-15-09 Resolution R-15-09
Aging Grant
Resolution R-14-09 Resolution R-14-09
Reapply Grant
Resolution R-13-09 Resolution R-13-09
Contract Carlton Publishing
Resolution R-12-09 Resolution R-12-09
Chuck E Cheese Stock
Resolution R-11-09 Resolution R-11-09
Assess Lookout Ave 2807
Resolution R-10-09 Resolution R-10-09
Assess Airport Blvd 1719
Resolution R-09-09 Resolution R-09-09
Assess Harrison Ave 1402
Resolution R-08-09 Resolution R-08-09
Assess Malone St 1504
Resolution R-07-09 Resolution R-07-09
Assess Agricola Ave 900
Resolution R-06-09 Resolution R-06-09
Assess Tuscaloosa Ave 2312
Resolution R-05-09 Resolution R-05-09
Assess Keiser St 304
Resolution R-04-09 Resolution R-04-09
Assess Stillman Ave 1403
Resolution R-03-09 Resolution R-03-09
Abate Hurst St 1104
Resolution R-02-09 Resolution R-02-09
Abate 4th Ave 1004
Resolution R-01-09 Resolution R-01-09
Abate Hillier St 634