Ordinances 2012 All Archives

Ordinance O-63-12 Ordinance O-63-12
Authorizing issuance of General Obligation Warrants, Series 2012-D
Ordinance O-62-12 Ordinance O-62-12
Amending City Code Sections 18-122 and 18-193 through 18-196 (Electrical Affairs Committee and Electrician Certificate and Examination)
Ordinance O-61-12 Ordinance O-61-12
Rezoning property located at 1017 Springfield Avenue
Ordinance O-60-12 Ordinance O-60-12
Amending FY2013 Budget (For acquisition of Airport Authority property)
Ordinance O-59-12 Ordinance O-59-12
Amending City Code Flood Control Regulations
Ordinance O-58-12 Ordinance O-58-12
Revising employee share of insurance costs
Ordinance O-57-12 Ordinance O-57-12
Adopting Fiscal Year 2013 Budgets
Ordinance O-56-12 Ordinance O-56-12
Rezoning property located at 1357, 1405, and 1419 East Broad Street
Ordinance O-55-12 Ordinance O-55-12
Authorizing conveyance of property (Crossfield Drive)
Ordinance O-54-12 Ordinance O-54-12
Amending City Code Section 102-92 regarding retiree insurance premiums
Ordinance O-53-12 Ordinance O-53-12
Authorizing amendment of FY2012 Budget
Ordinance O-52-12 Ordinance O-52-12
Amending FY2012 Budget
Ordinance O-51-12 Ordinance O-51-12
Authorizing conveyance of 700, 702, and 704 Slack Street
Ordinance O-50-12 Ordinance O-50-12
Rezoning 127 River Road
Ordinance O-47-12 Ordinance O-47-12
Amending City Code regarding noise ordinance
Ordinance O-49-12 Ordinance O-49-12
Amending City Code regarding Municipal Court fines and establishing Municipal Court Judicial Administration Fund
Ordinance O-48-12 Ordinance O-48-12
Amending FY2012 Budget (JAG grant)
Ordinance O-46-12 Ordinance O-46-12
Authorizing TIF funds
Ordinance O-45-12 Ordinance O-45-12
Adoption of 2009 Fire Code
Ordinance O-44-12 Ordinance O-44-12
Amend B-4 Guidelines (window signage)
Ordinance O-43-12 Ordinance O-43-12
Sec 26-55 Cemetery Funds
Ordinance O-42-12 Ordinance O-42-12
sales tax holiday
Ordinance O-41-12 Ordinance O-41-12
Armory Commission lease
Ordinance O-40-12 Ordinance O-40-12
Rezoning 2800 Shahan
Ordinance O-39-12 Ordinance O-39-12
Park Trespass Violation
Ordinance O-38-12 Ordinance O-38-12
Amend FY12 Budget VRIP
Ordinance O-37-12 Ordinance O-37-12
Amend Budget 2012
Ordinance O-36-12 Ordinance O-36-12
Noojin Building Acquisition
Ordinance O-35-12 Ordinance O-35-12
Amend Budget ECCDC Grants
Ordinance O-34-12 Ordinance O-34-12
Amend Budget Hughley Park
Ordinance O-33-12 Ordinance O-33-12
Amend Sect 1-7 Penalties
Ordinance O-32-12 Ordinance O-32-12
Revised Sec 102-92 Premiums
Ordinance O-31-12 Ordinance O-31-12
Longhorn Steakhouse Parking Lease
Ordinance O-30-12 Ordinance O-30-12
Sec 102-92 Premiums
Ordinance O-29-12 Ordinance O-29-12
Amend FY12 Budget VRIP
Ordinance O-28-12 Ordinance O-28-12
Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program
Ordinance O-27-12 Ordinance O-27-12
Amend Sec 2-253 Art Museum Board
Ordinance O-24-12 Ordinance O-24-12
QCD to Beitel
Ordinance O-20-12 Ordinance O-20-12
Amend Budget CDBG FY2011 (2)
Ordinance O-16-12 Ordinance O-16-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-11-12 Ordinance O-11-12
Rezoning Property Tuscaloosa Ave (2)
Ordinance O-07-12 Ordinance O-07-12
Amend 2012 Budget
Ordinance O-03-12 Ordinance O-03-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-23-12 Ordinance O-23-12
Annex 113 Murray Drive
Ordinance O-19-12 Ordinance O-19-12
Amend FY2012 Budget
Ordinance O-14-12 Ordinance O-14-12
Sell 1125 Christopher Ave to Willie Guyton
Ordinance O-10-12 Ordinance O-10-12
GO Warrant 2012-C
Ordinance O-06-12 Ordinance O-06-12
2009 Property Maintenance Code
Ordinance O-02-12 Ordinance O-02-12
Amend Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance O-26-12 Ordinance O-26-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-22-12 Ordinance O-22-12
Budget Amendment Police Chief
Ordinance O-18-12 Ordinance O-18-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-13-12 Ordinance O-13-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-09-12 Ordinance O-09-12
GO Warrant 2012-B
Ordinance O-05-12 Ordinance O-05-12
Amend No Parking Cherry St
Ordinance O-01-12 Ordinance O-01-12
Redistricting Council Districts
Ordinance O-25-12 Ordinance O-25-12
Rezone Property 711 N 8th St
Ordinance O-21-12 Ordinance O-21-12
CDBG Budget
Ordinance O-17-12 Ordinance O-17-12
Jack's Hood Ave and Broad St
Ordinance O-12-12 Ordinance O-12-12
Amend FY12 Budget
Ordinance O-08-12 Ordinance O-08-12
GO Warrant 2012-A
Ordinance O-04-12 Ordinance O-04-12
Budget Amendment Car Seat Program
Ordinance O-15-12 Ordinance O-15-12
Sell 1605 Fillmore Ave to Sadalia Cruz