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Animal Habitat
About the Habitat 
The animal habitat was started in 2000, as a small petting zoo with about 10 animals: two baby llamas, several small goats and a giant tortoise. In 2006, the habitat moved into its new home which now includes indoor habitats that house birds, Taz the caiman, fish, hamsters, and more. The habitat also has a very nice outdoor habitat area laid out around the main habitat building.

SheliaThe outdoor habitat contains the park's pride and joy, Shelia; an African lion that has been a resident in the park since she was six months old. Other animals in the outdoor area are
  • Birds
  • Cutamondas
  • Jenks the Lynx
  • Several foxes

The final area of the habitat is the barn yard which houses Pearl the mule, Stevie the goat, plus several other animals.

The Deer Park
RamboAcross the train tracks from the habitat you will find our small deer park. The deer park has been an attraction in the park for many years. One of the main deer in the park is Rambo. Rambo was brought to the park by a mother and daughter who saw him on the side of the road where his mother had been killed. They picked Rambo up and brought him to the park for all our visitors to see. Rambo has grown now to be a very beautiful 10-point buck and we are very fortunate to have him and the rest of the deer for your viewing enjoyment.

A walk through the habitat area is not only enjoyable, but very educational.