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Carver Community Center


  1. Free Parking
  2. Kitchen Facilities
  3. Meeting Room
  4. Restrooms
  5. Tables and Chairs
  6. Vending Machines
Carver Community Center

The overarching Center that houses the Nutrition Center, and most importantly the Central Carver Museum.

This facility offers a variety of different services including meeting facilities, a museum, arts and leisure activities for the public as well as the lunchroom area that can be rented out for private events and will accommodate 300 people .

Rental rates
  • $30/per hour (Non-profit/private events)  
  • $60/per hour (Commercial events)
  • All rentals will be 4 hour minimum
Other information
  • Rentals will be permitted until midnight.
  • Security is required for any rental after 7pm ($25 per hour/per officer)
  • Security will be required for any party in which teenagers (ages 13-18) outnumber adults in attendance.
  • All rental rates will double when booked on city holiday

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