Public Affairs

The goal of the Public Affairs Department is to efficiently and effectively provide relevant information to citizens and stakeholders for the City of Gadsden. In working with all City departments, the Public Affairs team will provide information on programs and policies while ensuring consistent and clear messaging through a variety of media including website, TV channel, social media, press releases and public events.


Media and Press requests can be sent to the contact below.


Written Communications

Draft news releases, statements, advertising copy and messages for a variety of platforms that adhere to consistent internal style and to departmental and administrative goals.

Media Production

Provide digital photography and videography coverage for City of Gadsden events for distribution to the media, website, internal records and other uses as needed by various departments and initiatives.


TV Station Administration

Manage and operate the City of Gadsden’s Broadcasting system including TV channel, Audio Video Streaming and other Media to inform citizens and stakeholders about local events and meetings in the City of Gadsden. Generate PSA's for various City Departments and initiatives to educate and inform the public.

Civic Engagement 

Serve as a liaison with various groups and members of the public in order to help facilitate dialogue with various departments, help resolve issues and connect citizens with resources provided by the City.

Social Media