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Pioneer Village
Noccalula Pioneer Village
Covered bridgeOur group of rustic, hand-hewn log buildings represents an unforgettable display of pioneer living conditions. It is our attempt to depict the heroic way of life of the sturdy, God-fearing people who lived in these Appalachian foothills only a few generations ago.

About the Pioneers
For most of the settlers who came here from the original colonies, it was a story of hardships, heartache, and courage. Their isolation and difficulties of transportation demanded hardiness and self-sufficiency to a great degree.

These intrepid pioneers conquered the mountains, fought with the Indians, built their homes, and planted their farms against a multitude of obstacles. They were the foundation on which the super structure of this nation was built.

The majority of these picturesque buildings represent the finest examples of pioneer craftsmanship. The City of Gadsden and the Parks and Recreation Department has gone to painstaking efforts to preserve the historical and cultural features of this nostalgic, exciting chapter of American history. 

Above is a few of the 20 or so structures that make up the Pioneer Village that we have put together for your enjoyment and education.