Important Information

Home Safety Checklist

This is a list of the most common fire hazards in a home. If you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to have your home inspected, please contact your local fire service.Check the following web site for more important information and safety tips:


  • Improper storage of flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline) and/or flammable gases (i.e. propane)
  • Improper storage of paint materials, oily rags, etc.
  • Storage areas congested (excessive amounts of storage)
  • Unnecessary storage of rubbish and trash (interior / exterior)


  • Circuits overloaded or improperly fused (15 amp is most common)
  • Cords cracked, damaged, or deteriorated
  • Cords located under rugs or in areas where they can be damaged
  • Items such as toasters and irons not unplugged, when not in use
  • Panels and equipment not kept free of storage


  • Ashes not stored in a metal container or kept outside
  • Heating equipment / flue pipes / chimneys in poor repair and/or not serviced annually
  • Storage of combustibles is too close to heating equipment
  • Wood heating appliances have not been inspected by a certified inspector

Life Safety

  • Bedrooms have no alternate escape routes (i.e. windows will not open for escape/rescue bars on windows etc.)
  • Exit doors require key to open form the inside
  • No ABC type fire extinguisher
  • No civic number displayed on house
  • No fire escape plan
  • No smoke alarms
  • Smoke alarm not working