Gadsden City Council


Gadsden City Council


Council District Map

The City Council meets at 11:00 a.m. each Tuesday in the Council Chambers in City Hall at 90 Broad Street, Gadsden, Alabama. The meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to come. If you wish to speak at a council meeting, please fill out the request form  (or turn in printable form to the office of the City Clerk).

For requests of discretionary funds, please see application and instructions here.


The City Council serves as the governing body of the city, exercising legislative powers and representing the interest of the citizens in policy formulation and decision making. It is the goal of the City Council to promote the health, comfort, infrastructure development, economic development, safety, and general welfare of the City of Gadsden.

Council Members

District Council Members Elected:

Council Members hold part-time positions and perform legislative functions of the city. The term length is four years. The current administration expires November 2, 2026.