Resolutions 2010 All Archives

Resolution R-330-10 Resolution R-330-10
Cafeteria Plan Amendment
Resolution R-329-10 Resolution R-329-10
Accept ADPH Grant
Resolution R-328-10 Resolution R-328-10
Reappoint CDA Members
Resolution R-327-10 Resolution R-327-10
Gadsden Water Sewer Easement
Resolution R-326-10 Resolution R-326-10
Senior Nutrition Grant
Resolution R-325-10 Resolution R-325-10
PAA Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series
Resolution R-324-10 Resolution R-324-10
Salvage Retention Met Life
Resolution R-323-10 Resolution R-323-10
Comcast Internet Agreement
Resolution R-322-10 Resolution R-322-10
Comcast Internet Agreement 2
Resolution R-321-10 Resolution R-321-10
Beautification Board
Resolution R-320-10 Resolution R-320-10
Assess 407 North 33rd St
Resolution R-319-10 Resolution R-319-10
Abate 106 W Kyle Place
Resolution R-318-10 Resolution R-318-10
Turning Point Counseling
Resolution R-317-10 Resolution R-317-10
ALDOT Supp #1
Resolution R-316-10 Resolution R-316-10
Temple Beth Israel
Resolution R-315-10 Resolution R-315-10
Bid 3124 CO #2
Resolution R-314-10 Resolution R-314-10
BellSouth Easement
Resolution R-313-10 Resolution R-313-10
Resolution R-312-10 Resolution R-312-10
Appt Forrest Cemetery Board
Resolution R-311-10 Resolution R-311-10
Travel Expense
Resolution R-310-10 Resolution R-310-10
Bid 3121 CO#1 Downtown Trolley Stop
Resolution R-309-10 Resolution R-309-10
Cable Rates
Resolution R-308-10 Resolution R-308-10
Federal Transit Admin
Resolution R-307-10 Resolution R-307-10
Annulment N 25th St
Resolution R-306-10 Resolution R-306-10
Approve ATT Agreement
Resolution R-305-10 Resolution R-305-10
Lodge at Greenbridge Loan
Resolution R-304-10 Resolution R-304-10
Bid 3150 Coosa River Bank
Resolution R-303-10 Resolution R-303-10
Accept Funds Coosa River Bank Fishing
Resolution R-302-10 Resolution R-302-10
Liquor License Lounge
Resolution R-301-10 Resolution R-301-10
T-Mobile Tower
Resolution R-300-10 Resolution R-300-10
Beautification Board
Resolution R-299-10 Resolution R-299-10
Council Rules
Resolution R-298-10 Resolution R-298-10
Council Committees
Resolution R-297-10 Resolution R-297-10
Resolution R-296-10 Resolution R-296-10
Retain Employees
Resolution R-295-10 Resolution R-295-10
Elect Clerk
Resolution R-294-10 Resolution R-294-10
Elect Pres Pro Tem
Resolution R-293-10 Resolution R-293-10
Elect Council Pres
Resolution R-292-10 Resolution R-292-10
Agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-291-10 Resolution R-291-10
Rental Rates
Resolution R-290-10 Resolution R-290-10
Liquor License Kobe
Resolution R-289-10 Resolution R-289-10
Bid 3135 Pitman
Resolution R-288-10 Resolution R-288-10
Appt Forrest Cemetery Foundation
Resolution R-287-10 Resolution R-287-10
Appt Turrentine Board
Resolution R-286-10 Resolution R-286-10
Assess 606 N 11th St
Resolution R-285-10 Resolution R-285-10
Assess 810 N 8th St
Resolution R-284-10 Resolution R-284-10
Assess 201 N 7th St
Resolution R-283-10 Resolution R-283-10
Bid 3139 Railroad
Resolution R-282-10 Resolution R-282-10
Public Hearing ATT Agreement
Resolution R-281-10 Resolution R-281-10
Canvassing District 2 Runoff Results
Resolution R-280-10 Resolution R-280-10
Wine License Stone Market
Resolution R-279-10 Resolution R-279-10
Liquor License Netties
Resolution R-278-10 Resolution R-278-10
Assess 417 Allen St
Resolution R-277-10 Resolution R-277-10
Abate Short Spruce 1206
Resolution R-276-10 Resolution R-276-10
Abate 936 S 11th St
Resolution R-275-10 Resolution R-275-10
Residential Development 414 Chestnut
Resolution R-274-10 Resolution R-274-10
Open Range Tower Amendment
Resolution R-273-10 Resolution R-273-10
United Way Incentives
Resolution R-272-10 Resolution R-272-10
Kilpatrick Chrysler Dev Agreement
Resolution R-271-10 Resolution R-271-10
NEAPA Bid 3148
Resolution R-270-10 Resolution R-270-10
Bid 3145 Landfill
Resolution R-269-10 Resolution R-269-10
Public Hearing Kilpatrick
Resolution R-268-10 Resolution R-268-10
Accept DOJ Grant for FSC
Resolution R-267-10 Resolution R-267-10
Bid 3146 Solid Waste Transfer
Resolution R-266-10 Resolution R-266-10
Assess 2909 Shahan Ave
Resolution R-265-10 Resolution R-265-10
Daybreakk Band
Resolution R-264-10 Resolution R-264-10
Accept Grant ECCDC
Resolution R-263-10 Resolution R-263-10
Tax Abatement Agreement United Casework
Resolution R-262-10 Resolution R-262-10
Substance Abuse Policy 2010 Amendment 2
Resolution R-261-10 Resolution R-261-10
Amend Resolution R-103-10
Resolution R-260-10 Resolution R-260-10
Bid 3144 Reject
Resolution R-259-10 Resolution R-259-10
NEAPA Bid 3149
Resolution R-258-10 Resolution R-258-10
Abate 307 Bryan St
Resolution R-257-10 Resolution R-257-10
Community Development Planner
Resolution R-256-10 Resolution R-256-10
Parks Maintenance Superintendent
Resolution R-255-10 Resolution R-255-10
Video Production Assistant
Resolution R-254-10 Resolution R-254-10
Job Class Changes
Resolution R-253-10 Resolution R-253-10
Appt Airport Authority
Resolution R-252-10 Resolution R-252-10
Bid 3147 Tires
Resolution R-251-10 Resolution R-251-10
Abate 2923 Shahan Ave
Resolution R-250-10 Resolution R-250-10
Abate 1615 McKinley Ave
Resolution R-249-10 Resolution R-249-10
Abate 1118 Choice St
Resolution R-248-10 Resolution R-248-10
Insurance Agent of Record
Resolution R-247-10 Resolution R-247-10
S20 Whitewater Park Plan
Resolution R-246-10 Resolution R-246-10
Bradford Development Agreement
Resolution R-245-10 Resolution R-245-10
Travel Advance Avery
Resolution R-244-10 Resolution R-244-10
Travel Advance Avery
Resolution R-243-10 Resolution R-243-10
Assess 1111 S 11th St
Resolution R-242-10 Resolution R-242-10
Assess 302 S 11th St
Resolution R-241-10 Resolution R-241-10
Assess 808 N 8th St
Resolution R-240-10 Resolution R-240-10
Assess 321 Roslyn Drive
Resolution R-239-10 Resolution R-239-10
Abate 2202 Lookout Ave
Resolution R-238-10 Resolution R-238-10
Pay Plan Steps Amendment
Resolution R-237-10 Resolution R-237-10
Alabama Power Easement
Resolution R-236-10 Resolution R-236-10
Salvage Surplus Vehicle
Resolution R-235-10 Resolution R-235-10
EMA Maintenance Supply Copier
Resolution R-234-10 Resolution R-234-10
EMA Media Displays
Resolution R-233-10 Resolution R-233-10
BBT Equipment Lease
Resolution R-232-10 Resolution R-232-10
Alabama Power Easement
Resolution R-231-10 Resolution R-231-10
Accept 113 Pinehurst
Resolution R-230-10 Resolution R-230-10
CSEPP Siren Ins
Resolution R-229-10 Resolution R-229-10
Amending Substance Abuse Policy
Resolution R-228-10 Resolution R-228-10
Canvassing Election Results
Resolution R-227-10 Resolution R-227-10
Assess 813 Spruce St
Resolution R-226-10 Resolution R-226-10
Assess 813 Spruce St
Resolution R-225-10 Resolution R-225-10
Abate 1138 Chestnut St
Resolution R-224-10 Resolution R-224-10
Abate 603 N 9th St
Resolution R-223-10 Resolution R-223-10
Bid 3137 CO #1
Resolution R-222-10 Resolution R-222-10
Senior Nutrition Grant
Resolution R-221-10 Resolution R-221-10
CDBG Summer Enrichment
Resolution R-220-10 Resolution R-220-10
Postage Meter Lease
Resolution R-219-10 Resolution R-219-10
Team Leader Flashback Weekend Sponsorship
Resolution R-218-10 Resolution R-218-10
Amendment to Edko
Resolution R-217-10 Resolution R-217-10
Assign Liens 1318 Cansler Ave
Resolution R-216-10 Resolution R-216-10
Reappt Zoning Board Members
Resolution R-215-10 Resolution R-215-10
Alcoholic Bev License
Resolution R-214-10 Resolution R-214-10
Assess 817 S 12th St
Resolution R-213-10 Resolution R-213-10
Assess 610 Polk St
Resolution R-212-10 Resolution R-212-10
Abate 107 E Kyle Place
Resolution R-211-10 Resolution R-211-10
Bid 3124 CO #1
Resolution R-210-10 Resolution R-210-10
Resolution R-209-10 Resolution R-209-10
Lease Land to Alabassi
Resolution R-208-10 Resolution R-208-10
CDBG Project 2000
Resolution R-207-10 Resolution R-207-10
CDBG Etowah Co Com Services
Resolution R-206-10 Resolution R-206-10
CDBG Way of the Cross
Resolution R-205-10 Resolution R-205-10
EMA Digital Billboard Advertising
Resolution R-204-10 Resolution R-204-10
Retain Turnbach Law Firm
Resolution R-203-10 Resolution R-203-10
Bid 3132 Pitman
Resolution R-202-10 Resolution R-202-10
Abate 909 N 34th St
Resolution R-201-10 Resolution R-201-10
Abate 307 Wilson St
Resolution R-200-10 Resolution R-200-10
Abate 2326 Cansler Ave
Resolution R-199-10 Resolution R-199-10
CDBG Snellgrove
Resolution R-198-10 Resolution R-198-10
CDBG Barrie Center Agr
Resolution R-197-10 Resolution R-197-10
CDBG Family Success Ctr Agr
Resolution R-196-10 Resolution R-196-10
CDBG Council on Aging Agr
Resolution R-195-10 Resolution R-195-10
CDBG Etowah Free Clinic Agr
Resolution R-194-10 Resolution R-194-10
Acquire Nuisance Property Slack St
Resolution R-193-10 Resolution R-193-10
Acquire Nuisance Property 1704 McKinley Ave
Resolution R-192-10 Resolution R-192-10
CDBG Thirteenth Place Agr
Resolution R-191-10 Resolution R-191-10
Resolution R-190-10 Resolution R-190-10
Resolution R-189-10 Resolution R-189-10
Resolution R-188-10 Resolution R-188-10
Appointing Election Officers
Resolution R-187-10 Resolution R-187-10
Appt to Beautification Bd
Resolution R-186-10 Resolution R-186-10
Abate 2807 Lookout Ave
Resolution R-185-10 Resolution R-185-10
Abate 2805 Lookout Ave
Resolution R-184-10 Resolution R-184-10
Declaration of Election - District 7
Resolution R-183-10 Resolution R-183-10
Declaration of Election - District 3
Resolution R-182-10 Resolution R-182-10
Bid 3140 Body Armor Vest
Resolution R-181-10 Resolution R-181-10
Abate 415 Keeling Rd
Resolution R-180-10 Resolution R-180-10
Abate 405 Keeling Rd
Resolution R-179-10 Resolution R-179-10
Abate 220 Keeling Rd
Resolution R-178-10 Resolution R-178-10
GSCC Transit Grantee Funding
Resolution R-177-10 Resolution R-177-10
State Community Service Grant
Resolution R-176-10 Resolution R-176-10
Black Creek Trail Project
Resolution R-175-10 Resolution R-175-10
Police Tracking Softward License
Resolution R-174-10 Resolution R-174-10
Bid 3143 Black Creek Trail
Resolution R-173-10 Resolution R-173-10
S&ME Change Order
Resolution R-172-10 Resolution R-172-10
Bid 3130 CO #1
Resolution R-171-10 Resolution R-171-10
Coca Cola
Resolution R-170-10 Resolution R-170-10
Retail Beer License
Resolution R-169-10 Resolution R-169-10
Bid 3141 Portable Message Boards
Resolution R-168-10 Resolution R-168-10
Museum Maintenance Contract
Resolution R-167-10 Resolution R-167-10
Archives Art Loan
Resolution R-166-10 Resolution R-166-10
GGHA Policing Agreement
Resolution R-165-10 Resolution R-165-10
Carver Reunion
Resolution R-164-10 Resolution R-164-10
Trailer Life Ads
Resolution R-163-10 Resolution R-163-10
Prince Metal Tax Abatement
Resolution R-162-10 Resolution R-162-10
Turnout Gear Grant
Resolution R-161-10 Resolution R-161-10
Cops Grant
Resolution R-160-10 Resolution R-160-10
Margarita Beach Entertainment
Resolution R-159-10 Resolution R-159-10
Groove Addiction Entertainment
Resolution R-158-10 Resolution R-158-10
Third Generation Entertainment
Resolution R-157-10 Resolution R-157-10
CSXT Railroad Crossing Signage 28th St
Resolution R-156-10 Resolution R-156-10
ADEM Consent Order
Resolution R-155-10 Resolution R-155-10
Accept Property 2107 Hill Ave
Resolution R-154-10 Resolution R-154-10
First Friday Freedom Saturday
Resolution R-153-10 Resolution R-153-10
Annulment Glenwood Addition
Resolution R-152-10 Resolution R-152-10
Abate 1220 4th Ave
Resolution R-151-10 Resolution R-151-10
License Plate Reader
Resolution R-150-10 Resolution R-150-10
Even Start Collaboration
Resolution R-149-10 Resolution R-149-10
666 Bond Agmt Workforce Grant
Resolution R-148-10 Resolution R-148-10
Assignment 1721 Airport Blvd
Resolution R-147-10 Resolution R-147-10
EMA Digital Billboard Advertising
Resolution R-146-10 Resolution R-146-10
Grant LSTA
Resolution R-145-10 Resolution R-145-10
Appointment BOE
Resolution R-144-10 Resolution R-144-10
Open Range Tower Lease
Resolution R-143-10 Resolution R-143-10
Job Corp Agreement
Resolution R-142-10 Resolution R-142-10
EMA Agreement Advertising
Resolution R-141-10 Resolution R-141-10
Alcoholic Beverage License
Resolution R-140-10 Resolution R-140-10
Assess 1015 7th Ave
Resolution R-139-10 Resolution R-139-10
Assess 1131 Forrest Ave
Resolution R-138-10 Resolution R-138-10
Bid 3137
Resolution R-137-10 Resolution R-137-10
Bid 3136
Resolution R-136-10 Resolution R-136-10
Appt Member to Electrical Affairs Committee
Resolution R-135-10 Resolution R-135-10
Agree Bridge Inspection
Resolution R-134-10 Resolution R-134-10
Alcoholic Beverage License
Resolution R-133-10 Resolution R-133-10
Bomb Trailer Sole Source
Resolution R-132-10 Resolution R-132-10
NEAPA Bid 3133
Resolution R-131-10 Resolution R-131-10
Abate 628 Turrentine St
Resolution R-130-10 Resolution R-130-10
Abate 618 Turrentine St
Resolution R-129-10 Resolution R-129-10
YMCA Pool Mgmt
Resolution R-128-10 Resolution R-128-10
Assess 1721 Airport Blvd
Resolution R-127-10 Resolution R-127-10
Assess 1806 Airport Blvd
Resolution R-126-10 Resolution R-126-10
Assess 708 Bellevue Ave
Resolution R-125-10 Resolution R-125-10
Assess 1300 Covington Ave
Resolution R-124-10 Resolution R-124-10
Community Services Building
Resolution R-123-10 Resolution R-123-10
Bid 3134
Resolution R-122-10 Resolution R-122-10
Alabama Power
Resolution R-121-10 Resolution R-121-10
SunTrust Fire Truck Lease
Resolution R-120-10 Resolution R-120-10
Byrne Memorial Grant
Resolution R-119-10 Resolution R-119-10
Assess 418 Bryan St
Resolution R-118-10 Resolution R-118-10
Abate 2327 Chestnut St
Resolution R-117-10 Resolution R-117-10
Agreement Superior Products DOT CSX
Resolution R-116-10 Resolution R-116-10
Etowah Community Dev Grant
Resolution R-115-10 Resolution R-115-10
Fire Communications Grant
Resolution R-114-10 Resolution R-114-10
Fish Market Crawfish Boil
Resolution R-113-10 Resolution R-113-10
Acquisition of Property
Resolution R-112-10 Resolution R-112-10
Dub Parker Park Amendment
Resolution R-111-10 Resolution R-111-10
ABC Jet Pet 93
Resolution R-110-10 Resolution R-110-10
Abate 535 Hillyer St
Resolution R-109-10 Resolution R-109-10
Abate 1102 Glen Iris Drive
Resolution R-108-10 Resolution R-108-10
Abate Nuisance 821 Ave F
Resolution R-107-10 Resolution R-107-10
Helping Families Grant
Resolution R-106-10 Resolution R-106-10
Copier Maintenance Agmt
Resolution R-105-10 Resolution R-105-10
Bid 3131 Fire Turnout Gear
Resolution R-104-10 Resolution R-104-10
Assess 104 Nan St
Resolution R-103-10 Resolution R-103-10
Assess 818 Avenue F
Resolution R-102-10 Resolution R-102-10
Abate 5 Cabot Ave
Resolution R-101-10 Resolution R-101-10
Abate 3rd Ave 1019
Resolution R-100-10 Resolution R-100-10
Amendment to Jacobs
Resolution R-99-10 Resolution R-99-10
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-98-10 Resolution R-98-10
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-97-10 Resolution R-97-10
Al Power Easement
Resolution R-96-10 Resolution R-96-10
Justex Exams
Resolution R-95-10 Resolution R-95-10
Bid 3130 Pitman Helical Piles
Resolution R-94-10 Resolution R-94-10
Beer and Wine License Squeaky Dee
Resolution R-93-10 Resolution R-93-10
Satisfy Nuisance Lien 425 N 11th St
Resolution R-92-10 Resolution R-92-10
Resolution R-91-10 Resolution R-91-10
Awarding Bid 3129
Resolution R-90-10 Resolution R-90-10
Rotary Riverfront Stage
Resolution R-89-10 Resolution R-89-10
Abate 620 Turrentine Ave
Resolution R-88-10 Resolution R-88-10
Police Chief
Resolution R-87-10 Resolution R-87-10
Crown Column Landlord Waiver
Resolution R-86-10 Resolution R-86-10
Satisfy Nuisance Abatement Lien
Resolution R-85-10 Resolution R-85-10
Bid 3128 2010 Roadside
Resolution R-84-10 Resolution R-84-10
CED Mental Health Charter Amendments
Resolution R-83-10 Resolution R-83-10
Van Scoyoc Lobbyist
Resolution R-82-10 Resolution R-82-10
Fish Market Special Event
Resolution R-81-10 Resolution R-81-10
Great So Engineering Forrest Middle
Resolution R-80-10 Resolution R-80-10
Springdale Rd SME Agmt
Resolution R-79-10 Resolution R-79-10
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-78-10 Resolution R-78-10
Satisfy Nuisance Lien 808 Spruce
Resolution R-77-10 Resolution R-77-10
Appt Cultural Arts Board
Resolution R-76-10 Resolution R-76-10
Beer and Wine License Walgreens
Resolution R-75-10 Resolution R-75-10
Liquor License Caney Fork
Resolution R-74-10 Resolution R-74-10
Assess Ashley St 2904
Resolution R-73-10 Resolution R-73-10
Assess 1719 Airport Blvd
Resolution R-72-10 Resolution R-72-10
Assess 410 Harpham St
Resolution R-71-10 Resolution R-71-10
Assess 411 Avalon Lane
Resolution R-70-10 Resolution R-70-10
Assess 1431 E Broad St
Resolution R-69-10 Resolution R-69-10
Assess 115 N 20th St
Resolution R-68-10 Resolution R-68-10
Smoke On Falls ABC
Resolution R-67-10 Resolution R-67-10
Sweetwater Road Agr
Resolution R-66-10 Resolution R-66-10
Lefty Collins Band
Resolution R-65-10 Resolution R-65-10
Drake White Band
Resolution R-64-10 Resolution R-64-10
Gad Junior Golf Assoc
Resolution R-63-10 Resolution R-63-10
Woodalls Campground Directory
Resolution R-62-10 Resolution R-62-10
Summer Food Program
Resolution R-61-10 Resolution R-61-10
Bryant EMA Director
Resolution R-60-10 Resolution R-60-10
Bid 3127 Fire Pumper Truck
Resolution R-59-10 Resolution R-59-10
Black Creek Trail Project
Resolution R-58-10 Resolution R-58-10
JBWT Agreement
Resolution R-57-10 Resolution R-57-10
Substance Abuse Policy
Resolution R-56-10 Resolution R-56-10
Assignment of Qore to SME
Resolution R-55-10 Resolution R-55-10
Casper Golf
Resolution R-54-10 Resolution R-54-10
Etowah Com Dev
Resolution R-53-10 Resolution R-53-10
L and L Marine Couple Agr
Resolution R-52-10 Resolution R-52-10
Bid 3110 CO#2
Resolution R-51-10 Resolution R-51-10
Bid 2941 CO#1
Resolution R-50-10 Resolution R-50-10
Qore Stormwater Monitoring
Resolution R-49-10 Resolution R-49-10
Chevalier Productions
Resolution R-48-10 Resolution R-48-10
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-47-10 Resolution R-47-10
Bid 3126 Grass Cutting
Resolution R-46-10 Resolution R-46-10
Fehrer South
Resolution R-45-10 Resolution R-45-10
County BOE Borrow Pit Dirt
Resolution R-44-10 Resolution R-44-10
Gore Borrow Pit
Resolution R-44-10 Resolution R-44-10
Amend FY2010 Budget
Resolution R-43-10 Resolution R-43-10
Resolution R-42-10 Resolution R-42-10
Satisfy Nuisance Lien
Resolution R-42-10 Resolution R-42-10
Revised. Satisfy Nuisance Lien
Resolution R-41-10 Resolution R-41-10
EMA Gadsden MOU
Resolution R-40-10 Resolution R-40-10
EMA Reece City Fire Dept MOU
Resolution R-39-10 Resolution R-39-10
EMA Hokes Bluff MOU
Resolution R-38-10 Resolution R-38-10
EMA Glencoe MOU
Resolution R-37-10 Resolution R-37-10
EMA Rainbow City MOU
Resolution R-36-10 Resolution R-36-10
EMA Southside MOU
Resolution R-35-10 Resolution R-35-10
Police Mobile Device
Resolution R-34-10 Resolution R-34-10
Travel Advance
Resolution R-33-10 Resolution R-33-10
Abate S 10th St 1110
Resolution R-32-10 Resolution R-32-10
Brushfire Entertainment
Resolution R-31-10 Resolution R-31-10
Bid 3120 CO #2
Resolution R-30-10 Resolution R-30-10
Bid 3120 CO #1
Resolution R-29-10 Resolution R-29-10
Central Fire Alarm
Resolution R-28-10 Resolution R-28-10
Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-27-10 Resolution R-27-10
ABC License
Resolution R-26-10 Resolution R-26-10
Abate W Kyle Place 122
Resolution R-25-10 Resolution R-25-10
Abate Kyle Ave 1513
Resolution R-24-10 Resolution R-24-10
Bridge to Attalla
Resolution R-23-10 Resolution R-23-10
Alatax Settlement
Resolution R-22-10 Resolution R-22-10
Comm Dev Bd
Resolution R-21-10 Resolution R-21-10
Abate Springfield Ave 1208
Resolution R-20-10 Resolution R-20-10
Bid 3121
Resolution R-19-10 Resolution R-19-10
Award Bid 3125
Resolution R-18-10 Resolution R-18-10
Chg Order 3 Banks Park
Resolution R-17-10 Resolution R-17-10
Bid 3124
Resolution R-16-10 Resolution R-16-10
County Voting Places
Resolution R-15-10 Resolution R-15-10
Chg Order EG Trolley Stop
Resolution R-14-10 Resolution R-14-10
Bid 3122
Resolution R-13-10 Resolution R-13-10
Assess N 9th St 510
Resolution R-12-10 Resolution R-12-10
Abate Hill Ave 2220
Resolution R-11-10 Resolution R-11-10
Abate Ansley St 501
Resolution R-10-10 Resolution R-10-10
Boys Girls Club
Resolution R-09-10 Resolution R-09-10
CSX Amend 3
Resolution R-08-10 Resolution R-08-10
Whitaker.Pitman HVAC
Resolution R-07-10 Resolution R-07-10
Liquor License
Resolution R-06-10 Resolution R-06-10
JBWT Agreement
Resolution R-05-10 Resolution R-05-10
Psychological Services
Resolution R-04-10 Resolution R-04-10
Resolution R-03-10 Resolution R-03-10
Abate Hill Ave 2113
Resolution R-02-10 Resolution R-02-10
Abate Allen St 525
Resolution R-01-10 Resolution R-01-10
Abate Allen St 417