Important Information

Home Safety Checklist

This is a list of the most common fire hazards in a home. If you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to have your home inspected, please contact your local fire service.


  • Improper storage of flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline) and/or flammable gases (i.e. propane)
  • Improper storage of paint materials, oily rags, etc.
  • Storage areas congested (excessive amounts of storage)
  • Unnecessary storage of rubbish and trash (interior / exterior)


  • Circuits overloaded or improperly fused (15 amp is most common)
  • Cords cracked, damaged, or deteriorated
  • Cords located under rugs or in areas where they can be damaged
  • Items such as toasters and irons not unplugged, when not in use
  • Panels and equipment not kept free of storage


  • Ashes not stored in a metal container or kept outside
  • Heating equipment / flue pipes / chimneys in poor repair and/or not serviced annually
  • Storage of combustibles is too close to heating equipment
  • Wood heating appliances have not been inspected by a certified inspector

Life Safety

  • Bedrooms have no alternate escape routes (i.e. windows will not open for escape/rescue bars on windows etc.)
  • Exit doors require key to open form the inside
  • No ABC type fire extinguisher
  • No civic number displayed on house
  • No fire escape plan
  • No smoke alarms
  • Smoke alarm not working