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Current Projects Black Creek Trail

Padenreich Ave., 9th St. and Forrest Ave. Resurfacing
This project was designed and let by CDG Engineers & Associates and was awarded to McCartney Construction.  The project will include planing, repaving, and traffic striping. Gadsden-Etowah MPO is providing 80% of funding for this project.

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System at 210 Locust St.
Project was awarded to International Fire Protection, and includes the installation of a fire alarm system and sprinkler system in the City of Gadsden building at 210 Locust St.

Black Creek Road Culvert Replacement
The project includes removal of old triple line of metal culverts, placement of new concrete box culvert, headwalls, guardrails and pavement patching.  This project was awarded to McCartney Consruction Co. and designed by JBWT, Inc.  

2014 Street Resurfacing Project

The 2014 Street Resurfacing Project was awarded to J&D Enterprise, Inc. on June 30, 2014.  Resurfacing began in September 2014. Click here to view the streets to be resurfaced as a part of this year's project.

Signal System Retiming along Meighan Blvd. and Hood Ave.
Signal system retiming is being performed along Meighan Blvd. and Hood Ave. by Sain Associates.  This project is necessary in order to help alleviate traffic congestion near the intersection of Meighan Blvd. and Hood Ave.  Gadsden-Etowah Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is providing 80% of funding for this project.

Forrest Avenue Resurfacing Project from 7th Street to 12th Street
Forrest Avenue will be resurfaced from 7th Street to 12th Street.  This project was designed and let by CDG Engineers & Associates and was awarded to McCartney Construction.  The project will include planing, repaving, and traffic striping. Gadsden-Etowah MPO is providing 80% of funding for this project.

Other current ongoing projects include Storm Water Management.

Recently Completed Projects

Hickory Street Bridge Replacement
This project was completed in December 2014 and included removal of old structure, placement of new structure, guardrail and paving.  The Bridge Builders of Alabama constructed the project and JBWT, Inc. did the design.

Renovations to Weaver Tech

Renovations to Weaver Technical School Building began in May of 2013 and were completed in June of 2014. The newly renovated building now serves as a police precinct and municipal court building for the City of Gadsden.

Stroud Avenue Drainage Project - Phase II
The City completed Stroud Avenue Drainage Project in partnership with Etowah County Commissioner Carolyn Parker.  JBW&T performed the design of both phases of the project in order to alleviate recurring flooding in the area.

Mary Lou Circle Culvert Replacement
This project included the removal of concrete pipe and inlets and the installation of a new pipe with a slope paved end treatment. 

Installation of Aluminum Structural Plate
The Installation of Aluminum Structural Plate on Springfield Avenue began September 23, 2013. This project includes the installation of an aluminum, bottomless culvert with headwalls, wingwalls, and footers and structural excavation.  The bridge on Springfield Avenue in East Gadsden collapsed in October 2012 causing the road to close at the location.  Once construction is complete, traffic will be allowed to travel the road again.

Mountain Bike Trails at Noccalula Falls

The City recently completed improvements and construction to about 2.5 miles of mountain bike trails adjoining to the existing Black Creek Trail.  These trails are available for mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. 

2012 Street Resurfacing Project
To view streets completed during the 2012 Street Resurfacing Project Click Here

2013 JG Treated Streets
Streets in the City of Gadsden that are surfaced with gravel are eligible for JG treatments.  JG treatment is a mixture of tar and gravel which helps seal off gravel roads and helps protect again erosion and excessive dust.  There are several streets in the city of Gadsden that have a low volume of traffic making them eligible for JG Treatment.  This years JG treated streets included Hinds Road, Fowler Avenue, Marjorie Circle, Robin Street, and Cook Street.

Noojin Building Demolition
The demolition of the Noojin Building located on the 500 block of Chestnut street was let in March, 2013.  Demolition began on April 18, 2013 and was completed in July 2013. The demolition of the Noojin Building included asbestos abatement and the consulting of a structural engineer due to it's height and location.  The engineering department's responsibilities for the project included bid specifications and contracts, awarding of bid, as well as on-site field inspections.
East Gadsden Access Road

East Gadsden Access Road was designed by the Engineering Department to serve as an access road for businesses located on George Wallace Drive connecting East Broad Street and East Chestnut Street.

Black Creek Trail
Black Creek Trail is a multi-use trail for pedestrian and cycling activities.  The trail was designed so that is in compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA). The trail is currently 2 miles long beginning at Noccalula Falls Park and ending at Meighan Boulevard.  The trail will eventually continue to the Gadsden Sports Complex making it a total of 2.5 miles long.  The trail allows citizens and tourist to enjoy the beautiful, natural features of Gadsden while having a pedestrian access from Lookout Mountain to the West Gadsden.

Past projects include drainage improvements at the Carver Community Center and Addition to Carver Museum, Museum of Art Renovations, concrete improvements at the Gadsden Sports Complex, replacement of stormwater pipe at the Career Center, Noccalula Falls Playground, Demolition of General Forrest Middle School, improvements to Airport Road, Fire Training Facility, construction of Noccalula Falls Wedding Chapel and Banks Park Community Center, and the Coosa River Bank Fishing Project.