Mapping & Geographic Information Systems

The City of Gadsden Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides maps, geographic data, and services to city departments and the public. GIS also develops and maintains a centralized GIS database, accessible by server, and desktop applications. 

Our database contains data layers from municipal, federal, state, and local agencies. Our current plans are to make this data available to the public by developing web-based applications. 

Park Locator Map

Find local parks near you by using the interactive map. 

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5K & 10K Route

This map features 5K & 10K routes through the city for running, walking and biking.

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Parks and Community Centers

Find local parks and community centers near you.

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Planning and Zoning Property Browser

Interactive map used to explore zoning and district data made public by the City of Gadsden. 

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Gadsden Land Bank

The Gadsden Land Bank Authority (GLBA) mission is to convey marketable property that has a title, free and clear of any outstanding liens, to a new owner who will redevelop these properties. 

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Municipal Polling Locations

Use this interactive map to find your local polling place so you can vote.

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Your Local Representatives

Use this map to find information about your local government representatives.

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Gadsden Transportation Services

Use this map to locate Alabama City Center, the hub of the Transportation Department and Trolley Service.

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Transportation Services