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The City of Gadsden Purchasing Division 

Welcome to the City of Gadsden Purchasing Division! Our goal is to provide a systematic and efficient procurement program for the City of Gadsden departmental operations while ensuring the best possible combination of price and quality. A common goal for all City Departments and community leaders is the promotion of local procurement spending as well as participation by local businesses in a fair yet competitive process for obtaining goods and services on behalf of the City of Gadsden. 


Procurement Service

  • Maintain purchasing procedures necessary to adhere to the intent and purpose of the Alabama Competitive Bid Law and other statutory regulations relative to all expenditures or contractual obligation of funds for labor, services and the purchase or lease of materials, equipment, supplies or other personal property. 
  • Establish and enforce conformance to required specifications, qualities and quantities determined in the competitive bid process. 
  • Implement clear internal guidelines for procurement methodology to encourage sound buying practices for daily operations of our organization.

Vendors interested in providing goods and services to the City of Gadsden should complete a Vendor Application or contact the purchasing office.