Resolutions 2012 All Archives

Resolution R-342-12 Resolution R-342-12
Authorizing Agreement with Sain Associates, Inc.
Resolution R-341-12 Resolution R-341-12
Awarding Bid No. 3218
Resolution R-340-12 Resolution R-340-12
Authorizing Right-of-Way Easement to Alabama Power Company
Resolution R-339-12 Resolution R-339-12
Approving Easement #1 and #2 for Eura Brown Safe Routes to School Project
Resolution R-338-12 Resolution R-338-12
Awarding Bid No. 3221
Resolution R-337-12 Resolution R-337-12
Authorizing Agreement with Jones, Blair, Waldrup & Tucker
Resolution R-336-12 Resolution R-336-12
Authorizing agreement with Sain Associates, Inc. (Signal System Retiming)
Resolution R-335-12 Resolution R-335-12
ABC License (Rue Bourbon Blues, LLC)
Resolution R-334-12 Resolution R-334-12
Abate 601 Crestview Drive
Resolution R-333-12 Resolution R-333-12
Abate 301 Carolyn Lane
Resolution R-332-12 Resolution R-332-12
Authorizing amended lease agreement with Etowah County Tourism Board
Resolution R-331-12 Resolution R-331-12
Authorizing Memorandum of Understanding with City of Rainbow City (Fire Department training facility)
Resolution R-330-12 Resolution R-330-12
Authorizing Memorandum of Understanding with City of Attalla (Fire Department training facility)
Resolution R-329-12 Resolution R-329-12
Requesting Financial Statements from Forrest Cemetery Foundation, Inc.
Resolution R-328-12 Resolution R-328-12
Abate 309 Oakleigh Drive
Resolution R-327-12 Resolution R-327-12
Abate 1005 Lancaster Avenue
Resolution R-326-12 Resolution R-326-12
Abate 805 Miller Avenue
Resolution R-325-12 Resolution R-325-12
Authorizing agreement with Milliman, Inc. (GASB 45)
Resolution R-324-12 Resolution R-324-12
Authorizing acquisition of Airport Authority property
Resolution R-323-12 Resolution R-323-12
Authorizing satisfaction of nuisance abatement lien (1413 Stroud Avenue)
Resolution R-322-12 Resolution R-322-12
Authorizing grant agreement with ALDOT
Resolution R-321-12 Resolution R-321-12
Authorizing agreement with Alabama Bass Federation, Inc.
Resolution R-320-12 Resolution R-320-12
Authorizing agreement with Alabama Bass Federation Nation
Resolution R-319-12 Resolution R-319-12
Authorizing agreement with Alabama Bass Federation Nation
Resolution R-318-12 Resolution R-318-12
Authorizing agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-317-12 Resolution R-317-12
Authorizing agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-316-12 Resolution R-316-12
Authorizing agreement with CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc. (Forrest Avenue resurfacing)
Resolution R-315-12 Resolution R-315-12
Authorizing change order #1 for Bid No. 3209 (2012 Street Resurfacing Project)
Resolution R-314-12 Resolution R-314-12
Authorizing termination of professional services (Paine)
Resolution R-313-12 Resolution R-313-12
Authorizing termination of psychological services (Paine)
Resolution R-312-12 Resolution R-312-12
Approving advance for travel expenses (Avery)
Resolution R-311-12 Resolution R-311-12
Annulment of street right-of-way (Old South 4th Street)
Resolution R-310-12 Resolution R-310-12
Special Event ABC License (Ducks Unlimited)
Resolution R-297-12 Resolution R-297-12
Satisfaction of Nuisance Abatement Liens (306 Augusta Street)
Resolution R-309-12 Resolution R-309-12
Authorizing change order #1 for Bid No. 3211 (Stroud Avenue Drainage Project)
Resolution R-308-12 Resolution R-308-12
Authorizing agreement with State of Alabama EMA (Hazard Mitigation Grant #1797-0008)
Resolution R-303-12 Resolution R-303-12
Authorizing agreement with American Bass Anglers
Resolution R-306-12 Resolution R-306-12
Authorizing Public Hearing on amending City Code flood control regulations
Resolution R-307-12 Resolution R-307-12
Authorizing agreement with The Bass Federation, Inc.
Resolution R-305-12 Resolution R-305-12
Authorizing agreement with WM Logistics, LLC (Waste Collection Professional Route Optimization Services)
Resolution R-304-12 Resolution R-304-12
Authorizing agreement with FLW, LLC
Resolution R-302-12 Resolution R-302-12
Authorizing agreement with State of Alabama EMA (Hazard Mitigation Grant #1971-529)
Resolution R-301-12 Resolution R-301-12
Authorizing amendment to lease agreement with Gadsden State Community College
Resolution R-300-12 Resolution R-300-12
Accepting conveyance of property (1202 Kentucky Avenue)
Resolution R-299-12 Resolution R-299-12
Abatement of Nuisance at 425 Broad Street
Resolution R-298-12 Resolution R-298-12
Awarding Bid No. 3217
Resolution R-296-12 Resolution R-296-12
ABC License (Value Mart)
Resolution R-295-12 Resolution R-295-12
Abate #9 Perkins Avenue
Resolution R-294-12 Resolution R-294-12
Authorizing agreement with Snellgrove Civitan Center
Resolution R-293-12 Resolution R-293-12
Authorizing agreement with Barrie Center for Children
Resolution R-292-12 Resolution R-292-12
Authorizing agreement with A-1 Exterminating Company, Inc.
Resolution R-291-12 Resolution R-291-12
Abate 2212 Norris Avenue
Resolution R-290-12 Resolution R-290-12
Abate 921 Spruce Street
Resolution R-289-12 Resolution R-289-12
Abate 503 Ansley Street
Resolution R-288-12 Resolution R-288-12
ABC License (Grub Mart 15)
Resolution R-287-12 Resolution R-287-12
Special Event ABC License - The Fish Market
Resolution R-286-12 Resolution R-286-12
Appointing member to Forrest Cemetery Board
Resolution R-285-12 Resolution R-285-12
Appointing members to Forrest Cemetery Foundation
Resolution R-284-12 Resolution R-284-12
Disapproving ABC License - Grub Mart
Resolution R-283-12 Resolution R-283-12
Abate 918 Willow Street
Resolution R-282-12 Resolution R-282-12
Abate 1305 Chestnut Street
Resolution R-281-12 Resolution R-281-12
Abate 307 S. 8th Street
Resolution R-280-12 Resolution R-280-12
Abate 1623 Springfield Avenue
Resolution R-279-12 Resolution R-279-12
Authorizing agreement with Barnett Jones Wilson, LLC (Structural Engineering Consulting services - demolition of Noojin Building)
Resolution R-278-12 Resolution R-278-12
Authorizing agreement with B. Craig Lipscomb (Architectural services - Municipal Court building)
Resolution R-277-12 Resolution R-277-12
Authorizing roadblocks for Etowah County Law Enforcement Memorial
Resolution R-276-12 Resolution R-276-12
Authorizing change to addendum to agreement with Sain Associates, Inc. (GEMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Project)
Resolution R-275-12 Resolution R-275-12
Authorizing agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-274-12 Resolution R-274-12
Authorizing supplemental agreement No. 1 with ALDOT (Eura Brown Elementary - Safe Routes to School)
Resolution R-273-12 Resolution R-273-12
Creating and eliminating job classifications and amending resolutions R-403-04 and R-463-04
Resolution R-272-12 Resolution R-272-12
Abate #1 Mitchell Avenue
Resolution R-271-12 Resolution R-271-12
Abate 1404 Cansler
Resolution R-270-12 Resolution R-270-12
Abate 307 Springdale
Resolution R-269-12 Resolution R-269-12
Authorizing incentives for United Way contributions
Resolution R-268-12 Resolution R-268-12
Authorizing withdrawal of Community Development Grant application
Resolution R-267-12 Resolution R-267-12
Accepting conveyance of property (1530 Alabama Street)
Resolution R-266-12 Resolution R-266-12
Authorizing advance for travel expenses
Resolution R-265-12 Resolution R-265-12
Authorizing agreement with The Love Center
Resolution R-264-12 Resolution R-264-12
Authorizing agreement with Salvation Army
Resolution R-263-12 Resolution R-263-12
Authorizing agreement with Thirteenth Place
Resolution R-262-12 Resolution R-262-12
Authorizing license agreement with The Fish Market Restaurant
Resolution R-261-12 Resolution R-261-12
Authorizing agreement with Physio Control
Resolution R-260-12 Resolution R-260-12
Authorizing agreement with Physio-Control
Resolution R-259-12 Resolution R-259-12
Authorizing agreement with Greater Gadsden Housing Authority
Resolution R-258-12 Resolution R-258-12
Authorizing FTA application
Resolution R-257-12 Resolution R-257-12
ABC License (Twisted Ventures)
Resolution R-256-12 Resolution R-256-12
Amending Resolution No. R-173-12 (regarding conveyance of easement on Stroud Avenue)
Resolution R-255-12 Resolution R-255-12
Authorizing agreement with Liberty Learning Foundation
Resolution R-254-12 Resolution R-254-12
Authorizing satisfaction of Nuisance Abatement Lien (922 Avenue G)
Resolution R-253-12 Resolution R-253-12
Authorizing conveyance of surplus property to Boys and Girls Club
Resolution R-252-12 Resolution R-252-12
Approving Special Event ABC License (The Fishmarket Restaurant)
Resolution R-251-12 Resolution R-251-12
Authorizing agreement with The Cooperating Purchasing Network
Resolution R-250-12 Resolution R-250-12
Authorizing lease agreement with Gadsden State Community College
Resolution R-249-12 Resolution R-249-12
Addendum to Agreement with Sain Associates, Inc.
Resolution R-248-12 Resolution R-248-12
Awarding Bid No. 3213 (Detectable Warning Surface)
Resolution R-247-12 Resolution R-247-12
Abate 1520 Lula Street
Resolution R-246-12 Resolution R-246-12
Authorizing agreement with Gadsden State Community College (Emergency Medical Services Program)
Resolution R-245-12 Resolution R-245-12
Authorizing Memorandum of Understanding with Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit
Resolution R-244-12 Resolution R-244-12
Appointing/Re-appointing members to Haralson Avenue Architectural Review Board
Resolution R-243-12 Resolution R-243-12
ABC License Boomers All American Barber Spa
Resolution R-242-12 Resolution R-242-12
Abate 211 Ruth Street
Resolution R-241-12 Resolution R-241-12
Authorizing agreement with Condrey and Associates
Resolution R-240-12 Resolution R-240-12
Authorizing agreement with Jones, Blair, Waldrup & Tucker (Stroud Avenue Drainage Project)
Resolution R-239-12 Resolution R-239-12
Awarding Bid No. 3214 for Speed Cushions
Resolution R-238-12 Resolution R-238-12
Authorizing agreement with Summer Enrichment Program
Resolution R-237-12 Resolution R-237-12
Authorizing agreement with Community Care d/b/a Etowah Free Community Clinic
Resolution R-236-12 Resolution R-236-12
Authorizing agreement with Way of the Cross Ministries
Resolution R-235-12 Resolution R-235-12
Authorizing agreement with Council on Aging
Resolution R-234-12 Resolution R-234-12
Authorizing agreement with Family Success Center
Resolution R-233-12 Resolution R-233-12
Authorizing agreement with Downtown Gadsden, Inc.
Resolution R-232-12 Resolution R-232-12
Authorizing agreement with Gadsden Commercial Development Authority
Resolution R-231-12 Resolution R-231-12
Authorizing agreement with MANNA
Resolution R-230-12 Resolution R-230-12
Authorizing agreement with Thirteenth Place
Resolution R-229-12 Resolution R-229-12
Authorizing agreement with The Love Center
Resolution R-228-12 Resolution R-228-12
Authorizing agreement with Barnett Jones Wilson, LLC
Resolution R-227-12 Resolution R-227-12
Agreement with Resource Entertainment (Summer Concert Series)
Resolution R-226-12 Resolution R-226-12
Appointing member to Industrial Development Board
Resolution R-225-12 Resolution R-225-12
Fire apparatus inspection
Resolution R-224-12 Resolution R-224-12
Annulment of portion of right-of-way of Herring Avenue
Resolution R-223-12 Resolution R-223-12
Approving Special Event ABC License (Equity Management Group, LLC)
Resolution R-222-12 Resolution R-222-12
Appointing member to Turrentine Avenue Architectural Review Board
Resolution R-221-12 Resolution R-221-12
EMA Hazard Mitigation Grant
Resolution R-220-12 Resolution R-220-12
Authorizing agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-219-12 Resolution R-219-12
Authorizing agreement with S&ME
Resolution R-218-12 Resolution R-218-12
Authorizing agreement with Coosa River Team Trail
Resolution R-217-12 Resolution R-217-12
Agreement with Alabama Bass Federation Nation
Resolution R-216-12 Resolution R-216-12
Memorandum of Understanding between Job Corps and Fire Department
Resolution R-215-12 Resolution R-215-12
Grant from FEMA Firefighter Assistance Program
Resolution R-214-12 Resolution R-214-12
Assess 48 E. Wilkinson Avenue
Resolution R-213-12 Resolution R-213-12
Authorizing agreement with Today in America
Resolution R-212-12 Resolution R-212-12
Authorizing renewal of agreement with Etowah County BOE (Dirt for City landfill)
Resolution R-211-12 Resolution R-211-12
Awarding Bid No. 3215 (Fuel Dispensing and Management Services)
Resolution R-210-12 Resolution R-210-12
Appointing and reappointing members to Zoning Board of Adjustment
Resolution R-209-12 Resolution R-209-12
Appointing members to Gadsden Museum of Art and History Board
Resolution R-208-12 Resolution R-208-12
ABC License (The Fishmarket Restaurant)
Resolution R-207-12 Resolution R-207-12
Authorizing acceptance of Etowah County Community Development Committee grant
Resolution R-206-12 Resolution R-206-12
Awarding Bid No. 3211 (Stroud Avenue Drainage Project)
Resolution R-205-12 Resolution R-205-12
Authorizing agreement with Barnett Jones Wilson, LLC (Engineering services at Gadsden Museum of Art)
Resolution R-204-12 Resolution R-204-12
Authorizing First Amended Tax Abatement Agreement (Rodfam Alabama, LLC)
Resolution R-203-12 Resolution R-203-12
Authorizing First Amended Tax Abatement Agreement (Prince Metal Stamping USA, Inc.)
Resolution R-202-12 Resolution R-202-12
Approving ABC license (Tre Ragazzis)
Resolution R-201-12 Resolution R-201-12
Authorizing agreement with Turnbach, Warren, Roberts & Lloyd, P.C.
Resolution R-200-12 Resolution R-200-12
Approving advances for travel expenses (Avery)
Resolution R-199-12 Resolution R-199-12
Agreement with Wells Fargo Bank
Resolution R-198-12 Resolution R-198-12
Agreement with Bill Avery for Summer Concert Series
Resolution R-197-12 Resolution R-197-12
Authorizing right-of-way
Resolution R-196-12 Resolution R-196-12
AFIS System agreement
Resolution R-195-12 Resolution R-195-12
JBWT agreement
Resolution R-194-12 Resolution R-194-12
Lady Bass Anglers tournament
Resolution R-193-12 Resolution R-193-12
Abate 201 Springfield Road
Resolution R-192-12 Resolution R-192-12
Juneteenth Celebration & First Friday co-sponsorship
Resolution R-191-12 Resolution R-191-12
Agreement with PPM Consultants - Storage tank audit & SPCC Plan
Resolution R-190-12 Resolution R-190-12
Settle Tallant lawsuit
Resolution R-189-12 Resolution R-189-12
American Behavioral contract
Resolution R-188-12 Resolution R-188-12
Job Corps MOU security agreement
Resolution R-187-12 Resolution R-187-12
Bid 3209 Street Resurfacing
Resolution R-186-12 Resolution R-186-12
Accept property 913 S. 15th Street
Resolution R-185-12 Resolution R-185-12
Bid 3202 Pacific Construction
Resolution R-184-12 Resolution R-184-12
Abate 1503 Adams Street
Resolution R-183-12 Resolution R-183-12
Abate 1530 Alabama Street
Resolution R-182-12 Resolution R-182-12
Turk appointment Airport Authority
Resolution R-181-12 Resolution R-181-12
Bid 3208 Public Transit Vehicles
Resolution R-180-12 Resolution R-180-12
Howard appointment BOE
Resolution R-179-12 Resolution R-179-12
Bid 3210 Carcel G Construction
Resolution R-178-12 Resolution R-178-12
ABC license Barbarian Challenge
Resolution R-177-12 Resolution R-177-12
Lease Etowah County Tourism
Resolution R-176-12 Resolution R-176-12
Bid 3212 Golf Cart lease
Resolution R-175-12 Resolution R-175-12
Agreement New Cannon
Resolution R-174-12 Resolution R-174-12
Lease COPS Colley Homes
Resolution R-173-12 Resolution R-173-12
Accept Easement Stroud
Resolution R-172-12 Resolution R-172-12
Settle Owens lawsuit
Resolution R-171-12 Resolution R-171-12
Set Public Hearing 2009 Fire Code
Resolution R-170-12 Resolution R-170-12
Bid 3201 Computer Equipment
Resolution R-169-12 Resolution R-169-12
ABC Restaurant Retail Liquor-Mayan Bongos
Resolution R-168-12 Resolution R-168-12
Summer Concert Series
Resolution R-167-12 Resolution R-167-12
EMA MOU Cherokee County
Resolution R-166-12 Resolution R-166-12
Bid 3199 Colours Paint
Resolution R-165-12 Resolution R-165-12
Annulment of street right-of-way
Resolution R-164-12 Resolution R-164-12
Abate 921 Wisteria
Resolution R-163-12 Resolution R-163-12
Abate 401 Roslyn Drive
Resolution R-162-12 Resolution R-162-12
Settle Clay Lawsuit
Resolution R-161-12 Resolution R-161-12
Agreement Noccalula Improvement
Resolution R-160-12 Resolution R-160-12
Warning Siren Transfer
Resolution R-159-12 Resolution R-159-12
Xtreme Events License for Barbarian Challenge
Resolution R-158-12 Resolution R-158-12
Yellow Page Advertising
Resolution R-157-12 Resolution R-157-12
ADECA Grant Underage Drinking
Resolution R-156-12 Resolution R-156-12
Satisfy Nuisance Lien 1209 Noccalula Rd
Resolution R-155-12 Resolution R-155-12
GS Media Campground Directory
Resolution R-154-12 Resolution R-154-12
Fishers of Men
Resolution R-153-12 Resolution R-153-12
Reject Bid 3204
Resolution R-152-12 Resolution R-152-12
Accept Easement First Methodist Church
Resolution R-151-12 Resolution R-151-12
Annulment of Street Right of Way
Resolution R-150-12 Resolution R-150-12
Abate 207 Ann Ave
Resolution R-149-12 Resolution R-149-12
Abate 109 S 23rd St
Resolution R-148-12 Resolution R-148-12
Chamber Riverfest ABC License
Resolution R-147-12 Resolution R-147-12
Resolution R-146-12 Resolution R-146-12
Merrick Bank Credit Card Processing
Resolution R-145-12 Resolution R-145-12
American Bass Fishing Tournament
Resolution R-144-12 Resolution R-144-12
Noojin Building Methodist Church
Resolution R-143-12 Resolution R-143-12
Weather Warn
Resolution R-142-12 Resolution R-142-12
Justex Police Exams
Resolution R-141-12 Resolution R-141-12
Agreement JAG Award
Resolution R-140-12 Resolution R-140-12
Fishing Operation Bass
Resolution R-139-12 Resolution R-139-12
Fishing L & L Marine
Resolution R-138-12 Resolution R-138-12
Grants ECCD
Resolution R-137-12 Resolution R-137-12
Bid 3207 NEAPA
Resolution R-136-12 Resolution R-136-12
Bid 3206 NEAPA
Resolution R-135-12 Resolution R-135-12
Bid 3205 NEAPA
Resolution R-134-12 Resolution R-134-12
Annulment of Right of Way Jones Street
Resolution R-133-12 Resolution R-133-12
Retail Liquor Skys Warehouse
Resolution R-132-12 Resolution R-132-12
Grant Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Grant
Resolution R-131-12 Resolution R-131-12
Creative Benefit Solutions
Resolution R-130-12 Resolution R-130-12
Fish Market Craw Fish Boil
Resolution R-129-12 Resolution R-129-12
Senior Nutrition Program
Resolution R-128-12 Resolution R-128-12
YMCA 6th St Pool
Resolution R-127-12 Resolution R-127-12
Kimble Appointment WWSB
Resolution R-126-12 Resolution R-126-12
Grant Hughley Park
Resolution R-125-12 Resolution R-125-12
Agreement ALDOT re US411
Resolution R-124-12 Resolution R-124-12
Bid 3203 NEAPA
Resolution R-123-12 Resolution R-123-12
Tax Abatement Decatur Plastic Products
Resolution R-122-12 Resolution R-122-12
Library I-Pad Grant
Resolution R-121-12 Resolution R-121-12
Abate 2403 Sansom Avenue
Resolution R-120-12 Resolution R-120-12
Abate 932 Ave A
Resolution R-119-12 Resolution R-119-12
Summer Concert Series
Resolution R-118-12 Resolution R-118-12
Summer Concert Series
Resolution R-117-12 Resolution R-117-12
Rental Rates Museum of Art
Resolution R-116-12 Resolution R-116-12
Appt EMA Executive Committee
Resolution R-115-12 Resolution R-115-12
LongHorn Steakhouse Agreement
Resolution R-114-12 Resolution R-114-12
Lounge Retail Liquor
Resolution R-113-12 Resolution R-113-12
Bid 3198 Negotiate
Resolution R-112-12 Resolution R-112-12
Smoke on Falls Entertainment
Resolution R-111-12 Resolution R-111-12
Retail Beer and Wine
Resolution R-110-12 Resolution R-110-12
Annulment Waring Avenue
Resolution R-109-12 Resolution R-109-12
Co #2 Noccalula Playground
Resolution R-108-12 Resolution R-108-12
CO #1 Noccalula Playground
Resolution R-107-12 Resolution R-107-12
LongHorn Steakhouse Public Hearing
Resolution R-106-12 Resolution R-106-12
CO 1 Black Creek
Resolution R-105-12 Resolution R-105-12
Smoke on Falls Entertainment
Resolution R-104-12 Resolution R-104-12
Bid 3197 Reject
Resolution R-103-12 Resolution R-103-12
Abate 501 E Chestnut
Resolution R-102-12 Resolution R-102-12
Agreement Postage Machine
Resolution R-101-12 Resolution R-101-12
Resolution R-100-12 Resolution R-100-12
Assess 38 Cabot Avenue
Resolution R-99-12 Resolution R-99-12
Assess 2202 Sansom
Resolution R-98-12 Resolution R-98-12
Assess 1109 Foster Avenue
Resolution R-97-12 Resolution R-97-12
Assess 908 S 15th St
Resolution R-96-12 Resolution R-96-12
Assess 938 Avenue A
Resolution R-95-12 Resolution R-95-12
Assess 919 Southline Ave
Resolution R-94-12 Resolution R-94-12
Abate 417 Roslyn Dr
Resolution R-93-12 Resolution R-93-12
Abate 3101 E Meighan Blvd
Resolution R-92-12 Resolution R-92-12
Library Education Grant
Resolution R-91-12 Resolution R-91-12
Tax Abatement Gadsden Fabrication
Resolution R-90-12 Resolution R-90-12
Tax Abatement Southern Cold Storage
Resolution R-89-12 Resolution R-89-12
Summer Food Program
Resolution R-88-12 Resolution R-88-12
Agreement SME
Resolution R-87-12 Resolution R-87-12
ADEM Consent Order
Resolution R-86-12 Resolution R-86-12
ALDOT Signal Agreement
Resolution R-85-12 Resolution R-85-12
Agreement Gadsden Times
Resolution R-84-12 Resolution R-84-12
Smoke on Falls Entertainment
Resolution R-83-12 Resolution R-83-12
Amend ESG Budget
Resolution R-82-12 Resolution R-82-12
Bid 3195 Reject
Resolution R-81-12 Resolution R-81-12
Satisfy Nuisance Lien 1118 Choice St
Resolution R-80-12 Resolution R-80-12
ALDOT Resolution (Certified Copy for ALDOT)
Resolution R-80-12 Resolution R-80-12
ALDOT Resolution
Resolution R-79-12 Resolution R-79-12
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-78-12 Resolution R-78-12
ALDOT Agreement
Resolution R-77-12 Resolution R-77-12
Bid No 3181
Resolution R-76-12 Resolution R-76-12
Chamber License for Riverfest
Resolution R-75-12 Resolution R-75-12
Storm Water Management Plan
Resolution R-74-12 Resolution R-74-12
Smoke on Falls Entertainment
Resolution R-73-12 Resolution R-73-12
Grant ECCDC Sewer Project
Resolution R-72-12 Resolution R-72-12
Grant ECCDC Water Line Project
Resolution R-71-12 Resolution R-71-12
Advance Travel Expenses (2)
Resolution R-70-12 Resolution R-70-12
Assess Jupiter Street 1214
Resolution R-69-12 Resolution R-69-12
Assess 11th Street S 1116 (2)
Resolution R-68-12 Resolution R-68-12
Assess Nuisance 104 Penn Drive
Resolution R-67-12 Resolution R-67-12
Assess Nuisance 1412 Hill Avenue
Resolution R-66-12 Resolution R-66-12
Assess Albert Rains Blvd 357 (2)
Resolution R-65-12 Resolution R-65-12
Assess Nuisance 716 N 10th Street
Resolution R-64-12 Resolution R-64-12
Assess Nuisance 302 Carolyn Lane (2)
Resolution R-63-12 Resolution R-63-12
Assess Nuisance 306 Augusta Street (2)
Resolution R-62-12 Resolution R-62-12
Abate Nuisance 2100 A Sansom Ave (2)
Resolution R-61-12 Resolution R-61-12
Abate Nuisance 310 Bryan St (2)
Resolution R-60-12 Resolution R-60-12
Abate Nuisance 904 Wilson Avenue (2)
Resolution R-59-12 Resolution R-59-12
Grant Walmart
Resolution R-58-12 Resolution R-58-12
Alabama Bass Federation
Resolution R-57-12 Resolution R-57-12
EMA Hazard Mitigation Grant
Resolution R-56-12 Resolution R-56-12
Lease Agreement Sun Trust
Resolution R-55-12 Resolution R-55-12
Bid 3196 Sunbelt Fire
Resolution R-54-12 Resolution R-54-12
Agreement SME
Resolution R-53-12 Resolution R-53-12
EMA Hazard Mitigation Grant
Resolution R-52-12 Resolution R-52-12
EMA Hazard Mitigation Grant
Resolution R-51-12 Resolution R-51-12
ALDOT Supplemental Agreement
Resolution R-50-12 Resolution R-50-12
Reject Bid Close File
Resolution R-49-12 Resolution R-49-12
Assess Central Avenue 906
Resolution R-48-12 Resolution R-48-12
Assess 22nd St S 203
Resolution R-47-12 Resolution R-47-12
Assess Wells Avenue 1115
Resolution R-46-12 Resolution R-46-12
Assess Avenue G 920
Resolution R-45-12 Resolution R-45-12
Abate Nuisance 813 S 6th St
Resolution R-44-12 Resolution R-44-12
Subordinate Mortgage 615 Abercrombie Baker
Resolution R-43-12 Resolution R-43-12
Grant ECCDC Museum
Resolution R-42-12 Resolution R-42-12
Bid 3192 NEAPA Pierson Chev
Resolution R-41-12 Resolution R-41-12
Bid 3191 NEAPA Pierson Chev (2)
Resolution R-40-12 Resolution R-40-12
Abate 3609 W Meighan Blvd
Resolution R-39-12 Resolution R-39-12
Sprint Agreement Transportation
Resolution R-38-12 Resolution R-38-12
Agreement JBWT Amendment (2)
Resolution R-37-12 Resolution R-37-12
Bid 3118 Angelo Iafrate (2)
Resolution R-36-12 Resolution R-36-12
Settlement Agreement and Release
Resolution R-35-12 Resolution R-35-12
Reagan Park License
Resolution R-34-12 Resolution R-34-12
Accept Grant EMA
Resolution R-33-12 Resolution R-33-12
Bid 3193 Blackhawk Contractors
Resolution R-32-12 Resolution R-32-12
Abate 409 N 34th Street
Resolution R-31-12 Resolution R-31-12
Abate 915 Avenue G
Resolution R-30-12 Resolution R-30-12
909 Avenue G
Resolution R-29-12 Resolution R-29-12
Abate 507 N 9th Street
Resolution R-28-12 Resolution R-28-12
Springdale Road
Resolution R-27-12 Resolution R-27-12
Alabama Power Easement
Resolution R-26-12 Resolution R-26-12
Vandalism Banks Park
Resolution R-25-12 Resolution R-25-12
Bid 3190 Landscape Maintenance
Resolution R-24-12 Resolution R-24-12
Bid 3180 Hood Ave Turn Lane
Resolution R-23-12 Resolution R-23-12
Bid 3194 Rejection
Resolution R-22-12 Resolution R-22-12
Gadsden Junior Golf
Resolution R-21-12 Resolution R-21-12
Agreement Motorola
Resolution R-20-12 Resolution R-20-12
Agreement S&ME
Resolution R-19-12 Resolution R-19-12
Agreement S&ME
Resolution R-18-12 Resolution R-18-12
ABC License Pure Statiion
Resolution R-17-12 Resolution R-17-12
ABC License Cash Saver
Resolution R-16-12 Resolution R-16-12
Abate 2328 Hill Avenue
Resolution R-15-12 Resolution R-15-12
Abate 519 Turrentine Avenue
Resolution R-14-12 Resolution R-14-12
Abate 1106 Bretwood Drive
Resolution R-13-12 Resolution R-13-12
Abate 403 Elmwood Avenue
Resolution R-12-12 Resolution R-12-12
Abate 407 Avalon Lane
Resolution R-11-12 Resolution R-11-12
POS For Warrant Refinancing
Resolution R-10-12 Resolution R-10-12
CDA Appointments
Resolution R-09-12 Resolution R-09-12
Agreement Sain Associates
Resolution R-08-12 Resolution R-08-12
Grant Child Passenger Seat Program
Resolution R-07-12 Resolution R-07-12
Agreement JBWT and Etowah Co Commission
Resolution R-06-12 Resolution R-06-12
ALDOT Airport Rd
Resolution R-05-12 Resolution R-05-12
E-Verify MOU
Resolution R-04-12 Resolution R-04-12
Civil Service Act Revision
Resolution R-03-12 Resolution R-03-12
Amended Disability Employment Policies
Resolution R-02-12 Resolution R-02-12
M60 Tank
Resolution R-01-12 Resolution R-01-12
Abate 1404 Cansler Ave